Tuesday, October 25, 2016


This boy, he would swim in 60 degree weather I think. Aaron was working in the yard and the kids insisted they wanted to go for a swim. 

This is about as far as Millie got. 

Birthday Party games. 

We are enjoying making new friends. 

One day I made this delicious salad for lunch. Brooke told me we would share...she lied. She only had eyes for her big bowl of Pirate's Booty. :) Love this girl and she can have whatever she wants. 

Crazy morning hair. We get so happy every day when this girl wakes up. 

And Pokemon, Pokemon, Pokemon. Carson is still obsessed and all consumed with Pokemon.  

I love him. 

I really love him. 

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Fun Weekend

We had a super busy weekend this weekend. We started off with long runs for me and Aaron (getting so close to our Ragnar Race). Then we were off to Millie's soccer game, she's awesome and scored at least 3 goals. Then as soon as we got home we needed to keep working on our yard. We are cleaning out a bed on the side of our house that we have neglected the past year. Aaron took the kids to Home Depot (they're the best helpers). 

After some yard work it was time to work on Carson's science fair project. He is doing a project on why the moon has craters. He made a moon like substance and threw pebbles in it to see how the moon surface feels like. 

Millie was there every step of the way. 

They had a lot of fun. Aaron was in charge of helping with this project and they worked really hard on it. 

After we finished up the flower bed it was time to shower and get ready for our movie. The kids have been waiting for Finding Dory to get to the dollar theater for months. They were so thrilled to go to the movies. It was Spencer's first movie and he was great. 

All settled in for the show. 

After the movie we went out to dinner and then drove all the way out to Bahama Bucks for snowcones. Yummy! It was a pretty exciting day for our kids. 

Carson did a great job explaining his science project. We are so proud of this boy. This project was completed completely by him and well, Camilla, actually she may have done more of it than him. :) 

And we're finally reading Harry Potter. Oh man I have been waiting and waiting for this day. I sure hope they love it as much as I do. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Fall Break Week 2 - Arkansas

We decided to make the trip out to Arkansas to visit for the second week of fall break. Aaron came with us and worked from there and I was so happy to have him with us. The drive out took a long time, lots and lots of stops. :) 

Sometimes you just have to stop at Taco Bueno at 10:30 PM for quesadillas and get the wiggles out. 

Love this bum. 

Heading out - everyone awake for the last stretch. 

We spent a lot of the weekend watching General Conference. Well trying to watch and entertain kiddos. We also met up with cousins for soccer and breakfast and then lunch and then again for dinner. 

This one is becoming a thumb sucker - maybe, hopefully. 

Aaron's parents got there on Sunday and the kids were so happy to see them. On Monday they took all the kids with them to eat lunch at the park with all their cousins who were at school. Then we had a big FHE with everyone that night. 

On Tuesday I took the kids to the Children's museum in Little Rock. It was a good time. 

Then we met Aaron at lunch for Purple Cow. 

Then we head out. We were very tired and Aaron was feeling sick so we decided to drive to Dallas and spend the night with my parents. 

Well soon after we head out Camilla lost her first tooth!! 

She was pretty thrilled with herself. Luckily the tooth fairy knows where my parents live. 

We had a fun day with my parents, we went out to lunch and the park and had dinner with Cory and his kids before we finally drove back to Austin. it was good to be home. It took awhile to get everything unpacked, cleaned and settled again. Friday night friends came over for dinner. On Saturday we closed off our fall break with a Stake service project cleaning up an elementary school and then a birthday party Saturday night. Phew, it was a good two weeks but man it wore me out. :) 

Friday, October 7, 2016

Fall Break Week 1

We have had such a fabulous fall break. The weather cooled down just in time for us to really be able to spend a lot of time outside. I hate starting school in July but man I love having 2 weeks off in October. I wanted to spend our first week of fall break doing fun stuff around Austin that would normally be crowded when the kids are out of school. 

One thing we had first on our list was a lunch date with Dad. We get to do fun things like meet Aaron for lunch now! Its the best. I packed a picnic lunch and we met at a park by Aaron's office. It was seriously one of those moments that was perfect. 

They had this great creek running through the park. 

Just watching the ducks. 

Spencer's first time on a swing. 

He loved it! 

Millie insisted on wearing this hat. Love her. 

I wonder if when people see me roll up with four kids they think "well we can kiss the swings goodbye." :)

The girls have been helping me with cooking and baking. They always cook like this. :) 

Its still very warm here. Warm enough to jump on the trampoline with the water hose. 

We also did a Costco run, not sure why exactly but my kids love Costco more than just about anything.  

Being a sweet big sister. 

We had this awesome ward activity at this amazing house in our ward. It was seriously unreal. They had this great fire pit for s'mores. 

The kids did a little fishing. 

They had this awesome rock climbing wall over their pool. Carson was obsessed. 

And just because I love these 2. 

And simply cannot get enough of this adorable boy and his smile...and his laugh...and his belly. 

Then we were off to Arkansas for week 2!