Monday, March 30, 2009

26 Weeks and counting...

So I went to the doctor today for my 26 week appointment and we actually thought to take a picture before we left!! So some fun things happening with me lately are:

Big Mac is moving and shaking. It has been so fun to feel him kick me and to let Aaron feel him moving around. I feel him the most at church, I know weird huh?

No one ever asks me if they can touch my belly and I haven't had any strange experiences with people I don't know trying to touch it. People ask me all the time about people always wanting to feel my belly, but it never happens. Maybe when I'm further along.

Big Mac doesn't even weigh 2 pounds yet. Not even 2 pounds...where is ALL this weight I'm gaining going? (Well I know exactly where its going, unfortunately... :) Oh the joys.

I'm feeling great, the 20 week mark was magical for me and I am lovin' this stage of pregnancy. Food is blissful again, cheeseburgers are back in all their glory, and late night ice cream has made its triumphant return! I do also occasionally eat fruits, vegetables, and all that. :)

Swollen feet and ankles are beginning to appear. This is very recent and not fun to come home to. I'm like, "Aaron, look they are bigger", he always says he can't tell. I think he's been trained TOO well, he also tries to tell me that my rear end still looks similar to its pre-pregnancy state, which is laughable, but sweet of him.

I'm still pounding the pavement and loving it. I didn't think I would make it this far but haven't felt the slightest inclination to stop. I'll think again in a couple of weeks but it sounds unlikely to me with April being the best running month here. Although scheduling in all the bathroom breaks is a challenge, I just can't do the treadmill pregnant, it just changes the whole experience for me.

I still haven't signed up for classes at the hospital, I think they are only 4 weeks so I've still got some time. I didn't really want to do them but Aaron thinks they are very important, so he wins. I'll go to the classes and he will take me to the fast food restaurant of my choice afterwards, okay so maybe he hasn't technically agreed to that yet...

No name, nothing people. We don't even really talk about it as much as we used to. I think he might be nameless. Aaron hates everything I suggest, so I've just stopped bringing it up. I don't think we'll make a decision until its crunch time.

Mostly we're just happy he's doing so well and looks healthy. Here's to hoping 14 weeks flies by.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My baby brother is getting married!!

It is official, last night my baby brother got engaged to Delaney. He is getting married on June 20 in San Antonio. Yes two weeks before my due date. I am going to be HUGE! We are so happy for him, but I must admit we are all a little sad to be letting go of our Cor Cor. He has willingly let me take care of him for 24 years and now...I suppose he'll want Delaney to make his pizza pockets and fry sauce. We're so happy he has chosen a Texan to spend eternity with and can't wait for them to move back down here in a year. Congratulations!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lost No More

So I was so excited to find Christmas pictures on my mother's camera this weekend!! Here I was thinking that there were no pictures of Aaron and me and my parents had several. I know its March and warm outside but my blog is how I keep all my pictures organized so just ignore the lateness. Now if only some pictures of Thanksgiving and Spencer's wedding could surface I would be complete. :)

Don't freak out about me in a hot tub like my hubby did, the water was like bath water, hence the little girls swimming in there too...just in case anyone worried about Big Mac overheating in there :)All the boys in their new pants, such good looking guysMe loving on that hottie Santa!!