Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A little catch up...

So things are pretty crazy since we moved into our house this weekend. I have been so tired and a horrible blogger, both reader and writer. I don't even have the waiting for the internet to get set up excuse because we got internet the first day in the house (our first priority) but I guess I don't have anywhere to sit and work on my computer. :) We are loving our house and it is just beautiful. A house is so much work, not to mention cash, man but we are loving spending every dime of it. I haven't taken any pictures of the house yet but as we get things set up I will, I promise. We were so lucky to have so much of Aaron's family here and my family to help with all the moving since I am basically useless. I called myself the orchestrator of the move. :)

I hate that I have been such a bad blogger because then I miss so much stuff. But just to document a few:

We attended the only game that Dallas beat Denver of that series. It was so fun! It was crazy though, I saw a ton of people get kicked out.
We closed on our house on Tuesday May 19th. (Eventhough I forgot to wire in the down payment until after it was too late, so I guess maybe it was the 20th) To celebrate we ate at:
I had a beautiful, beautiful baby shower and I can seriously not get over the cute stuff. I am in love with all of my gifts. It was so nice.

Our sweet puppy turned 1 and we didn't do a thing. We actually forgot with all the moving. We feel really bad about it and are going to chose a make up day to pretend its her birthday. (Or maybe she thinks our new house is her present:)

My sister-in-law, Amanda, had a little baby girl. Katelyn Wride Clausen (I hope I am spelling that right). Aaron and I went up to Arkansas planning to see the baby and the stubborn little girl wouldn't come out. She decided to make her grand appearance the day after we left. But she is so beautiful, I can hardly stand it. As you can see Mom and baby are just perfect.

Pregnancy wise, I'm just getting bigger and bigger. I still feel pretty good, just tired mostly. I have gotten varicose veins pretty bad and my doctor says there is nothing I can do about it and nothing to prevent it. I guess its genetic. But I can hope that it gets better after the baby is born. But he is healthy and growing well. I have a sonogram at my next appointment so I will be sure to update on how big this little guy has gotten.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Home Owners!!

So I wasn't going to post anything until after we officially closed, but its so close to being official I just can't wait any longer. Aaron and I are (almost) home owners and we are so excited!! We love our new place. I just can't wait to be in there. It has been so hard for me to have the house but not be able to move in yet. After we finished the negotiating process, I wanted to move in that week but we have to wait until the end of May. So I have one month to get in there and get the nursery ready for Big Mac. The house is in Frisco so kinda far away from where we are now but we are really excited about living in Frisco. Its just such a perfect house for our little family. So probably people wait until they move into a house to put up pictures of them actually living inside of it...but I am going to post some pictures from when it was for sale since we haven't really taken any good pictures of it. (Plus their stuff is way nicer than ours:) And then after we move in, I'll do it all over again. :)
Back yard, we are pretty excited about having a big back yard, those were harder to come by then we were expecting:
Master Bedroom, I just love the windows, I envision a glider there for rocking Big Mac after he's born:

I LOVE the kitchen, it was the deal breaker for me, it is seriously just how I would make it:The breakfast area, I really love the light fixtures in the house. (side note: I tried to get my realtor to include this table in the contract...he wasn't really down with that but it just matched the kitchen so perfectly, after I saw it I just had to have it. Not that we don't already have a kitchen table of our own...but now I'm making Aaron buy me a new one just like this. Oh the things he puts up with)So we're just counting down the days and having so much fun looking for stuff for the house.