Monday, October 26, 2009

Do You Ever...

Realize that you have one more week left in the month and 10 dollars left in your food budget? Then start thinking, how many meals can I make out of tuna, and peanut butter and jelly...

And then think about how you should have a better food storage but you don't...

And then you remember that its Halloween and you need to buy more candy because there are like a billion kids in your neighborhood...(This also needs to come from the food budget)

But then you realize it all doesn't matter because you don't have any gas in your car to get to the store and your gas budget is all used up too?!?

Hm...maybe its just me. :)

(OH and before you start feeling sorry for me, please note that there are 3 different kinds of Blue Bell ice cream containers in my freezer, we all choose what to spend our money on people:)

And here's a little Halloween sneak preview:

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What a Week

Do you ever have times where you look at your babies and think, "You cannot possibly be growing up this fast!" I mean I know Carson is only three months old, but it is flying by. I just can't get over how big my sweet angel boy is getting. This was a BIG week for Carson.

So he has been talking so much but he gets so camera shy. So here is a video of about 5 seconds of talking and then 2 minutes of me trying, unsuccessfully, to get him to talk again.

Saturday morning I decided it was time for Carson to move to his room. So that was motivation for me to get the nursery all finished and move everything in there so then I was committed. It was hard for us to move him out of our room. We loved having him asleep right next to us and knowing he was okay but he was outgrowing his cradle and every little noise was waking me up. So he is now in his own room, Aaron wanted to sleep on the floor next to his crib the first night just to make sure he was okay.

Here are pictures of the completed nursery. I have so many people to thank for this nursery.

1- Ikea, thank you for making furniture that is cute and affordable.

2- Stranger who left this dresser on the side of the road where we could take it for free. We then refinished it, painted it, and Aaron put new knobs on it and I think it looks great.

3- The authors of so many books that I did not purchase. I would go up to Hobby Lobby read about cute ideas, like making the letters with his name, then go home and do it. Then go back to Hobby Lobby to re-read the sections when I had questions. (I live like 2 mins from Hobby Lobby)

4- The resale shop, for the changing table, laundry basket, and so many other things.

5- Ambyr Porter- for the bedding and rug under his crib. Everyone loves it. Although I don't really have his bedding set up because they say to wait on the bumper pads. Also for photographing baby Carson, that's where most of the pictures in our house came from.

6- Aaron for painting the nursery, hanging everything up in the nursery, putting up with me changing my mind a hundred times in the nursery, and well, paying for the nursery. :)

Then on Saturday afternoon while I was working in Carson's room, I turn around and there he is...rolling over!! My little baby rolling over. I just about died. I went and found the camera and sure enough he did it again for the camera. Aaron was so upset because he did something on a Saturday when Aaron was home and he had gone to the gym. But he did it again for Aaron when he got home. I know in this video I'm saying good job because that's what my book says to do, but in my heart I'm crying. I'm just not ready for my baby to get bigger.

He's finally able to find his thumb. He has been obsessed with his fist and occasionally found fingers but now he's got that thumb. He cries when he losses it. All of my efforts to make him a pacifier baby are gone. Now that he's got that thumb, the pacifier has gone from, "No thanks Mom, I'd rather not take it" to "As If".

And then my favorite of the week, I told you this has been a big week, just happened last night. some of my family has been in town and everyone came over to our house for dinner and I was saying how Carson was squealing a lot but not really laughing. So I'm cooking and my Mom is playing with him and all the sudden he starts just laughing, laughing. I couldn't believe it. He just thought she was so funny. So I grabbed the camera and got a little bit of it. Aaron was, of course, at work but he must've watched this video 25 times last night.

Friday, October 9, 2009

On The Road Again

So Carson made it through his second official road trip. The first one we went to visit my grandparents in New Mexico. (Mom, I need those pictures they are all on your camera) And we just got back from visiting Aaron's family in Arkansas. This was one of our best trips to Arkansas, we had so much fun. The weather was unbelievable. Aaron played golf with his Dad and brothers, we went to the park, went on walks, stayed up late, ate fabulous food, I got to run with my sisters in law, and just hang out. Carson was great and seemed just great in the pack-n-play.

Just a few pictures of the trip:
Carson reading and playing with his Aunt Marcie and cousin Scott
You didn't think we left Jo Jo behind, we had missed the sun shineSweet
Ana GraceLindsey and Carson, she's 20 weeks pregnant with her 6th

I'm shocked I have a picture of my mother in law since I saw her a combined total of like 45 minutes the whole week. This woman teaches more Yoga classes than you can imagine. I love this picture because Parker came running in the room, saying baby Carson, baby Carson. Scott loved holding Carson. He is a good big brother. I love this picture because doesn't it look like these two kids are Spencer and Kellie's and this is their beautiful little family? When actually its two kids from two different families...ha, ha I can't wait for you guys to have kids! I'm so happy that Carson has so many cousins that he will grow up with. I love that we both come from big families.

Monday, October 5, 2009

3 Months

So I'm a little behind on my blogging. We just got back from a trip to Arkansas to visit Aaron's family and I am still working on getting all those pictures edited (so much red eye with all these blue eyed kids) but I wanted to get Carson's 3 month post up before I forget everything. I knew I was behind on my blog life when Aaron made a comment about a friend's blog that he had read and I hadn't...:)
So my little boy is 3 months old and I can hardly believe it. I feel like he has changed so much this month. He is such a happy boy, I never get tired of just watching him smile at me. In fact much of my day is spent just us smiling back and forth at each other. Changes this month are:
I don't have his stats since he didn't have a check up this month but he still doesn't fit into his 3 month clothes so I'm guessing he's smaller than average?? Not sure really. Sleeping through the night!! Yay!! I'm not sure exactly when it happened but I know at his two month check up he still wasn't but later that week he started sleeping about 8-9 hours. So he sleeps about 12 hours waking up 1-2 times. During the day his naps never last more than an hour. And he usually takes about 3 day time naps. He still cries himself to sleep for his daytime naps (usually) but goes to sleep at night happily and peacfully. (I think this is becaue he has a full tummy) Except last night...not sure what his deal was but he did not want to go to bed at his normal time.
He rolls up on his side. At first he only did it on the right side but he has recently started rolling up on the left side. He spends a lot of time doing this.
He can smile on cue and I'm pretty sure he uses it to his advantage.
He still loves to hold onto my hair. He has since he was a baby, it is his comfort when he is tired.
He has started "talking" a lot. I'm convinced that he really thinks he is communicating with us. I love it because I feel like we are having conversations now instead of just me talking all the time.
No sicknesses this month but I am paranoid about swine flu every day.
He loves his baths, I mean really loves.
He has squealed a few times but I don't think he's given me anything I would constitute a laugh.Not much hair growth this month...maybe next month. :)
He loves for me to hold him standing up.
He loves taking walks in the Bjorn (thank you Brooke). He just stares at the trees and flowers.
Continues to be unaware of what the creature is that licks him and sniffs him.
He sucks on his fist constantly. I can't get him to take a pacifier, ever. He occasionally finds his fingers but oh I count the days until he can because without a pacifier it makes calming down more difficult.
He refused the bottle every time it was offered to him this month, making him unpopular among his babysitters. :) I don't know what changed.
We just think he gets cuter everyday.