Sunday, August 30, 2009

Freezing Cookies??

Just a quick question. Has anyone out there ever frozen cookies after you have baked them? Last week was my dear friend Brooke's birthday and I made her cookies and then Carson got a little stomach bug and I couldn't take them over there. Alas, I was forced to eat all of them. But then someone told me that you can freeze cookies and then eat them later. Is this true? Does it still taste as good? Or is it like freezing fruit because I have not had very good luck with fresh fruit after I freeze it.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Loyal Partner

So one of the main reasons that Aaron and I wanted to get a lab when we got Jo Jo was because labs are runners and I had great visions of her being my running partner. Now I have never, ever had a running partner. I feel like everyone I know has a friend, sister, neighbor, someone with whom they do their runs. Not me, its always just been me and my Ipod, and occasionally a sister-in-law if I'm in Arkansas. I wasn't sure how Jo would take to the early morning runs since, well she was never much of a morning puppy. Well just wanted to illustrate what wakes me up every morning at about 6 or so AM. I never set an alarm clock.
She is the most loyal running partner. She even does this on Sunday mornings and I have to tell her to go back to sleep. On Saturday I was going to leave her behind because she had had a really busy day on Friday with swimming, running, playing, etc. and I wanted to go on a longer run, so I thought she would be too tired. Lets just say the whinning I heard coming from the door after I left her behind made me ache so I turned around grabbed the leash, she got very excited when I came back and ran the whole time. (Then proceeded to sleep the rest of the day, in our bed when weren't home, of course:) Now she follows very closely the whole time I'm getting ready just in case I try that again.

And before I leave I usually put Carson in the bed so if he wakes up it will wake up Aaron and Aaron loves it. It is hard for me to leave though when I turn around see this cuteness.

Monday, August 24, 2009

A few of my favorite things

Could you not just eat this kid up? Seriously :)

Taking baths, he loves his bathtime.
Getting all ready for church. This is our favorite outfit of his right now. (Given to me by Ambyr, thanks again)
Watching his mom trying to make him smile. I just love for this kid to smile at me.

Loves taking naps on his parent's bed. (Please don't judge me for the sleeping on his belly thing, he just likes it so much better. I know I'm a bad mom...)

He sure loves cuddeling with his dad and his dad loves it just as much. Sometimes I come in at night and find Aaron just holding him close while he is sleeping. Well actually Carson doesn't love the swing all that much, I'm hoping that this will change.
I've gotten so behind on my blog posting. I am going to play catch up this week with all the stuff that has been going on, Carson's nursery, scrapbooking, etc.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Aaron's Birthday

So I'm not as cute as my husband and instead of posting on his birthday I am posting 5 days later. I'm lucky he stays married to me. :) Aaron had a great birthday and we had a lot of fun celebrating. In case you didn't know Aaron's birthday (July 30th) is also National Cheesecake Day. So we had fabulous cheesecake factory cheesecake. (New flavor- Red Velvet Cheesecake, quite possibly the greatest thing I've ever eaten in my life) We also ate at Red Robin, saw part of a Rangers game, and saw The Proposal. I also promised Aaron a trip to Coldstone which I think he's cashing in on tonight. Since Aaron spoils me 364 days out of the year I feel it only appropriate that he is spoiled rotten on his birthday, Happy Birthday babe- you get hotter every year.