Sunday, September 18, 2016

My boys

I just love them. Two of my favorite boys. 

Saturday, September 17, 2016


I unfortuantely came down with mastitis. It was pretty awful. The pain I felt like I could manage with meds but it just completely wiped me out. Like I couldn't get out of bed for days. My whole body ached and the chills were crazy. Thankfully it hit hard on a Friday, I got on antibiotics immediately and Aaron was home all weekend to help me. I have amazing friends who brought over dinner and helped a ton. Aaron's parents came for a couple of days and took care of the kids and then my Mom came for an afternoon to help me as well. I was very well taken care of, but man I still feel like I haven't recovered completely weeks later. It is a serious illness. 

I did not leave the house for several days, like not once. But man it felt good to get outside again. The first thing Brookey wanted to do was go for a walk and push her on the swing. 

Now that is has "cooled off" some - like a few degrees, I have started pushing the littles in the stroller some for runs. Well I decided to head out at 11 am the other day, it was 90 something degrees. SO hot. I was bright red when we got home. This was after I had been cooling down for like 15 minutes. 

Brooke saw me and said, "mom, red my favorite color!" She thought it was awesome. 

And sometimes are you ever amazed at what a mess dinner leaves your kitchen? Dinner always seems like so much work and then its over in like 10 minutes. And yet we keep doing it. 

I have been following a cleaning schedule for a couple of weeks. Brooke helps me with my projects. On kitchen day she likes to clean her slides. :) 

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Dates with Dad

Aaron has been taking the big kids on bike dates. The requirements are it has to be at least a mile away and you have to be able to get a special treat there. :) 

Carson picked the gas station and got Gatorade and a hot dog. We are so proud of how good he is riding his bike now. 

Millie of course wanted some place that had ice cream. She works so hard to ride her bike. This girl doesn't give up on anything. 

It sure if fun to have the kids get old enough to go on bike rides by themselves. Josie also accompanied them and enjoyed herself greatly. 

Friday, September 9, 2016

Some fun lately

We hit up the children's museum while Aaron was out of town one Friday night. After the Thinkery we went to dinner in Mueller. It was a fun night. 

Draining the pool. We have gotten a lot of rain. 

Oh how we love our Spency piey. 

Spencer works out with me at the gym. He loves to do bridges. 

And just because he's the cutest. He has been so much fun lately. We all enjoy him so very much. 

And She's Off

Brookey started preschool this week. She loves it so much. She had been counting down the days until it was time for her to go to school. She happily got ready and went right in when we got there. She was so excited to pack a lunch and have her very own water bottle. I can't believe I am letting my baby girl go to school. I missed her so very much. She is such a delight to have home but I know she enjoys school so much that I'll do it. I cried a little bit at orientation, I am slightly attached to my Brookey boo but its just one day a week. :) 

She told me she loves school. She loves both her teachers, both named Ms. Jennifer. She loves her friends, "I not know their names Mom." She loves to play outside, in the sand and on the riding toys and to be pushed in the swing. She loves to paint and talk about letters and she loves to eat her whole lunch. I think she is going to have a great year! 

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Mary Louise Adkins

My sweet Grandmother passed away last week. It happened very quickly and she passed away peacefully in her nursing home. It is always so hard to watch someone get old and in her case begin to forget but she always lit up every time we visited her and I am so grateful that my kids were able to spend time with her. I was blessed with a strong, amazing Grandmother that taught me lessons that will stay with me my whole life. I am proud to be a part of her legacy. I am so grateful that she can finally be with Pappy again. I am so grateful for eternal families. 

Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Just a quick update on Camilla. She sure loves school. She is excited to go every day and always tells me she has a great day. I know about everyone in her class and I'm pretty sure she is best friends with each of them. She works hard and comes home with about 5 art projects every day, her favorite center is art. 

She is also getting very cultural. 

She loves learning in school and tells me about all the projects they do in class. She has been on one field trip and does not ever want me to come with her class on the trips because she loves to ride in the bus and if your parent comes you have to ride with them. :) 

School pick up has become one of my favorite times of day because she gives me the full report on everyone. Love her.