Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lovin' the Season

I have been having so much fun this Christmas!! I had a blast shopping for gifts this year and after not doing such a hot job on Aaron's gift last year I wanted to get him something really great this year and I can't wait to give it to him. (And yes Aaron, I stayed within the budget) I love the Christmas tree and the lights outside and (secretly) I'm loving the cold weather we've been having lately. Which, of course, has lead to hot chocolate and well, more chocolate.

I've lovin that my little brother, Cory, is home. He is so much fun. We've already eaten out, gone shopping, gone to the movies, and are having so much fun. Big change with Cor Cor is he's working out! For those of you who know my brother, you know this is a big deal. He runs and lifts weights and everything. It is weird, but he still drinks like 5 cokes a day and lets me take complete and total care of him. I guess he's really making a marriage push...ha ha, just kidding. :) (sort of)

And we are also so much loving the Christmas cards we are getting. I love seeing your beautiful families. I look at them again and again. I can't believe I know so many good-looking people. I really wanted to send out a card this year just because I love getting them but I never know if people do that before they have kids.

Well I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays before we head off to sunny California for our Christmas. I hope it is as fabulous as all of you are!!
(And I love this picture Aaron took in Salt Lake :)

And I also need to congratulate my amazing brother-in-law, Spencer, who got into his first choice for medical school. We are so proud of him and know that they will love living in Arkansas. We can't wait to have them so close to us. Here's a pic of them celebrating.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Manliest of Men....well most of the time.

So my manliest of men husband finished building a fence in the backyard on Saturday. He worked so hard on it and it took a few weeks since he only had time to work on it on Saturdays. We are so happy to finally be able to put our puppy in the backyard, it has made life much easier on us. Aaron did this fence completely and totally by himself. The biggest help I gave was going to Home Depot and nodding when he pointed out stuff. I think I might've even fallen asleep waiting for him while he was asking lots of questions. So he still needs to make the gate and a few other things but he did such a great job!!
And of course wherever Aaron is little Jo isn't far behind. She kept trying to help. So just when you're thinking I have a super burly husband, I have to share the funniest story. So a little bit ago I fell asleep after work on the couch at like 6:30. When I woke up I could hear Aaron's voice but I couldn't figure out where it was coming from. I started listening closely and realized he was talking to our puppy. Just chatting with her and loving her. Smiling, I begin to follow the voice and realize he is in the bathroom and I can also hear some music going. I walk in and find my husband in the bath tub. It was so funny! Mind you my hubby is 6' 3" and our bathtub is not the large ones. He said he just felt like taking a bath. I have gotten so much entertainment from this event.

I don't want everyone to be totally jealous of me :) so I won't post of a picture of this, but here is one from when I walked in the room at night and found Aaron asleep on the floor with our Jo.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Spencer got married!! That means a trip to Utah, which means 26 people in one house...

Spencer and Kellie got married two days before Thanksgiving in Salt Lake. It was a fabulously simple day for us. They both looked fabulous and the girls just followed Kellie around wanting to be a part of everything. The sealing was beautiful and it so obvious how much they love each other. Aaron and I just couldn't get over seeing Spencer, little Spencer, getting married. It also caused us to reflect on how happy we are together and remember our own wedding and sealing. While we loved the glow of Spencer and Kellie, we wouldn't of traded places with them for anything, we couldn't be happier where we are now. The rest of the week was spent with family, family, family. We had sing-alongs (only with the Piersons), lots of walks and trips to the park, Aaron getting sick, lots of people getting sick, lots of games (mostly scum), food, food, food, a trip to Cafe Rio, shopping, and the lights at temple square. Here are a few pictures of the rest of the week. It was great to spend so much time with Aaron's family and so grateful to Jedd and Marcie for hosting everyone.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

It's True

Yes it is true, while you would think Le-a is Leah it's actually La dash a. And Abcde is:

Ab (like the muscle in your belly) su (like sub) dee and her last name started with an F so she wrote it Abcde F.

I probably shouldn't be so amused by all of this but I can't help it. :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

What are some people thinking???

Please take a moment to answer this question. How would you pronounce the following names:


These are real names that we have come across, whose parents get very upset when the teachers pronounce it wrong on the first day of school...:)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

To remember the good times

These pictures are from the end of the summer right before Aaron started working and coming home late night after night. We had heard about this famous water slide the Spitzers made but we had no idea how much fun it was going to be. Nor could we have predicted how much our little puppy was going to love it. She slid down again and again and then ran back up to do it all over again. She loved sliding down with us, it was too funny, she could have gone all night. Luckily Ambyr was there to snap some pictures for us.
Aaron and I recently had a little getaway to Brownwood, Texas. Yes, that's right, Brownwood, the hunting capital of Texas. Aaron had to go there for a night for work and so I went with him and Deer hunting season began the next day so the town was hopping. Its amazing to me how real all the small town stereotypes can be sometimes. All they could talk about was the high school football game and deer hunting, and everyone wore jeans and flannels to work. I was glad I got to go with him though.

And our exciting news is...Aaron's brother Adam and his family are moving to Dallas!! He's doing his second-year law internship with a firm in Dallas, which I guess is like the internship that will basically be the one you are going to work for. We couldn't be happier to have them closer. Aaron kept saying, "we'll be there for Abby's first day of school and when Drew learns to swim, etc. etc." We're in recruiting mode, trying to get as much family around us as possible. :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Debt Free...for a few days :)

So at the beginning of this week Aaron's student loan was due. We have been saving every penny since last August and used every penny to pay it off before it accrued interest. I was proud that we could pay it off but a little part of my heart ached as I confirmed the transaction. It was worth it for Aaron to get his masters, I am proud of how hard he has worked in school, it all pays itself off. :) So we're back to the beginning, back to saving every penny because in December we need to buy a new car and of course we're hoping to get into that house in the Spring. It never ends right? But it is all exciting stuff we're saving for so that makes it easier. Plus the motivation to get out of my parent's house. (Love you Mom and Dad, but you know what I mean)

I have been going through a lazy, lazy phase. I don't know why but I've had a few days where I can't bring myself to do stuff. I've driven to the gym and not gone inside. Yesterday it was so beautiful and I thought I would go for a run and instead I made myself an oreo milkshake!! Which was delicious. I'll think I'm going to run an errand...and won't. Who knows, but I'm ready to be out of it. (Although sometimes its kinda nice :)

October in Texas is unreal. It is so beautiful. I've been taking Jo on long walks and to the park. Running in October in Texas is the best, slightly cool air, sun shining, fabulous. I miss Utah but not right now. Plus Halloween is coming and I love candy! I can't wait to see all of your darling children's costumes. I love looking at how adorable they look all dressed up. (Side note: Aaron doesnt like Halloween and doesn't like dressing up, I know! He's no fun). But if I was cute and creative and my husband would let me, I would like to think our costumes would be this cute:
Peter Pan, Lost Boy, and Tinkerbell, all hand made by hers truly. (I have such crafty friends)

And my two-month break is coming to an end. Yes my dear friends, I will begin working again next week. I'm excited but sad, I have loved my time at home but I miss working too. Well more I miss what comes from working, our checking account misses me working. :)

I hope everyone is enjoying the fall and take lots of Halloween pictures!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tag, tag, tag...

8 things I am passionate about

1. My Aaron

2. My Faith
3. My family
4. Running
5. Eating ice cream
6. Schedules and organization
7. Reading
8. Missionary Work

8 words or phrases I say often
1. Sit, Stay, Down, Come, No, etc...
2. That was HI-larious
3. I'm sorry
4. No way
5. I don't know
6. What do you want to do?
7. I love you
8. I really need... :)

8 things I want to accomplish in the coming year
1. Learn how to be a better wife
2. Learn better communication skills
3. Find a house and move into it
4. Finish our wedding scrapbook and start our next one
5. Have a baby
6. Run another marathon or half marathon
7. Help Aaron take the CPA
8. Learn to make home made fudge

8 places I would love to go or visit
1. Australia
2. Argentina
3. Europe, all of it
4. New York
5. California
6. China
7. Thailand
8. Nauvoo

8 things I need or want
1. New jeans
2. A bike
3. A treadmill
4. A house and everything that goes inside of one
5. New Car
6. Our stocks to go back up
7. To become more diligent
8. To become wealthy so that Aaron could stay home everyday with me

I tag: Anyone who wants to be tagged :)

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Ending of an Era???

Okay maybe not an era but an important event in my life none the less. So for those of you who don't know, I really love clothes. I love wearing cute clothes, finding cute clothes, shopping for cute clothes, all of it. This was not always the case. In high school I would say I did not wear cute clothes or make up, actually I wore unattractive clothes mostly. Then my freshmen roommate was Brooke, who was the epitome of getting ready every day and looking adorable. I started wearing make up and getting ready for school most days. Still I wouldn't say I made a huge transformation. Gradually it became more and more important to me, I purchased my first pair of designer jeans before my mission. (Huge turning point, I can never ever go back now). After my mission it was in full force. Even though I had 8 o'clock class everyday I was ready, fully ready every morning. Not to mention I had two closets to work with here because my roommate, Stacy, is probably the most fashion savvy girl I know. I really realized this when one day I was so sick but went to school anyway and wore a cute t-shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes and one of my students came up to me on campus and asked what was wrong with me because I wasn't dressed like I normally am.

Anyways, this has all gone slowly downhill since I got married. For several reasons, I worked for a small company where I never ever saw anyone and those precious extra 15 mins of sleep became so important. My clothing budget has diminished, well is non-existent. But it is still important to me and I have all my pre-marriage clothes to work with here. But this is all changing. What could possibly bring about a change in my desire to wear adorable clothing everyday? This:My grandmother bought me one of these when I was visiting her last month and I'm in love. It is so comfortable. I wore it all day yesterday, all day. I may never wear jeans again. I wonder if I can find a job where this fits into the dress code...

Monday, October 6, 2008

All Grown Up!

A little late in posting, but Aaron's little brother got engaged last weekend. We just can't believe it. It always seems to happen so fast when its not you. We couldn't be happier about our new, future sister-in-law. She is the cutest, nicest, friendliest, etc. girl ever. For those of you who haven't heard, Kellie (Spencer's fiancee) served her mission in Little Rock (where Aaron is from). She spent 8 months in Aaron's home ward and Aaron's family fell in love with her. I mean we have been hearing about this girl since a year ago. Aaron's mom had her picked out as Spencer's future wife. So did every other family in the ward that had a son. So we have been hearing about her for months and months and then right after she got released she came back to visit with her family and wanted to eat dinner with the Piersons. Well before she left she asked Aaron's mom for her bread recipe. Jeanie said she would hand it over in exchange for her phone number so her son could call her. He called her later that week and the rest is history. I love that story. Needless to say the Piersons in Arkansas are just beside themselves. So they're getting married the Tuesday before Thanksgiving (I know, so fast). So after taking out a small loan (only a slight exaggeration) we bought plane tickets for Thanksgiving week to Utah. We're so happy for him!

Also all grown up is our sweet puppy. I was looking at her this week and can't believe how big she is getting. I thought I would post one of her right after we got to Texas. Her first day playing in the back yard we found her like this. Our Jo loves water and mud, this combo was a special treat.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Lovin the Lake and Bein a Woman

So two completely unrelated topics to discuss today. First of all, one of the greatest things about being in Texas is going to the lake every Saturday. Aaron and I have had so much fun going out on the boat all the time. But no one loves it more than our little water dog. The first time we went she was a little timid of the water but now every time we jump off the boat we hear a little splash behind us and she's in, swimming around. This is Aaron's first summer to wakeboard and he is having so much fun. I, on the other hand, used to be fearless, but have turned into such a chicken. Every time I do a trick in the back of my head I hear, "Haley is this going to affect your ability to some day have children?" How weird am I? Here are some pictures of us tubing, swimming, and having fun.So Jo and I are riding the tube together and I guess she thought she was done because she just jumped off in the middle of the ride and started swimming back to the boat. It was so funny. In unrelated to the lake findings, I read an article the other day about how the week before you start your period your metabolism increases causing you to need up to 300 extra calories a day. 300 free calories (well not free but we make do) people!! Those craving we feel are real. What will I be eating with my extra calories you might be wondering. Well I'll tell you: Sonic chicken toaster (quite possibly the greatest sandwich ever but also probably not the most healthy what with the fried chicken, bacon, cheese, toaster bread and all :) Finally a bright side to this dreaded time of the month. *
*note: I felt good about posting this since I feel that the only people who read my blog are women.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Pierson Family Pictures

When we were in Arkansas for the reunion we took family pictures. A lady in Aaron's ward took them for us and she did a great job. It is really hard to get that many children to sit still but we did the best we could. So if you haven't seen an updated picture of the Pierson clan...here we are. (Anxiously awaiting the newest addition to the family any day now).

Everyone:Our little family:
The original Piersons:
Grankids (they were not interested). If you could only see the parents behind the camera trying to bribe their kids.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Needs Vs. Wants

So something Aaron has been trying to teach me since we got married is the difference between needs and wants. If I ever feel like I need something (clothing is a great example) Aaron asks me if I need new shoes or if I just want new shoes. Its a common occurrence around our house. So the other night we are sitting watching tv and a commercial comes on for this little number, the Colgate 360 tooth brush. Wow, this is a cool tooth brush, I think in my head. It has a brush on the back too so you can brush your tongue and cheeks. I go over it in my head- okay my current tooth brush is fine but this would really help me to better clean my tongue and cheeks. My mouth is important and I want to make sure it stays clean. And actually I'm saving us money by lowering the amount of dental work that I will need done because this will keep my mouth so much cleaner (Right? Right). I've got the argument all prepared in my head.

"Aaron" I say, clearing my throat, "I need that tooth brush."
"Oh really sweetie, you need that."
This was easy, I haven't even gone into my arguments. "Yes, I will use it all the time to better clean my cheeks and tongue, I'm so bad about that now but if I had THIS tooth brush I would do it."
"Oh really, are you sure about that?" (What's going on here...)
"Yes, I'm sure."
"Haley, you have that tooth brush."

Ha, ha... sure enough I do and I didn't even know it. I have started using it to better clean my whole mouth :)

Just a little look into what being married to me is like. Bless my sweet husband.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

And We're Back!

I know, I know. I have been a total slacker with blogging. I don't know what happened but I just took the month of August off, not blogging or checking blogs. But today I am going to read and check up on every one's blogs and try and post an update from us.

So yes folks, its true...we're Texans!! It is official. Its been weird being back. It was so hot when we got here, unbelievable really. Aaron started his job last week after Labor Day and seems to be enjoying it. (well after he figured out his way around downtown) He is in Chicago right now for 2 whole weeks of training. That is the longest we have ever been apart, it really stinks. I have been getting settled here and now I am seeking employment. I'm hoping to find something more in the 30 hour a week range.

Exciting happenings from August were making the long drive here in two cars. I couldn't believe we could fit our entire world into two cars but we did. The DI in Provo got a lot of our stuff and we were fortunate enough to be able to sell a lot of it. We stayed with my grandparents in New Mexico for a couple of days and then right after we got here we headed out to Arkansas for nearly two weeks to see Aaron's family and have a family reunion. We stayed in a gorgeous house in Hot Springs right on the lake and did boating and hanging out, it was really beautiful and fun. Here are some highlights from the trip:

All of the kids loved our sweet Jo. She was such a great traveler and she LOVED Arkansas.
Morning Yoga on the balcony at the house (have I ever mentioned how many Yoga instructors there are in Aaron's family?...lots)Aaron's parents got us all a box at a Traveler's Game and it was so fun. The kids got to run the bases afterward. (Isn't my husband a hottie)We could not get enough of this little girl, she had changed so much!Aaron and I shared a birthday dinner:We spent a lot of time having fun on the boat:I have so many more fun pictures to put up. We finally experienced the Spitzer's famous water slide and it lived up to its reputation. Jo LOVED it, she ran up and slid down again and again. (Ambyr do you have pictures of that? We don't seem to have any) My brother and his family came for Labor Day, Aaron has gotten so good at wake boarding, and we have Pierson family pictures.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

What we've been up to...

I've been so bad with keeping up lately. But the big update is that we are moving on August 4th. I have gotten almost all of our furniture sold and new people are moving in the afternoon after we move out. We're getting excited to leave but also sad to leave Utah. We will miss our family here and the mountains. But talk to me in the winter, I won't miss it very much. :) We've been working on packing but still have so much to do. I just wanted to get a few things up as to what we have been doing lately.

First off and most important, its true folks, we got a puppy!! Her name is Jo and she's a white lab. She is beautiful. She goes everywhere with me and is so smart. House training her wasn't difficult but she does not sleep through the night. I have newfound respect for your new mothers. Seriously tired all the time. But she is a cutie. Here are a few pictures of her:For my birthday we went to The Police concert. It was so fun! Sting is so hot (sorry, its true). I mean how old is he these days? Aaron was surprised at how much he enjoyed it and how much music he knew. We also did all my favorite things on my birthday - swimming, tennis, eating, ice cream, etc.

Pioneer Day was really fun here. I ran in a 10K that morning (a grueling one, hills, hills, hills) and we played all day long.Other than that we've been saying good bye to friends and family, trying to celebrate Aaron's birthday (I did a bad job, I'm working on redeeming myself), playing with Jo, and taking naps where we can.