Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy 3 Years!

We kept our 3rd anniversary sweet and simple, no monetary gifts, no night out on the town, just being more in love than we ever have before.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Heart Summer

I am so in love with summer. We have just been having too much fun this year. Last year I was stuck inside all summer because I was big and pregnant and then I had a tiny baby but this year we spend just about every day in the water and we both LOVE it. We went to New Mexico to visit my grandparents and when Carson wasn't walking up and down the hall with his walker at my Grandpa's nursing home, he was splashing it up in the big pool or walking around in the splash pool. We have also been going to the lake, boating, and hanging out at the beach on the lake. On days when we don't go swimming, I feel like something is missing. I sure am lucky to have a boy who loves the water as much as his mama. Carson is fearless in the water he will just throw himself under the water, I am really going to have to keep my eye on him. Also we have (and I mean only Carson) are burn free. I am so worried this kid is going to get burned, especially atop his bald head but so far he seems to have great skin. Actually, he is tanning. I was pretty shocked because he has such fair skin. Another reason we love summer is we get to see Aaron, everyday! Yea! There are cons to my hubby's job but the summer in definitely not one of them and we are loving it. So I've decided... this year it is going to stay summer all year long, next year the winter may return if I feel like it. :)
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Monday, June 21, 2010

The Curious Case of the Pink Eye

So Carson and I both have pink eye, double pink eye. Carson got it first and then passed it on to me. Luckily the meds work great and we aren't contagious for very long. And for right now it appears (fingers crossed) Aaron has escaped it. But we have no idea who he got it from, we don't know anyone else with it. So Carson and me were pretty house bound this weekend but we still got to celebrate a wonderful father's day with Aaron. We had breakfast in bed (well he had to get back in bed because we all woke up so early) and presents and one of Aaron's favorite dinners. The only fluke was that apparently I am the one madly in love with Texas sheet cake, not Aaron...whoops... so sadly I will have to eat it all myself, it's a rough life. :)
We love you Aaron! Thank you for working so hard for our little family. The best part of our day is when you come home!

Monday, June 7, 2010


Last week Aaron and I took a week-long trip up to Utah to visit our families and we had such a great time. There is nothing more beautiful than Utah in the spring time, it is seriously perfect weather every day. It was so nice to escape the record breaking heat here in Dallas. We spent the first half of the trip with Cory and Delaney and loved seeing their new place. It was so fun to see my little brother all married and happy, I loved it. We ate lots of good food (including Cafe Rio, of course) and played Settlers just about every night. We visited BYU and felt very nostalgic as we walked around campus (not to mention, old, did I really look that young when I went to college, I remember feeling old and mature? :) Aaron and Cory played golf every day. We visited our friends Mim and Allan and met their new baby boy. Then we spent the second half with Aaron's brother Jedd and his family up in Kayesville. Here we went on bike rides and hikes and runs. Aaron played golf and tennis. We went shopping and ate great food, had BBQs and stayed up late talking. It was seriously such a fun trip and so great to spend every day with Aaron. Carson got so attached to Aaron during the trip it was a rough seperation when we got back home and Aaron had to go back to work. Besides being a nightmare sleeper (and I mean nightmare) Carson was a very good little traveler and, of course, a great eater. I started having to order him kid's meals when we ate out because he just eats too much of my food now. We sure miss Utah and those beautiful mountains, maybe I need to make a trip up there when its snowing. :)
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Sunday, June 6, 2010

11 Months Old, one month away from a year!

So truth be told I didn't really keep a list of Carson's progression for this month. It just flew by and with two week long trips, I had a hard time keeping up. But just a few important things for the month of May were:

Walking and loving every step of it.Eating anything and everything insight.

If people make one comment about Carson while we are eating it is, "does he always eat this much?" Yes he always does. He is still skinny as a rail though.

Did a great job on the airplanes but sleeping at night not so much while we were traveling.

Loves to perform for people, everywhere we go.

He just goes up to random strangers and claps for them or whatever his latest trick is.

Has his favorites stories and at the top Puppies Count still dominates.

He loves to swim and be in the water.

He is really into giving us kisses but the temptation to bite us remains very strong.

He loves to get into everything and pull out everything he gets into.

He really likes to shut doors but traps himself in the laundry room all the time.

While traveling he did play favorites for Aaron and me.

Jabbering all the time, thinking he is talking to us. I'm pretty sure he thinks Ma Ma means either "I want" or "more" because he only says it when eating and wanting more food or whining that he wants a toy.

One new tooth.

His new favorite food is smoothies, I make them when he wakes up in the afternoon and he usually has 2.

Changing this kid's diaper is unbelievably difficult.

Can't believe this little guy is almost a whole year old. I am getting so sad and excited all at the same time.
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