Thursday, March 16, 2017

Rain, rain go away

 I swear it has been raining for weeks here. I mean I know we need it and its good but man I get tired of the rain. Any time the sun comes out I feel like we have to escape outside and soak it up. 

I took the kids on a walk one morning and Brooke decided she wanted to try riding her balance bike. Slowest. Walk. Ever. I finally had to put it on the side of the road and pick it back up on the way back. "what if someone takes my bike?" wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. :) 

This means we do lots of cuddling inside and lots of puzzles and book reading, oh and playing family. Brooke is always the Mom.  

Just in case you thought Camilla had outgrown her wanting to be scratched phase, well she hasn't. 

The rain couldn't slow down Marco's birthday party this weekend. The kids had a blast (the parents endured). They rented a boat and the kids had a great time riding on it. They didn't mind getting wet one bit. 

Carson even swam, crazy boy, it was cold! 

The rest of the crew just got their feet wet. 

Camill and Azzie underneath a tarp. It was a pirate party. 

Marco was the captain and took everyone on the boat rides. 

Everyone came home for warm showers, dry clothes and a movie night. One of the good things about the rainy weather is it makes it perfect for lounge clothes and netflix. 

Oh and cupcakes. We had some friends over for dinner and one of them brought a dozen cupcakes from this bakery I have been wanting to try in East Austin. Each cupcake weighed about 2 pounds and they were every bit as delicious as they look. 

Monday, March 13, 2017

The Woodlands Half Marathon

So last weekend I ran the Woodlands Half Marathon. This was planned to be a training run and good fitness test for my full marathon in April. I didn't do any tapering for the race. In fact I ran 18 miles the Saturday before and 10 miles two days before. The week leading up to the race I got sick and poor little Spencer was real sick. It wasn't real ideal for racing but I thankfully starting feeling much better as the week went on. A lot of rest and a lot of Nyquil. 

We head over to Houston the day before the race. I added a little bling to my shoe "Earned Not Given". I love this. Its kind of how I feel about most of the things I love most in my life, they take hard, persistent effort and I have to earn them. Nothing I truly care about is handed to me. 

The race ended up being amazing. I felt pretty rotten from the start of the race, that was the untapered legs reminding me we've already worked really hard this week. I kept to my coach's plan and kept the first half around 7:37 pace. Then after that it was time to get to work. I immediately started dropping my times down to the 7:20s, 7:10s and then for the final 5k I went under 7 minute pace. I just starting picking girls off one at a time. Official finish was 1:37:05! A brand new Personal Best time. The course was great, mostly flat and the weather was pretty great. I am going to copy and paste my race report that I sent to the head coach who I work with. 

 I ran The Woodlands half marathon yesterday. I am running the Illinois Marathon in April and so this was a good fitness test in the middle of marathon training (Sarah didn't let up on me one bit, completely untapered:). I knew my legs would be tired, I ran 18 miles with a workout last Saturday and I had a long marathon pace tempo run on Thursday. Sarah told me she thought 7:40 pace for the first 10k would be conservative and a good way to start and I kept the first 7 miles at about 7:37 pace and then I let myself get to work. I finished the last 6.2 miles in 7:07 pace, with 3 miles sub 7 and I couldn't be happier with such a strong finish. My last mile was 6:45 (um that's faster than my mile repeats!) and that last .2 was 6:30 pace. After mile 7 not a single person passed me and man that's a good feeling! I finished 32 overall female and 5th in my age group and I am dang proud of that! 

I can't tell you happy it made my heart to see my whole family at the finish line. After running one of the hardest miles of my life I was totally spent and then I saw their faces and I ran to them. I couldn't wait to be with them. 

I know it was a lot of work for Aaron to get them all dressed and out the door early in the morning but I am so grateful that he did. 

Man I love these faces. 

(Carson - shirt on inside out, Camilla - wearing Brooke's jacket, nutella ring around her mouth, Brooke- pants on backwards and wearing 2 pairs of underwear, and sweet Spencer - wearing what he went to bed in) I love my perfect crew. 

This was a hard fought race and I am finally ready to take on the rest of training and rock 26.2 miles. 

After the race the kids hit up the bounce house while I ate everything I could find and changed into warmer clothes. Then I fed sweet Spencer who immediately fell asleep. Poor baby, he missed his mamma. 

Then after we got back to the hotel, Spencer went down for a little nap and me and Carson went out to run a couple of cool down miles. I had so much fun running with Carson. He talked to me the whole time. We talked about life, our trip to Costa Rica and the smoothies, and how he thinks some day he will run a marathon. I love him. 

Then it was time for recovery. I wanted nothing more than a nice warm hot tub. 

Spencer wanted to get in the pool so bad. Oh man this face, it kills me. 

Recovery with bubbles and my kids. Carson braved the pool as well. 

My girl. 

Then after we all showered and got dressed it was time to head home but not without a celebratory meal. We were headed out to my usual post race cheeseburgers, fries, and milk shake when we passed a spring creek and suddenly that sounded amazing. We all loved it, loaded up on sides and rolls and got 2 peach cobblers with bluebell ice cream on the house. One for me and one for the rest of the family. :) Yummy! 

So along the course I met this great guy, Manu, from Houston. We both went to BYU and he has 6 kids, I have 4 and we ended up running most of the race together. It was so great to have someone to talk to (he did most the talking) and work with, we kept each other going and both had strong races with PRs. 

This is a high I am going to ride for awhile. 

Friday, March 3, 2017

March So Far

 March is turning out to be quite a month for our little family. We have stuff going on every weekend and life seems to be moving faster than we can keep up with. A few fun things happening lately have been:

Brooke loves to cuddle. She calls it snuggling and she is just the sweetest. She asks me all the time if we can snuggle and read books in my bed. It is so much fun to have a child who tells me that she loves me all day and that I'm the best Mommy. Its a real confidence booster. Whenever I text Aaron to tell him the cute things Brooke says during the day I always say, "give the other kids a chance Brookey." :)

Blow drying her hair after swim lessons. "Did I get it all dry yet?"

President's Day lunch with Dad. We met up for cheeseburgers and french fries and the kids thought it was pretty much the greatest thing ever. They were so excited to see Daddy and just talked to him the whole lunch. 

I surprised the kids at lunch and told them we were going to see Moanna at the dollar theater. They were SO excited. I was kinda nervous to take all 4 to the movies by myself and definitely got some bothered looks but overall the kids were very good. I had to entertain Spencer a lot so on the scary parts I looked over and saw Brooke sitting in Carson's lap. Such a good big brother. 

Carson went on a study trip to the Westcaves Preserve. It was a super fun trip and he got to see a lot of cool stuff. Plus it was a really long bus ride so that was awesome. 

Two of our friends turned 40 so we had a party at this great park. It had all our favorites -food, cupcakes, and all our friends playing together on a beautiful (which quickly turned cold) evening. Spencer got his first taste of watermelon and loved it SO much. He plowed through a few pieces. 

Camilla has this great garden at her school and she loves working in it and especially when they get to harvest and eat vegetables. 

Dr. Suess Day - cutest thing 2 around. 

Camilla worked very hard during centers for a week to make a book about Dolphins. She then got to share it with her class. Oh how we love Camilla's school and her teacher. She has just blossomed so much this year and her creative/artistic skills are so fun to watch grow. 

Not to mention what a great reader she has become, so proud of our girl. 

Can't believe we are on the countdown to Spring Break! That is really sneaking up on me. 

Monday, February 27, 2017


That time your talented friend refinished a headboard, only to discover that it didn't fit on their bed and could not be fixed and so you happily took it off their hands. :) I love it! 

Saturday, February 25, 2017

9 months

Our sweet, sweet Spencey pie is officially 9 months old. Man is he a busy boy! He is crawling all over the place, climbing up the stairs and pulling himself up on anything he can find. He has 6 teeth with 2 more on their way and will put anything he finds in his mouth. Spencer is finally sleeping through the night (yahoo!). He wakes up earlier than we would like but man I am a new woman sleeping uninterrupted most nights. 
Spencer loves to be outside and go on walks or swing in the swing and play on the trampoline. He loves to take bath and splash in the water. Spencer smiles at everyone, all the time. I thought he was starting to wave but that phase passed. He loves to talk and laugh and grunt and click his tongue. He is still nursing and seems pretty content with it now except for this biting thing he has got going on is no bueno. Spencer loves his family and lights up when he finds any of his siblings. He loves food and is a very good eater, if he sees a pouch he starts going crazy until you give him one. 

Everyone still fights over who he loves the most! 

Official stats: 

Height: 28 inches (50th)
Weight: 10 pounds 6 ounces (35th)
Head: 45 centimeters (50th)

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung here in Austin. We have officially given up on the weather cooling down again. I know we are in for a world of hurt this summer but for now we are just going to soak up the rays. 

Carson and Camilla have been taking tennis lessons on Saturday morning (when it works in our schedule) and they are having a lot of fun. It especially helps that their best friends are in their class. 

Spring for us means YARD! So much yard work every week. We have been trimming, hauling and cleaning back there. Aaron's big project right now is the path. He is cleaning it and then staining it. 

Such a difference, it was really nasty. 

And with spring comes swinging at the park. We walked to the park this week (it was hot!) and the kids had a great time. Spencer just smiled and laughed the whole time on the swing. 

Oh this boy, this boy! He is the cutest thing that ever happened. 

Friday, February 17, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

Oh man I am pretty sure the kids get more excited about Valentine's Day than they do about Christmas! For weeks Camilla has been working on her valentines. She has been practicing writing her friends' names and making them valentines most days all month. I finally went to the store and stocked up on hearts and tape and glue and stickers and construction paper and gave up my kitchen table for the weekend and sat down with my girls for a few hours on Saturday and we made the official cards to pass out to their class. (We also made Carson's cards :) Camilla put thought into each and every valentine. What was that person's favorite color, what do they like to do? It was a very fun project. 

We also got a valentines package from Grandma Judy that was a big hit. We immediately decorated our kitchen table and got to work on our valentines bingo. 

We ordered lots of fudge to pass out to all our teachers. Brooke was so excited for her class party she could hardly contain herself. 

Valentine's Day meant red shirts for everyone. The day started with pink, heart shaped waffles on pink plates with heart cups and heart straws. I packed lunch and cut the sandwiches into hearts and packed all red food. 

The kids had fun parties in their classes, Aaron volunteered at Camilla's class party and she was bouncing with energy. Carson loved his part as well and was very happy with all his candy. 

I got two deliveries of flowers that I loved. The girls loved them as well, they wanted to help me cut the stems and put in the water and "feed" the flowers. 

Our favorite valentine this year came from one Camilla made at school. Aaron and I fought over it and Aaron gets to have it at work for right now at his desk. Camilla said "Daddy don't lose that because its for you and Mommy." 

Aaron and I celebrated by going on a date the weekend before Valentines. We went to an Argentine restaurant that was amazing and then did a little shopping. Happy Valentine's Day!