Friday, March 16, 2018

March Part 1

March started off a lot like February, with a race for me. :)

I got this great deal on a recovery place and did some cryotherapy and compression boots. Spencer did so great. 

Before I head out of town for the night I took the kids to a trampoline park and we had a great time. 

That night Aaron was a rock star. He did cello lessons and then took the kids to their spring flings. Oh man was Camilla excited about this. The dance had all the things and all her friends. 

Getting her nails painted. 

With Camilla and Emmy. 

A fun date with her Dad. 

Then he made the switch to Carson's spring fling. 

Carson had a great time too but was much less interested in the whole dancing part. :) 

Spencer at the house. After the dances Aaron took the babysitter home and then put the kids to bed. 

I got up early and ran the Woodlands Half Marathon. I had a great race and was SO excited to come home with a new PR. It was a perfect race and a perfect day for me, I was so happy with how I raced. Finally broke that 1:30 mark and it felt dang good. 

Afterwards I ran a few cool down miles and then met up with my friend Liza. 

We ate snacks and hung out and then went to cheer our friend, Clark, as he came into the finish line, crushing his marathon in 2:59! 

Meanwhile Aaron did all the things at home. He got the kids to soccer and soccer pictures, did both the girls' games and took the kids to get donuts. He is such a fun dad. 

Brookey's first soccer game. Man we love her.  

There was a lot of dress up of course. 

I had to rush home so that Aaron could go on a guy's afternoon for Adam's birthday. He had a great time. 

Of course per usual, tons of food has been consumed. 

My B had western day at school and was the cutest western girl ever.  

I discovered a new running trail and that was awesome. 

Carson went rock climbing with the boy scouts. He did awesome. 

Camilla grew these vegetables in her garden at school. She was pretty proud of this salad. 

This brought us to Spring Break week 1! 

On Monday we went to this great park in Round Rock. It was awesome and we had so much fun. We had amazing weather that day. The big kids had a blast I was worried about keeping up with the littles. 


Then we walked to visit the ducks. 

Then we took a walk over to visit Kim and Eric's twins' tree. 

Talked to the kids a lot about death and resurrection and heaven. It was a sweet experience. 

On Tuesday we did a family track day. The kids brought their bikes and they played with Aaron while I got my workout in. It was a beautiful morning and we all had a lot of fun. 

I am not sure how many laps Carson ran but it was a whole lot. He also biked a few miles as well. This kid is a machine. 

Poor little B wanted to run a whole mile by herself. That is a long way for a four year old to run. She kept trying and she did run four laps but she took breaks in between and that made her frustrated. 

Millie was determined to run one whole mile without stopping one time. I am beyond proud of this girl and her grit and determination. I ran the final lap with her. There was no quit. She was tired but she pushed through. 

My Girl. 

On Wednesday I packed up the kids and we went camping with the Baldwins and the Peterson. It was totally last minute and spontaneous but it was pretty perfect. Aaron came out and ate dinner with us after work and then came back in the morning on his way into work to help me pack up. 

The kids ran around playing with their friends all night and we hung out by the fire. 

Late night bathroom run. 

Somehow all the kids ended up in my twin air mattress. It was SO unbelievably cold that night. I got into the 30s and we were grossly unprepared for it. 

Thankfully Jeana brought hot chocolate and we got warm by the fire. 

In the morning the kids went to the lake and played and had a blast together. 

Then it was time for me to pack my crew up to get home. 

Then it was time to camp again, this time in our backyard. The Johnsons came over and we started off with a hike in Walnut Creek. 

Then we made hot dogs and s'mores and grilled burgers. 

The kids watched a movie, told jokes, and stayed up late. On Saturday I went for a long run and then we spent the morning together. I was pretty worn out from our week of fun but it was all perfect. 

Love these two in their Arkansas shirts. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

February part 2

So a big part of our February was my girl's  trip to Mexico!! My Mom put together a girl's trip for all the women on the Carroll side to Playa Del Carmen and we had so much fun. It was a crazy few days getting ready to go before I left and B helped me run errands and get ready to go. 

Before I left I got all the valentines ready to go since I would be gone on Valentine's Day and Aaron would have to handle all the parties and valentines while I was gone. 

Well the trip started off with a major hiccup when I accidentally took the only set of keys we have with me to the airport and thankfully realized it before I took off. I left the keys at the front desk and Aaron had to borrow a truck from a neighbor and drive to the airport with all the kids to get them. It was quite an adventure. 

We made it to Mexico late on Saturday night and woke up to these views. 

Breakfast on the beach before church. 

Church in Mexico. 

Walking around town. It was such a cute little town. Just walking around was some of my favorite parts. 

Having dinner on the town, a french restaurant.

Walking down the main street.

Casey and I did a tour of Chichen Itza, it was amazing and I loved it. 

Hanging out in the hammocks while we check out some Mayan culture.

We also went to a Cenote and swam and this was also so beautiful and so much fun. I went off the cliff over and over. I loved swimming in the clean water. 

Of course many fancy drinks were had. 

And many miles were run. 

Our last day we rented a car and drove to Tulum, it was breathtaking. It is a tiny town but the water is unreal there. We rented some chairs and just lounged so pretty much my favorite thing to do. 

Sadly all good things must come to an end, our last dinner in Mexico.

This was an amazing trip and I had so much fun, thank you Mom for making this happen!! 

Meanwhile Aaron did such a great job with the kids. Got everyone to church, on time no less!

They had dinner with the Baldwins and with the Johnsons. Our friends took such good care of them.  

Aaron did such a great job taking care of the kids and working. Spencer was a lot of work, I really owe him. :)  

Wii babysitter. :)  

Aaron and I did a late Valentine's Day date. We went running around town lake and then out to dinner at Flower Child. It was a good one.  

Aaron's parents came and spent a few days with us. We had a lot of fun. It was as quick trip to visit. They came so that Aaron's Dad could ordain him a High Priest because he got called into the bishopric in our ward. It was such a special weekend and one that I would love to bottle up and keep. My parents also came for the weekend and we just had a magical time. It was like the spirit was just with us the whole time. 

The weather was perfect and we spent the evenings outside. I just love this picture. I heart these kiddos. 


Aaron went with the youth for a ward temple trip and I had a party with the kids. We always go to the park, I am not super creative but the kids had a lot of fun. 

And crafts, of course. 

Aaron took Carson on a date. They went bowling. 

And of course got a special treat because if you don't the date doesn't count. :)

They had a petting zoo at Brooke's preschool so I took Spencer up there to check it out. I was so worried that he was going to throw the animals but he surprised me and was actually totally sweet to them. 

This is what my scripture study looks like most days. A little girl right next to me, reading. I love her so. Please don't ever go to school Brookey. 

Soccer is getting going! The girls are so excited to both be playing and Spencer wants to be a part of it so very badly. 

Such a fun month!