Thursday, February 1, 2018

January in one post

Man I have gotten so behind but I am determined to do a quick catch up on that past few months. So here are a few highlights from January. 

Birthday parties with friends. Air hockey is always a hit. 

Brookey is sure she is a part of Camilla's group of friends. So sure. :)

Spencer snuck into primary one Sunday and he loved every second of it. He looks so big to me. Spencer is attending nursery happily for the most part now, which we are grateful for. 

Night time with C man. He likes staying up later than the other kids and sometimes we cuddle in the big bed and he reads. 

Morning snuggles and reading books. I have so much fun with these two. 

And some solo shenanigans with Spencer.  

I went to Houston to run a race and Aaron had a party with the kids while I was gone. Sonic for dinner and for the win. This is why the kids are so happy when I go out of time, life with Dad is way more fun. 

I had a great race, the Houston 5k was huge and just what I was hoping for. I got under the 20 minute mark and finished 3rd overall female. I was super happy with the race. 

Then I ran some cool down miles, changed in the back of the car and drove home to my family. 

We had some crazy weather for a couple of days and Austin pretty much shut down, schools, businesses, etc. Except Aaron had a huge meeting already scheduled so they got everyone hotel rooms in down town so they wouldn't miss their meetings. When I found out I would be home bound (I HATE being home bound) for possibly a few days I went to Walgreens and got a few gallons of blue bell, it was delicious every night. 

During our snow days, we played play doh and ran laps and did a group work out, watched movies and read a lot of books. 

A sweet note Camilla wrote Aaron. He loves getting these notes. Sometimes they get it, they hate for Aaron to leave each day but seem to know its important. 

Aaron went on a camp out with the young men in our ward. It was a fun time and he took Josie who tried to take over Aaron's bed. 

We had a celebration for Brookey who made it through 5-0 reading lessons. Can't believe she is half way done. Way to go Brooke. She works very, very hard. 

Carson got a new cello teacher who we really like. He has private lessons every week and then small group lessons 2 x a month. So far it has been working well. 

Lots and lots of miles run, I have been going up to Round Rock to run with Jeana in the trails around her house. It is so pretty. 

Carson got his wolf in cub scouts! Go Carson! 

Instead of a pinewood derby they did a lego robot battle, it was pretty awesome. 

We spent some time out at our friends, the Larsens and had so much fun. Aaron got to do some shooting and loved it. 

The kids always love it out there, it sure seems like an idyllic life out there. 

Science projects happened. Camilla did hers about apples, of course, her first love. 

Brooke and her friend Legend. 

Brooke loves to help me cook any time she can. 

Carson's science project was a fidget spinner math project. 

Brooke was so happy to see Cadey at the science fair.  

Camilla's project was great, Carson had swim that night but his project turned out great too. 

Phew and that's January, on to February!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Happy New Year!

We had a more low key New Year's Eve this year. Aaron and I were both pretty worn out from our trip and neither of us was up for staying up until midnight, plus it was a Sunday so we tried to keep it a bit more chill. After we got home from church we made make your own burritos (our kids' favorite) for dinner. Then we got ready for our little party. Carson made a schedule of events, it included playing with Spencer before bed, games, Wii, and food. 

The kids had pizza rolls and then instead of a movie we opted for a TV show. Then it was time for the big kids to get to bed. 

The next day Aaron got to work on our island project. He is making a border and put up some beadboard. It looks so great, can't wait for it to be done. 

I was in charge of the kids while Aaron worked on the house and made endless trips to Home Depot. I had so much fun with the two littles. We read books and played games and I loved every second of it. I just love our chill days at home.  

I look forward to a new year. Our family continues to grow and change and I think this will be an exciting year for us. My motto for this year is to "be still." Be still more often and enjoy this time with my babies. To be still and enjoy time with my family more often and recognize what is most important. Just to be still. 

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Christmas Break Week 2

We had such a lovely first week of Christmas break but we still had a lot of fun things to do after Christmas too. But first up after Christmas we had a whole day of cleaning out the house to make room for new toys, cleaning the house, and doing a whole lot of laundry to get ready to go to Grandma and Grandpa's house. The kids didn't love it but they helped a lot and we were able to get everything ready to go and pick up a couple of last minute gifts. It also got freezing cold! 

I caught Spencer drinking the milk out of his bowl after finishing his cereal. Where did he learn this?? The fact that I laughed and took a few pictures probably ensures that he will continue to do it. 

Then we drove to Arlington to do Christmas #2 with my family. The kids were so excited. We had a lovely dinner all together as as family and then it was time to open the presents. The kids got some great stuff, they love it all. 

Kim is showing Camilla the head band set (its actually Brooke's present but ya know, Camilla makes her way into everything)

Cookies and milk with cousins. Cory got a coffee maker for Christmas that we can use to make hot chocolate so lots of hot chocolate was had. 

Then the next day it was time for us to hit up Great Wolf Lodge, it was the moment we had been waiting for. This is one cool hotel. They go all out this time of year. The kids were thrilled. 

We did a full day of sliding, swimming, and warm tubbing. The kids loved it and were exhausted by and hungry by the end. We left Spencer with Grandma. 

Best Dad in the world went to get dinner so the kids could eat dinner in bed while watching a movie. This was one of the number one things the kids wanted to do on this outing. When I couldn't find anything on tv Carson started getting teary eyed thinking that we wouldn't be able to do this. Thankfully netflix for the win on the laptop. 

And who is spoiled??? My kids and I are. Aaron went to In N Out and Chick Fil-a because we all wanted both. He is the best. We demolished everything he brought back. Carson ate, two cheeseburgers, two orders of fries, chicken nuggets and a milk shake. He is bottomless. 

Aaron stayed at the hotel with the kids and I went back to my parents' house to sleep with Spencer. Aaron let the kids stay up and go to story time. They loved it. Such a good dad. 

They were so worn out that poor little Brookey was asleep before Aaron  could even get over to say prayers with her. 

The next morning I came back with McDonalds for breakfast and I brought a surprise, Mia, The kids were so excited that she would be joining us for the day. 

A lot of jumping off this ledge onto the bed happened. 

The next day was a repeat of the day before, ride after ride after ride. Carson is unstoppable. He would go on rides all. day. long. 

The kids all had a lot of fun playing together. Mia was wise and wore goggles a lot protecting her eyes. Poor Brooke, her eyes started to hurt after awhile. 

The kids also did the wave pool and the lily pads. 

I took Brooke home, she quickly fell asleep in the car and then Aaron finished up with the big kids. 

That night Brooke got a bath in the big tub. 

The next day we went to lunch for Cory's birthday, just the adults. We had a great time. It was so fun to hang out with adults and talk. I wish we did it more often. Then it was time to make the drive home. The kids were hungry the whole drive and we kept telling them to wait until Buccee's. They were so excited when we got there. 

BBQ sandwiches and Icees for the win. 

Our cutest boy, no pants, dirty shirt, like 30 degrees out and an ICEE. Love him. 

Then we finally made it home. We got the car unloaded, completely unpacked and cleaned. It was a fun trip but we were happy to be back home. But man was I exhausted, I could have slept for 12 hours I think.