Saturday, April 29, 2017

Weekly Update

We had such a busy week! Aaron and I are getting ready to leave town for my marathon on Friday, Grandma is flying in on Thursday and I wanted everything to be ready by then! Sadly Aaron and I will be missing Camilla's dance recital. While we are bummed we decided to make a big deal out of her dress rehearsal. 

She looked so lovely, was just thrilled with the whole thing and danced beautifully. 

Oh my gosh I just love watching her dance. She really does light up on stage. 

It was also teacher appreciation week and while I was at Target picking up gifts for the kids' teachers I also got a few things for the kids. I can not go to Target and not buy 1000 things. But I FINALLY bought new underwear for Carson. True fact, I have not bought him new underwear since I potty trained him, 4 years ago. This kid just keeps growing up and not out and still fits. It sounds gross but I bought a lot and they didn't have holes, until recently. Well Carson was just so thrilled with this. who knew he would be so excited? He wanted me to take pictures in every single pair to send to Dad. "They are a little different, they're kind of like shorts." When grandma arrived he immediately wanted to show her. :) Why is this boy just the best? 

Camilla got new flip flops and of course needed her picture taken as well. 

And yes he wanted pictures front and back. :)

On Wednesdays we have no activities after school. I LOVE it! We just stay home all afternoon, no rush to get home work, piano, dinner, etc. done. There is time to play and talk about the day and I actually make dinner. It was a gorgeous day and the kids wanted to play school. I looked back in the backyard and saw Carson reading a book, eating a whole container of mango slices and Camilla eating strawberries and singing songs. My heart was full. This, this is childhood to me. These are the memories I want my children making, not running around to a million things. I want to be better. 

When Spencer spotted them he started banging on the door and Camilla immediately scooped him up and brought him outside and took care of him. I am very blessed to live the life I do. 

Monday, April 24, 2017


We have been enjoying the perfect weather around here lately. Spring time for us always means yard work and more yard work. The girls love to help Dad whenever they can. Camilla and Brooke went around picking flowers and they each got their own bowl. 

We went on a family walk one Sunday morning and the Aaron wanted to take the big kids off exploring and since I had the stroller with Spenc we went home. Well they got far away and Aaron even lost the kids for awhile when they went down a path to find some water. Luckily everyone made it back safe and sound. Aaron said the kids were never scared. 

We sure love living so close to such a beautiful park with so many paths to explore. 

Camilla worked hard to earn a painting class. Aaron took her and she really loved learning about painting and then painting a flower. 

It was a fun Daddy/daughter date. She couldn't wait to get home and tell me all about it. We love how creative and artistic Camilla is, she has such a talent for it. 

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Secret Admirers

So my kids love to listen to books on CD while we are in the car. One of their favorites is an Arthur book about Valentine's Day. In the book Arthur has a secret admirer. Well the kids loved this book and we listened to it on repeat. One night Carson got the idea that he would be Brooke's secret admirer and started leaving her notes and special treats. Camilla was very jealous and so I started being her secret admirer and leaving her notes and a special drink in her lunch box, etc. Well the girls just loved it. Every morning when they woke up they started looking for their notes. Some how they had no idea who was leaving them the notes. Finally after a week of notes it was time for the girls to meet their secret admirers. They both got notes to meet them at Snow Monster at 7 PM. Aaron took the girls and they just had no idea who could be their secret admirer. Then when they pulled up they saw Carson and me waiting for them. Everyone was just thrilled! Then we got to have a special date to Snow Monster with our secret admirers. I just think it was the sweetest thing that Carson came up with this idea all on his own and that the girls had no idea all week who was sending them poems, notes and special treats. Oh my gosh can I just freeze time for a little while? I just want to keep them young and perfect forever. 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Fun Days

We've had some fun spring time activities happen lately. Carson had his blue and gold banquet and is officially going to be a cub scout. I have mixed emotions about this one. I think he will enjoy it and love it actually but me, its just one more thing I have to do... 

We went to this amazing birthday party, petting zoo, pony rides, jump houses, the works. The kids had a blast. They really loved the petting zoo.

The girls each rode the ponies several times. 

Carson did it once and then he was done. 

I also went with Millie's class on her study trip to a ranch outside of Austin. It was a fun trip and Millie loved it. I was exhausted. 

Millie loved seeing the bunnies and ducks. 

They got to take turns petting the pony and brushing her. 

The pig loves to eat cheerios. Go figure. 

At the end they got to roast marshmallows and make s'mores. It was a fun day. 

And just because I love these two and think everyone should have a sister. :) 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


We had a lovely Easter this year. The kids really seemed to pick up on the actual meaning of Easter this year. Brooke may have taken it too far when she told me that it was okay for her baby to die because she would come back with a new body later. "Don't worry Mom its not sad." 

We went to a friend's house to dye eggs and that was a blast. The kids really enjoyed that. Plus we had Baldwin kids with us so that was an added bonus. 

Brooke did an Easter egg hunt at her school and she spent a lot of time filling her eggs, unfilling them, refilling them. It was an exciting time. 

Of course our family hunt was a blast. Our backyard is just the best yard for hiding eggs. We had so many places to choose from. The kids loved looking. 

Carson was so great about helping the girls find eggs when they would get upset. 

Church was great and then we had a lovely meal at home. It was a simple day but one spent with the ones I love the most. I am so grateful for a Savior and that through Him I get to have this simple life forever. 

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Field Day Fun

The kids had their field days this past week and had so much fun. Luckily Aaron was able to go and volunteer for a couple of hours and got to work a station that both of the kids came through with their classes. It is fun to have such a fun Dad. :) 

Carson with his guys - Jax and Enock. 

Both of the kids would probably tell you their favorite part is the snow cones. 

Camilla's class represented Polynesia because all of the kids are so into Moana right now. Oh my goodness, my kids are obsessed with this movie right now. Admittedly I get the song stuck in my head all the time. "You're welcome..."

Carson has a jaguar on his shirt, his class was Samoa. Oh man this kid is the best. 

And while the big kids do fun things, sometimes I do fun things with the littles. Once a month they do a music and movement story time at the library and we went this month. The kids loved it. Brookey danced her little heart out. 

And the cutest video of Spencer. He is just the smilyest little guy. He loves to laugh and smile. 

Also one morning Brooke told me she was missing in action and told me she was playing in the laundry room and wanted the door shut - not normal for my kids who want to be by my side at all times. I knew something was going on but Brooke is such a good kid I didn't think she was getting into anything. I asked her what she was doing and she told me she was setting up dinner for her family. Brooke's most favorite thing in all the world is to play family. She wants to play all day, every day. So I told her I was going to take a shower and when I came down I found this scene. 

Quite the family! She told me she had 100 kids and they were all hungry. She had gotten out all of my spices and equally distributed them onto each plate. I can't tell you how bad the smell was. It was the cutest thing ever and I could not for one second get upset with my sweet girl who was taking such good care of her family. They each had cups, filled with water and forks and some even got cans of food. This was hours of play for her. I just love her. 

Saturday, April 8, 2017

General Conference

The kids always really look forward to General Conference. We are spoiled and my Mom makes them a package for each conference with games and such to do during the conference and my kids think it pretty much the greatest ever. Aaron woke up Saturday morning to find them diving into their box, Aaron said, "guys that is for General Conference." They said, "its Saturday, General Conference is today!" So after Camilla's soccer season opening game (she scored two goals!) and I took Carson to a baptism, we were all home and ready to listen. 

Camilla went straight to her cutting book and stayed there a long time. I really enjoyed listening to this conference. I felt such a desire to be more charitable and serve others. 

During the break we made cupcakes. 

Carson loved smashing the oreos. 

The girls couldn't wait to paint either. 

Aaron spent most of conference listening while he went to work on trimming our backyard. Trimming our backyard is a never ending process. 

I can finally see light through this part of our backyard. Notice all the branches on the side. We took down a lot. 

There is still much more that needs to be trimmed back on this corner. Some of our trees are going over the fence this year. 

We took walks during the breaks as well. Brooke rode her bike almost the whole loop.  

And when Mom and Dad meet up and swap kids and don't do a car seat swap, sweet baby Spencer rode in a big kid seat. It just makes him look way too big to me. 

It was a great weekend and our little family left it inspired to do a little better.