Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happy Anniversary

Today Aaron and I celebrate 6 years of marriage. It was celebrated at home with steak and potatoes and loving each other more than we ever have before. Six years has brought us a lot of happiness and blessings. I am grateful to still be in love with the man I married.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Carson!

My sweet, sweet boy is four years old. I can't believe my angel boy is already four. He has been just the best 3 year old there ever was and I am really having a hard time with him turning four. We did all of his favorite things for his birthday, which happened to fall on a Saturday, perfection. We got donuts in the mornings and then got ready to go swimming. Then we had a yummy lunch at the pool and got slushes on the way home. After Millie's nap we got ready to go and get dinner, hamburgers and french fries, then we came home and took baths and had cupcakes. It was quite a day and Carson was worn out by the end of it. We got him a baseball glove for his birthday and I'm sure he will love it once he figures out how to use it. :)


This has been such a fun year for Carson, besides STILL. NOT. BEING. POTTY TRAINED. he has been a very easy going kid. He loves to play by himself and spend alone time in his room. He still loves to read and is often found reading books to his sister in their room. He is in love with going to church and has all 13 Articles of Faith memorized. Carson sure loves his Daddy and plays baseball with him outside often. Carson is a fish and swims the whole time we go to the pool. He is still kind of shy around adults and clings to our sides when he meets new people. Carson is learning new things all the time and I love the funny things he says. He is a cuddle bug and often tells us he loves us. He is also quick to say, "I'm sorry it was an accident." I was very sad to see his 3rd year come to an end and I hope we enjoy the fourth just as much. We love you Carson!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Baby Girl

We got to have our 20 week ultrasound in this really nice diagnostic clinic and they took like a million pictures of baby girl. She is looking healthy and growing right on track. She was moving a ton so it made it difficult to get a lot of great shots but we were happy to see that everything is okay and she is still a girl. Despite Carson's best efforts to change the baby into a boy. :)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Just headed off to ride my bike real quick...

Are you supposed to wear clothes for that?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Loving these two

 Lately I am loving my two little kiddos. They are playing together more and I am loving that they are getting along so much better. When we are at the park and I just sit on the bench and watch them play I think, "why am I having another baby?" Its like now that life has gotten easier and slowed down I'm adding another one to the bunch. I do love to see them get along. Although getting along usually means Camilla bossing Carson around. :)  I'm not saying its always harmonious in my house but we are making serious progress around here and I am loving it. When Camilla wakes up from her nap she immediately wants to know where Carson is and runs up to him and gives him big hugs. These two can be so sweet.

 Carson has been playing so hard lately he's had a few days where he falls asleep on the floor in his room while playing. You've got to be pretty tired to fall asleep on our hard word floors. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Utah Reunion

The Pierson family reunion this year was a very special one. Aaron's parents left for Moscow, Russia to serve a mission for 18 months in the CES office. We are so proud of their example and so happy for them. We know they are going to be fabulous missionaries. We are also going to miss them very much. Our kids love their grandparents and we will miss being able to visit them. We are grateful that they are willing to give up so much to serve also. So we had our reunion this year in Utah the week before they entered the MTC. Utah in June is just beautiful. We had such a great time.

We opted to make the flight instead of drive. We went back and forth but in the end with a wife who can't stop throwing up and a little girl who is zero fun in the car we decided the extra money was worth it.

We were lucky enough to stay in a gorgeous house in Midway, Utah. My sister in law, Kellie's family owns the home and were generous enough to let us use it for the week. This house was so beautiful and we are officially in love with Midway. The house had a tennis court and basketball court and huge backyard and every outdoor toy you can imagine. The kids spent countless hours on the trampoline.

 Making s'mores over the fire, Carson insisted upon wearing this hat.

A Pierson family tradition is the sing along and devotional. Here is the whole group gathered to sing all the Pierson favorites. Carson loved the songs and wanted to keep singing them the next day.


Some other highlights were the mopeds, playing in the small streams, feeding the horses, gorgeous runs and mountain bike rides, and eating at all our favorite Utah spots. 


We also had a Payson day where we spent the whole day visiting the town where Aaron's mom grew up. We went to her school and to the park, made a stop at the Daley Freeze for shakes and french fries, and then we went to the visit the grave sites of the Hiatt side of the family. It was a very special and emotional day. 


And a trip to Utah wouldn't be complete without a stop at BYU. We went to an intramural game of our nephew Jayce. We sure love that campus and love Provo. It is always nice to go back and we can never believe how much things have changed. 

We had such a fun trip and a great time with the Pierson family and the kids loved playing with their cousins. We are lucky to have a family that we love so much!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Carson's Triathlon

Our sweet friends, the Baldwins, put on a Kiddie Triathlon each year in their neighborhood. Carson was in it this year and it was so much fun. They get Rouge, a local running store, to sponsor and it is just the cutest thing. 

We started out with the run and Carson did a great job and chased his friend the whole time. He fell down during it but got back up and finished. 

Then during the bike he slowed way down. Carson is not much a biker but I was so proud of him because he biked the whole thing by himself and stuck with it and didn't get frustrated. We pulled into the pool second to last but Carson was just having a blast. 
He jumped into the water to finish it off and was so excited to be with his friends. 
He loved the medal ceremony and his SWAG bag. It was so cute to watch all the kids having fun and afterwards we had a big potluck at the pool and swam. I thought it was such a fun even and can't wait for Carson to do it again next year.