Thursday, March 20, 2008

California Fun

This past weekend Aaron and I flew out to California to spend the weekend with my brother Stephen and his family. My sister-in-law, Casey, thought it would be fun for all of us to be out there for Stephen's birthday so she suprised me and Aaron and my little brother, Cory, with tickets (I know, she' amazing). My parents were also out there, it was so much fun! Stephen and Casey just bought a new house and it is so beautiful. It was a quick trip so we had to jam everything we wanted to do in 2 days. Of course the most important thing we wanted to do was spend time with Abby. She is the sweetest girl ever. It is so funny because she reminds us so much of the Abby in Aaron's family. She just smiles and loves everyone. Aaron and I fought over who got to hold her everyday during her nap and we were snapping pictures of her left and right. So here is our weekend recap. Aaron got Abby for her first nap right after we ate lunch on Saturday.
We thought she was so cute when she woke up.Right before we left for dinner at Tokoyo Kitchen. Everyone sang to Stephen after dinner, which was amazing. My family at the restaurant. It was such a great night. More pictures of fun stuff we did with Abby.
And last but not least, the mock Coldstone ice cream cake I made for Stephen's birthday. I have to admit, it was so delicious. We were so sad to leave but so happy we got to be there for the weekend. We can't wait to go back out there for Abby's birthday.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Volleyball Game

On Saturday night Jedd & Co. came down and we went to the volleyball game. BYU men's games are so much fun! Jedd used to play on the team when he was at BYU so they try to come down pretty often to watch some games. Just wanted to put up some pictures of our nephews we love so much.Would you believe each of the boys finished their Popsicles? These things are huge!Obviously a horrible picture of me but I realized I have never posted a picture of my sister-in-law Marcie that I am so obsessed with. She is 8 months pregnant, by the way. In unrelated news, I had a dilemma at work yesterday. My boss is out of town and I was in his office looking for some invoices when I happened to stumble upon the fact that he had a wrapped cookie in the top of his trashcan (the very, very top mind you). Not just any old cookie, but a Carver cookie, chocolate chunk with fudge all over the bottom. It was all wrapped up but why did he throw it away? I debated for a moment before deciding that yes, I was going to pick it up out of the trash. I got it out opened it up, it wasn't old, still soft - the only plausible explanation for not eating the cookie that I could come up with was that he didn't want the calories, I don't know. I however did want the calories and ate it. (Well I saved part of it for Aaron, it was huge) So its official, I pick up food out of other people's trashcans and eat it.

Monday, March 10, 2008

A Night with Josie Scout

On Friday night Aaron and I got to babysit one of our favorite babies in the whole world, Josie. Her parents went to a concert and we were counting down the hours until she came over. We had so much fun! We took her to our intramural games and I loved every second of the hearing the refs and fans talking about how cute my baby was. Of course I did have to say she wasn't my own. I also enjoyed sporting her fabulous diaper bag. :) She was an angel and just smiled at everyone. People kept asking me, "is she always so happy and good?" Aaron was so excited, although little Josie was a little scared to let Aaron hold her. Then at bedtime she really just wanted her mom. I tried putting her to sleep and letting her "cry it out." It was horrible, I couldn't take it, how do you moms get used to that? After like 2 minutes I went in there and got her and let her stay up until her parents came and got her, when she was immediately all smiles again. We just love her.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

We're Crusin!

It is official, we are going on a cruise on May 4th. We are so, so, so excited and I am already counting down the days. We leave 2 months from today. It is 7 nights and hits 3 cities in Mexico. Aaron and I were in Mexico the exact same time last year for my sister's wedding...random. Anyways, I've already started thinking about a new swim suit and getting tan, and putting in some serious gym time. :) It hurt some when it showed up on our credit card bill, but gotta spoil yourself sometimes.

Other than that, our waterpolo team suffered its first loss last week, one point, final shot to win the game. I'd like to say it was because I was sick and couldn't play, but I think we played better without me. Aaron was so worked up after the game, way worse than basketball. I'm telling you waterpolo brings out serious competitive emotions. I've decided that it is because of the constant physical activity. Even when the ball is on the other end of the pool you are fighting for position.

I also planned a special date for Aaron this week because he rocked a few tests and wanted to take him to Tucano's. Well I think a 2 hour wait is ridiculous so I introduced him to one of my favorites, Chuck o rama. For those of you who don't know, I LOVE buffets and taught Aaron all the secrets of eating as much as possible. (He didn't need very much guidance) I was a little disappointed because they didn't have any french fries but the dessert bar made up for that. It was fun, but no more buffets until after the cruise. :)