Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Just a quick update on Camilla. She sure loves school. She is excited to go every day and always tells me she has a great day. I know about everyone in her class and I'm pretty sure she is best friends with each of them. She works hard and comes home with about 5 art projects every day, her favorite center is art. 

She is also getting very cultural. 

She loves learning in school and tells me about all the projects they do in class. She has been on one field trip and does not ever want me to come with her class on the trips because she loves to ride in the bus and if your parent comes you have to ride with them. :) 

School pick up has become one of my favorite times of day because she gives me the full report on everyone. Love her. 

Thursday, August 18, 2016


Our sweet boy has hit a few big milestones in the past couple of weeks. He can now start himself on the bike all alone. Yahoo! Our family is really cruising on bike rides right now. If I can leave Spencer at home, I can put Brookey in the seat on my bike, Carson can start and go alone now and circle back to us, and Camilla is doing great. 3 cheers for family bike rides. 

They can tie their own shoes!! This is major people. I finally sat down and worked with them on it one morning and they picked it up pretty quick. Its amazing what some patience can do. :) 

Carson has been so proud of himself to learn these things for himself. He kept saying to me, "Mom this is a great day. Lets talk about all the things I've learned." 

Carson just walks around spreading rays of sunshine everywhere he goes lately. He has really started to notice when I am high stress and steps in to go beyond what I ask and help me. Then when I see how hard he is working to help me, I can calm down and lower the stress level. I just love watching my kids work hard at something and be proud of that hard work. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Just Because

Just because I love these two. I love how Brookey is becoming a big sister and taking care of Spencer. I love how he lights up when she plays with him. I love spending my days with just these 2 while the bigs are in school. I love how easy going this baby boy of mine has been and how entertained I am by this 2 year old who talks all. day. long. I love that they both take a nap every afternoon at the same time giving me some much needed quiet time. I just have a feeling that I am going to enjoy these 2 like a whole lot. 

Monday, August 15, 2016


We were lucky enough to have the Gustafson Family come and visit us this weekend. It was a quick trip, they came in on Friday afternoon and were off early Sunday morning but we were so happy to have them. Our kids were so happy to have their cousins and we loved spending time with some of our favorites. 

Friday night we did a BBQ in the backyard with swimming and snow cones. It was delicious and the kids lived in the pool. Then on Saturday morning Aaron, Lindsey, and Eric went for a run through the trails and then after some swimming they went to check out the green belt and do a little swimming and rope swinging. 

Saturday night we head in to downtown to eat at the food trucks. Torchy's for the win. 

And then Gourdough's for dessert. We sure love their donuts but man they are a once a year kind of indulgence.  

Then we were off to see the bats. Even in the rain that place was packed. The kids were very excited with the bats. 1.5 million bats out there, so crazy. 

There was lots of staying up late, watching olympics and hanging out. It was a short trip but packed with fun! 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


The kids love the weekend when Aaron is home. They miss him so much during the week. Brookey especially loves to be held by Dad, all. weekend. long. I know Aaron gets tried of carrying her everywhere but misses it the moment he is gone. 

We got this great hammock from Cory and Delaney for grocery shopping and we all love  it. 

Did you know I work out with Spencer. He's always with me, including when I exercise. I kind of enjoy this one on one time that we have a few days a week. He is my weight when I need one and just smiles the whole time I bridge with him on my hips. 

Aaron turned 34! He had a fun day filled with breakfast in bed, playing tennis with Scott (so hot!), and going out with his friends that night to play golf and eat dinner. 

My loves. 

Walking out the door to go for a run, my boys all sleeping in the same room. :) 

Monday, August 8, 2016

Our sweet baby

My sweet friend Jamie came over and took some pictures of baby Spencer. He is about 6 weeks old in the pictures but since he was so small he still looks tiny. This is a beautiful baby. 

I love this picture, he looks just like my babies here. 

Oh how we love our sweet baby boy.