Monday, April 26, 2010

With Age Comes Mess???

Well I suppose the older Carson gets the messier he will become but this month he took a huge jump. It is so easy to keep things clean with a sweet tiny baby who isn't constantly pulling everything off your shelves, pushing toys around your house, and eating real food. But I tell you what, we sure are having fun every mess he makes. Now our little boy has 8 teeth, that's a mouthful for a 9 month old boy and since he has so many teeth he gets to eat just about everything we eat. He is definitely enjoying big people food but it just makes him look so darn big to me. But I was very ready to be over and done with baby food, it is so darn expensive. My first attempt at making a dish just for Carson was a failure, he wouldn't take a bite but now that I just give him whatever we're eating he loves it. The only bad thing about this is sharing with him when we go out to eat, I try and think of things that he can eat too. I've captured just a few of his eating firsts and you probably won't believe this due to the volume of photos but I didn't put lots up.

Mango was a huge hit!
One of his favorite things to do is play in Josie's water bowl. The first time I thought it was so cute, now I keep it up on the counter.
I had some friends over for lunch and I made pizza and Carson wasn't so interested until his sweet friend, Lucy, was sitting next to him at the table and he reached over and grabbed her whole piece and stuffed it in his mouth. He would go on to eat 3 whole pieces of pizza.
Spaghetti was also a huge hit.
And he loves apples, he just reaches over and grabs them and starts chomping away. He tries to do the same with oranges but can't figure out why it doesn't taste as good. :)
After meals sometimes I have to throw him in the sink to get him clean because he has made such a mess. :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


It is so funny to me how much Easter changes when you have a little baby to celebrate it with. Last year for Easter I got Aaron a cute basket and filled it with fun stuff for him and it had this sweet card, it was all very romantic. This year it was all about Carson, poor Aaron, not even a basket; but we had so much fun. We made a big Easter breakfast and then looked for eggs. I thought Carson would have fun walking around and picking up the eggs but after he got one he just wanted to keep it, shake it, or suck on it. So it mostly ended up being Aaron finding all the eggs. And well, let's be honest, who gets to eat the candy inside... well, mostly me, but I make Aaron take some to work everyday.

Then we went to my parents house in the afternoon to spend time with my brother Christopher and his sweet Mia and Tricia and Maili were also there for awhile.
And then we celebrated Mia's birthday a little early.
This is as close as poor Carson got to the cake. He snatched up one of the carrot cupcake's a rough life. :)
Then we quickly had a melt down of the children.... just a little proof.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Funny Moments

So we had a few funny moments with Carson this past week that I just happened to be lucky enough to catch on camera. This little guy sure cracks us up and Aaron cracks me up too.

Story #1: That I have self entitled The Strawberry Limeade

So Aaron never lets me give Carson sweets. I always want to give him little bites of ice cream or pudding and Aaron always says no. He always says we need to be giving him healthy foods, blah, blah, etc. So last Saturday Aaron ran to Sonic to get us Strawberry Limeades and after he got back I jumped in the shower. Well I come out of the shower only to find Carson with his mouth wide open and Aaron feeding him strawberry limeade slush!! I said, "Aaron I thought you said we couldn't give Carson stuff like that." His reply, "babe it has strawberries in it." Well I guess since I justified eating these daily while I was pregnant with the fruit excuse I'll let this one slide.
Story #2: My sweet naked boy
So later that week we had just walked in the door from giving Josie a walk when I realize Carson has had a blowout, major one. So I rush into his room, get all his clothes off, and put him straight in the tub. After we got out and went back in his room, it stunk and his clothes were a mess and so I just wrapped Carson up in his towel and put him on the floor. I gave him this bottle that he always wants to play with but I never let him to entertain him while I took care of cleaning up his room. Then I decided these clothes needed to be taken care of right away and so I left the room and went to the laundry room to work on it. Well I kinda forgot that I had just left Carson in his room hanging out in his towel. So I am heading back to his room and I hear loud laughing and excited movement and I turn around the corner to find my naked boy making his way back out to the hallway to find me. I hope you can see the pure joy on his face to be crawling around naked.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

9 Months

March has come and gone and my baby is 9 whole months old. I had a moment last week when I realized that I do not write down enough all the cute things this boy is doing. I am not doing a good job of keeping track of all the things I want to remember about him and I'm starting to get afraid that I'll forget. I woke up one night and just started writing down things that I wanted to remember about him and here are some of them:

9 month stats

Height: 28.5 In. (50th)
Weight: 18 lb. 13 oz. (20th)
Head: 18 In. (60th)

I just hate seeing his weight percentage continually go down. This kid eats a ton! We have yet to find a fruit, vegetable, cereal, yogurt, you name it, that this kid won't eat. He loves it all, even all the meat. I started giving him table food this month and he loves that too. Now I've struggled with my milk supply since I started training for my marathon but I started supplementing back in November so I don't think that's it (especially since I worked so hard to get it back up)...My doctor says not to worry that he just burns his calories off because he's so active but I still think about it all the time.
He started pulling up on the couch, us, tables, etc.

He started being able to push himself to sit up. This one took me by surprise because I didn't see it coming and of everything he has learned to do he picked this one up the fastest. He did it once and then he had it down and started doing it all the time. It just made him seem so big to me.

Saying Da Da, that was for sure the word of the month. Everyone is da da.

Waving bye bye, he loves this one. Sometimes when we walk outside he stops at every, single thing on the ground, gives it a good look, waves bye bye and then we continue on.
He is really into looking under everything to find toys or to see what is there. I always find him looking under our bed.

We have broken out backs walking around the house with him.

He loves to play peek a boo with this plant on our kitchen table.

He stands alone for a few seconds.

He got an activity table that he loves to stand and play with.

He loves water! He always wants his sippy cup. He has loved water since 4 months old. I was shocked he took to the sippy cup so well since he didn't the bottle.

He has crawled just a tad but still just does the army crawling all over the house. He is turning into quite the mover.
He got 2 new teeth. We didn't even notice them, a friend pointed them out at church.

He pulls the blanket over his head to play peek a boo and then drops it.

He really stopped sucking his thumb. I am thinking he bit it at some point.

He still cries when he goes down for his naps sometimes.
He loves to run his hand through my hair, especially when he is nursing.

He is giving lots of kisses. One night when he didn't want to go to sleep he was in a rare cuddly mood so we just laid in bed together and he kept giving me kisses and smiling. Ahh, it was a good night.

I started pinching him when he would bite me while nursing and one time he bit me hard and I pinched him hard back and he started crying, I felt horrible but he has never done it since.

He started making a clicking noise with his tounge.

We keep saying this has been the most fun month by far, but I guess we'll say that forever.