Monday, January 30, 2017

Fun Weekend

We had a fun, busy weekend. On Friday Aaron had a Young Men's activity so we had some fun with the kids and then had a movie night while he was gone. Then on Saturday morning I got up early so I could do my long run at Townlake and it was awesome. Then Carson had his first tennis lesson. He really loved it. I spent the morning playing with the girls while Spencer took a long nap and then having a picnic with all the kids and reading books. I was worn out by the afternoon so when Aaron got home he took the kids to a bounce house so I could stay home and take a nap. 

The kids had a lot of fun.

Then they came home and had dinner and played the wii then after the kids went to bed I picked up dinner for Aaron and me and we watched a tennis replay. 

I just have to include this picture of Carson after he got dressed for church. I mean really? This boy could care less how he is dressed. Buttons messed up, tie on backwards, pants hiked up and tucked in the socks. He didn't even notice... He is the best. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Boy's Trip

So Jamie and I decided to make the guy's trip from last year an annual event and got Aaron and Adam a trip to Salt Lake City to go snow boarding for Christmas again. They were so excited. We picked the perfect weekend for them to go and they had such a great time. 

While they were gone we did a lot of fun stuff. 

What is a girl to do when he brother and sister go to school and little brother takes a nap and Mom is busy. Well throw yourself a little party of course. Everyone got a little string cheese and turkey and their very own cup of water. They also read some Christmas books and the Book of Mormon. It was a raging party. :) 

Carson devoured a few books and a few bags of grapes. 

I finally stepped up to be a good Mom to Spenc and took him to story time at the library. (Okay confession, I had promised the littles a trip to the library and when we got there baby story time was just beginning but we still went!)

Spencer loooved it. They had bubbles and singing and he had a smile on his face the whole time. 

At the end they got out all the great baby toys and let the kids loose. 

Day one for Aaron was Brighton. It snowed on them the whole day, he had a blast. 

Check out this snow. 

They stayed all day and even closed it down and did night riding.

On Friday I took the kiddos to the Children's museum. It was probably our most fun trip ever. We did story time and spent lots of time in the water and painting. Spencer is finally big enough to join in on all the fun. 

It was a gorgeous day and we played outside until it closed.

On Aaron's second day he went to Solitude. They had just as much fun as the first day. They were tired and sore but stayed all day. I am so glad they had a great time and enjoyed the powder. 

On Saturday Carson did some babysitting and I enjoyed a nice foggy early morning run. 

Then that night I got out and took the kids to see The Trolls and then we went out to dinner. The movie was a blast but out to dinner was too much. The kids were kind of little monsters. I couldn't wait to get them home and straight to bed! Mom was worn out and ready for Dad to come back into our lives. 

Aaron spent Saturday with his family. He played with Spencer's kids, made a snowman and enjoyed the snow.

Then he celebrated Spencer's birthday with his brothers and they went to an arcade and played games and then had Costa Vida burritos. 

Then on Sunday Daddy came home and we were all happy! He brought me this great t-shirt and I put it on right away and then spent the morning helping Carson organize his pokemon cards.

Then we were off on a family walk. Love this girl and her clothing choices. We were all very happy to have our family all together again. 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Girl's Trip

Just a quick update that the beard is still going stong...and looking good. :)

So we had our Pierson Girl's Trip last weekend. I always really look forward to this trip and have such a great time. I am lucky to have married into a fabulous family filled with women I greatly admire. This year I was hesitant about the trip because of Spencer. He doesn't sleep good and still nurses a lot and I had a lot of anxiety about it. So Aaron agreed to drive up with me and get a hotel near Cassie's (the host) house. He was great and kept the kids and watched Spencer and brought him to me when he needed to eat. Aaron's parents also helped a ton. There is a lot of hard work that goes into making these girls' trips works and I am grateful for everyone. 

Aaron took the kids out to dinner and then the candy shop. The kids loved spending so much time with their Adam Pierson cousins. 

The girls did what we do best, talk and talk. I loved our night of favorite things and left it inspired to be better. Love these women and the girls who are growing into amazing women. 

These two boys were best friends over the weekend and we loved it!

And just like that it was over. We drove home Sunday afternoon to beat a bad storm. Love my girls! 

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Just a Quick Update

We got some seriously cold weather here, like legit cold. The kids suffered from the cold weather crazies so we had to get creative. We took them swimming at the gym and I held a few work out sessions in the house. 

We even used some weights and cans. 

Some core work. :)

So after the great cold day, it really was freezing, it felt like 8 degrees on my run!,

 the weather turned beautiful again and we were back at the park. 

Life continues to be crazy in the evenings. One night I came home with all the kids from gymnastics, we had about 10 minutes before the piano teacher got there and I was trying to get everyone settled and figure out what we would have for dinner. Kids were kinda crazy and Spencer was crying. I felt pretty stressed and then I looked over and saw sweet Brookey, just painting her toe nails. Oh I love her. 

Spencer is eating food!! Eating real food people and he loves it. He especially loves pasta and rice and fruit. Well he pretty much wants whatever I'm eating. I am SO happy to have him eating real food. 

We had a night of epic tantrums. I mean they were out of control. The girls completely lost their mind and we made them take a shower. It was too much. I thought I was taking a video, turns out it was just a picture. "Let me out of here!" We have been going through a very difficult stage with Camilla's tantrums. She seems to have no control over her emotions lately and we are really trying to figure out how we can help her. Both of us hate how much of our time, energy, and patience are used up on her right now. 

I thought I was taking a video but its just a picture. Pray for us. :)

Brooke loved wearing her vest in the cold weather.

The girls love wearing matching dresses. 

Carson is still going strong on his Book of Mormon reading. He's already in Ether! 

Thursday, January 5, 2017


I've been doing a lot of thinking about goals for 2017. I'm not normally one to make a lot of resolutions. I mean I try to think of ways that I can improve regularly but I don't usually sit down at the beginning of the year and make a bunch of goals. Lately I've been doing a lot of reading about positive thinking and the power that it can have in your life and a big thing that is emphasizes is the importance of making goals, writing them down, saying them out loud, owning them. I believe in positive thinking and how it can effect you so I am really trying to make more goals and hold myself accountable for them. I have some goals for the year but I'm trying to break them down into monthly goals and then at the end of each month reflect on how I'm doing, if I want to continue, if the goals is working/was realistic, etc. I'm trying to keep it simple and improve in four aspects of my life - motherhood, as a wife, physically, and spiritually. 

Ultimately I want there to be less yelling and less motivation by threats in my home so each month I want to break it down to something I can do to make that better. 

I also want to spend more time enjoying my kids and giving them my undivided (NO MULTITASKING) attention.  

I want to be a more compassionate wife, putting Aaron's needs ahead of my own. This one has been harder to break down into a monthly goal but I'm working on it. 

I want to be healthier, eat healthier, and be more consistent in meal preparing and prepping. I also want to see faster times in my races and enjoy the process of getting there. I know how much hard work that takes so I need to remember that. 

I want to make my way through the Book of Mormon at home seminary study guide. And actually participate and do all the assignments. 

We had a FHE where we talked about resolutions and some things we can do better as a family. Of course we did it around the fire pit with s'mores. :)  

Carson wants to get 60 minutes of active time every day and at least 8,000 steps, he wants to pass off the next level in his piano books, and move up a level in swim. He also plans to finish the Book of Mormon this year before he gets baptized. Camilla has some goals for gymnastics and wants to be kinder. Brooke wants to turn 4, learn to swim without floaties, and be my best friend. Spencer has a goal to sleep.through.the. night. (wait maybe I made it for him!) 

It was a fun night and I hope the kids really try to stick with their goals. Of course incentives help us achieve those goals so I am planning to make those as well. 

I think 2017 is going to be a great year for the Pierson Family. As my Mom said, "Haley this is your chance to not move or be pregnant for a whole year." :) 

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Happy New Year!!

We had a great New Year's Eve this year. After my long run and Aaron had a tennis game I took the kids to play and get some energy out. Then we came home to try and get some stuff done around the house before we attempted naps so the kids could stay up late (it was a fail :) and then we head over to the Baldwins to start the party. We had yummy dinner over there and the kids played and were so happy to see their friends gain. Then when Spencer couldn't take it anymore we head home, he promptly fell asleep in the car, we got Brooke down when we got home and then we started our own little party with the big kids. I had stocked up on special drinks and we started playing games. 

Why are kids drinking out of bottles so adorable?

Then it was Wii time. We played some Mario Kart and did a lot of winning. :) Then we started our movie and made pizza rolls. The kids had a great time. I really started to wear down and finally head to bed around close. The big kids both made it, were exhausted but both made it. Josie was very scared of the fireworks and the fireworks also woke up baby Spencer. 

2016 was a big year for us filled with big changes. After surviving pregnancy, we were blessed with baby Spencer and without even really trying Aaron found a great job in Austin. We are all healthy and happy and the kids continue to be a great source of light in our lives. This year has brought challenges of course but I feel like Aaron and I continue to work through them together and come out stronger on the other side. 

On our bonus New Year's Day we drove to this great park in Round Rock. It was a gorgeous day and we just let the kids run around and play. It took both of us for sure to try and keep up with them but we made obstacle courses, played school and did a lot of running. 

And did some fit throwing. :) Why is everything she does so darn adorable?  

Spencer crawled around the park 

and rode down the slides with Spencer. 

We are SO sad that Dad had to go back to work after 2 whole weeks at home but part of me is craving the schedule and routine that comes with school. 

Here's to 2017! 

Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas Break Part 2

So Aaron has decided to grow a beard this break. Now that he's the scout master he feels a bit more freedom. :) He looks good. 

Unfortunately the day after Christmas Brooke took a turn for the worse and we found sores on her tongue and mouth. So I took her to a minor emergency clinic that was open the day after Christmas. They told us she had the Herpes virus in her mouth. So they gave me a few prescriptions and one of them was a numbing cream so that she could eat and drink which she hadn't been doing. So we picked up the meds and packed up and drove to Arlington to do Christmas with my family. 

Well the drive was horrible, the traffic was bad and Brooke was screaming the whole time. We still coudn't get her to eat or drink. She wanted to so badly but each time she tried she just screamed and threw the bottle out. Then she just got too scared to even try. Her doctor had told me she needed to urinate 3 times in 24 hours and we were at about 10 hours without urinating so we were really pushing it but she just wouldn't do it. 

We finally go to Arlington and the Cs ran off with their cousins and started having fun. They were so excited to have fun with their cousins. After awhile we opened the presents and Camilla was a machine again. Carson was really into this as well. He got a lot of Pokemon and he was in heaven with it all. He also got a nerf gun and loved it. Camilla was thrilled with each of her gifts. Poor Brooke didn't get to do anything, she was just crying and screaming so we decided to just put her to bed. 

Well Carson decided he wanted to spend the night with Sheppard and left with them but after they pulled out of the driveway he changed his mind and wanted out of the car. He thought they had stopped and jumped out of the car but Cory was backing up and ran over his foot. So I was putting Camilla to bed and I hear screaming so I run into the living room and find Carson screaming. Well after he calmed down he was fine. He could move his ankle and I knew it wasn't broken it was swollen up so we got some ice on it and he showed my mom all his new Pokemon cards. Then I finally got the 2 big kids down and Brooke was up again and upset. So Aaron and my Dad gave her a blessing and we decided to make a bed for her on our floor and she slept all night long. That was a huge blessing. We didn't think she would sleep at all. 

Tuesday morning Brooke seemed better and even drank some milk and water but then she stopped again and started with her screaming. At this point we are at almost 24 hours without urinating and we just wanted to get Brooke home to her own bed and so we can try and get her to the doctor again. 

I went for a run with my brother, finally! And then we were off. 

Well on the drive I talked to Brooke's doctor and the doctor that saw her and we called Uncle Spencer and everyone said we needed to get her into the hospital. We were at over 24 hours without urinating and they said she was severely dehydrated and we needed to get an IV right away. Well we were still driving home and so we dropped off me and the other kids at the house and Aaron took her straight to the children's ER by our house. 

She got right in and they got started on treating her. At this point we were at over 30 hours without urinating, she had stopped talking and there were no tears when she cried. Poor thing, it was very sad. 

She got an IV and was a champ. Soon after her IV she went to the bathroom but it was still work to get her to drink. They put pain meds in her IV as well. Aaron did a good job taking care of her and convinced her to give some juice a try. As soon as she tried it she couldn't be stopped. 

Aaron took her to get a prize for being so good at the hospital. When she came home she was talking to me, oh how I had missed that sweet voice. Oh man I loved seeing her walking and talking. 

She told Camilla she would share her play doh with her because she loves the color purple. Everyone was so happy to have Brookey back home.  

Brooke slowly got better each day and we are so happy to have our girl back. 

Wednesday was a busy day with unpacking and cleaning and trying to get organized again so we decided the kids needed a fun night out. We took the kids to get dinner and then we went to Chuck E. Cheese. The kids had a great time. 

Then on Thursday we decided to have friends over for a play date (which turned out to be a disaster, we won't be having another play date for awhile). Carson finished his swim camp that afternoon and got second place in the relays, he is a champ. 

Friday I needed to get the kids out of the house for a bit, they have been fighting a lot this holiday break. So Spencer wasn't feeling well so I left him home with Aaron to take a long nap and me and the kids went to the gym for awhile. Then we divided up and Aaron took the Carson to get a hair cut, how handsome is this boy? And then he took the girls to get their nails painted because they missed out on doing that at Grandma's house and were very sad to miss it. (We were only in Arlington for about 15 hours).

Friday night the kids went for a night run so Carson could get his 10,000 steps and he wanted to try out his new head lamp. 

Now we are busy planning our New Years Eve party. Its going to be very exciting!