Wednesday, April 25, 2012

9 Months

My sweetest baby girl is now 9 months old. You are still the happiest, busiest baby ever. I am loving this age so much I can hardly stand it. Your smile is contagious. I can't help but smile at you all day long. Here are your stats:

Height: 27.5" (50th)
Weight: 18.3 Lbs. (50th)
Head: 18.5 " (100th)

That's right you have a big head, and it has no hair. But it sure is adorable. I thought your head was big as you outgrow headbands like crazy and I have a hard time finding ones that are big enough to go around your head but the bows aren't too big. :) I am pleased with your weight as I am still trying to nurse you. You love it so much that I hate to supplement you. You have had such a fun month.

You are giving your Daddy kisses. Still not your Mom but it will come. 
You are so curious and busy. I turn around for two second and you are inside the fireplace, or climbing up the stairs, or trying to get into something. I can hardly keep up with you. 
You put everything in your mouth, everything you find.
You are a great eater and eating your baby food very good. You are also starting to eat some table foods. 
You are still sleeping good and taking pretty good naps. You like to go to bed early but you are getting better at staying up if we need you to. 
You still don't like your carseat.
You went swimming and you liked it OK. Not great though.

You love water and always want Mom's water bottle or your brother's sippy cups. 

You still want to pull yourself up on everything. You are also cruising around furniture and going from piece to piece. You aren't crazy about walking around but man can you crawl fast. You are even getting fast at going up the stairs. 

You are still making your grunting noise and you love to play peek-a-boo. You have a few books that you kinda like but mostly you would rather just crawl around and pull up on me and eat the book. Your brother still tried to use your head as drum and is having a very hard time not hitting you but your whole face lights up when he walks in your room in the morning or after your naps. You love to give him hugs and kisses. You love to play outside and you insist on trying to play everything your brother and his friends are playing. You could stay at story time for hours but Dad is having a tough time with you are church. It is very hard for you to fall asleep anywhere but your crib even though you sometimes give it a long, hard try. 

I love you princess angel girl. That's what we all call you around this house. Every morning Carson says,"How was your sleep princess baby girl."

Monday, April 16, 2012

Hoppy Easter

We had a very fun Easter weekend this year. The best part of it all was that Aaron was at every bit of it. That's right friends, he didn't even go into the office this weekend. While he is still working the long hours during the week, it was so nice to have him home! We went to Arlington and my parents found this park by their house and they hid 100 eggs all over and we had the place to ourselves. The kids all went running around looking for eggs. It took Carson a second to figure out what was going on but once he figured it out he loved it. 

Then we decided to try and take some pictures of our kiddos in front of the flowers.

Then we headed to my parent's house to all eat together and play outside. It was such great weather and we all had a fabulous time. Oh and I have to include my shampoo commercial picture. I promise this was candid but how funny is it?

Then on Easter morning we kept it very chill. We had a big breakfast and got the kids ready for church. It was an amazing service. We had fabulous speakers. It is hard to teach your small children about resurrection. But it amazing how much of Christ's spirit you can feel when you try. 

 A few pictures before church. 

And a few pictures of the cutest baby girl ever! I am so in love with this man and our sweet baby girl. She is so adorable I told Aaron I would have 7 more babies. :) 

Love, love, love her. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

March Recap

                                                    A quick recap for the month of March.

We totaled our was horrible. But we got a new one. A beautiful silver Honda Pilot that we really like. We were lucky to find a car in about one day since Aaron only had a Sunday off. I lived for 2.5 weeks without a car and as soon as Aaron had a Sunday free we took full advantage. I got many rides from friends, we did errands on the bike with the bike trailer, and spent many days at home working on the house. My Mom also sacrificed many days to come up and spend them at my house while I used her car to run errands. 

We celebrated the Texas Independence Day at a party with friends. We had a great time eating fabulous BBQ, brushing up on our Texas trivia, and drinking root beer by the bottle. 

We have been enjoying fabulous weather.

Carson and his friends are doing a lot of digging. 

Which is part of the reason why we needed to plant a lot of grass in the back yard. Aaron's parents came down for a weekend for our sweet niece Ella's blessing. While they were here they helped us with all the landscaping in our front and back yard. Aaron's mom brought her Ucayali and she and Carson had a great time singing and playing it together.  

For Spring Break we went and stayed in Arlington for a few days to have a vacation, just me and the kids, Aaron was working of course. So we spent our days at our friend's the Spitzer's house. We had SO much fun, swimming all day, eating food, catching up with my dearest friends, blowing bubbles, and just hanging out. I get very lonely my friends, very lonely, and it was so nice to have people to talk to and hang out with.

Then we went and visited my grandparents in Hobbs for a few days. I went with my kids and my Mom, and Mia came with us. It was a quick trip but fun to see my grandmother and visit my grandfather. Carson really came out of his shell this trip, he didn't get too scared of other people and he had a great time using his imagination. This was the first time I had seen him play with a baby. He was taking care of it, feeding it, and burping it. 

Camilla was a good traveler but still doesn't love her car seat. She did smile at everyone we passed in Hobbs and everyone loved seeing her. 

But the day we left we woke up with this going on in Carson's hair. 

We are a little bit obsessed with Carson's hair. It has taken a very long time to come in and Aaron will NOT let me cut it. It has the perfect curliness and we really do love it. I called Aaron devastated that I thought we were going to need to cut it. But with some water and shampoo and some tears... it came out. 

Camilla got a boyfriend:

All of the traveling was a little hard on us. We were very happy to come home and get back to our schedule and routine. Carson's blanket had gotten lost in all the shuffle and it was a happy reunion. 

And of course, I worked day and night on the house, we decided to attend UT, and on March 30th we listed our house.