Wednesday, November 8, 2017

A Fun Week

We made it to November, phew. :) 

Just a weekly recap. 

I asked Brooke before school if she wanted to stay home with me and do laundry. 
"No thank you Mom, but I will miss you very much."

Brooke's gymnastics coach, who is the sweetest, gave her a new purse with a small stuffed Evie inside for her birthday. It was the biggest hit. She wore it on our walk that day. 

Camilla is still enjoying gymnastics. She is getting stronger!

Lots of playing in the driveway.  

Aaron is the best, after going to a camp out with the youth the night before and coaching a soccer game early Saturday morning, he took the kids for a run and they loved it. They were both so excited to go and ran hard, determined to keep up. 

My 4 runners. :) 

Carson wore my garmin and kept everyone informed constantly how far and fast they were going. 

They played in streams and such, Camilla hops right along this stuff. She is so coordinated. 

Such a fun morning after Camilla's soccer game. These 3 had so much fun. Aaron is so unselfish with his time. 

Spencer is such a smoothie stealer. He is a wild man for my smoothies. 

Aaron and I did a temple swap that evening. Aaron did baptisms with the youth and then I did a session. It was a special day and I did the work for Mimi. I felt a sweet spirit in the temple that day. 

Kids were troopers and are always game for going to San Antonio. It makes for a long day with these kids but I am happy they get to experience the temple. 

Aaron took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese while I was in the temple, that ended up being a huge fiasco but the kids had fun. Poor Aaron was out when I got home. 

Such a fun day! 

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Happy Halloween

For Halloween this year we had the Thomases over for dinner and trick or treating. We all had a great time and lucked out on a break from the rain to knock doors. The kids were so excited about Halloween this year. 

That night they were in heaven counting all their candy and trading and then they wrote their annual letters to the Switch Witch. The bigs wanted money this year. 

As exciting as Christmas. 

Brooke decided she wanted her candy until I gave her the idea she could ask for new paints. Then she happily gave up her candy and got a new paint set and a new book to paint in. Everyone is happy around here and Aaron is taking all the candy to work. Wahoo! 

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Fall Fun

Fall is such a fun time of year, we love all the fun activities but man are we worn out. :) 

Soccer practice continues to go on, Aaron has been a great coach but we are ready for the Friday night practices to come to an end. 

We got so much love from people after Spencer got burned. People sent food and notes and treats, lots of treats. We got this great cookie bouquet. Get "whale" soon. The kids thought it was great. We made hot chocolate and ate our cookies. 

Carson had a cub scout jamboree and had so much fun. It was an all day event and a cold day but he loved it. Can't believe we have a cub scout. 

Running has been so much more fun in the cooler weather. Finally, finally. 

The kids had Fall Fest at their school. Only the girls could go since Carson had cub scouts but they had so much fun. Camilla had soccer that morning and Spencer still isn't aloud outside so Aaron took the girls for an hour. 

Camilla insisted on wearing her costume. 

Nailed it. :) Love this girl. 

With Natalia, her bestie. 

Aaron is such a good dad. 

Face Painting. 

And of course, the swing ride. 

That night we had trunk or treat at our church. We got to combine with the walnut creek ward so the kids were in heaven. 

Carson and Simon. 

Our trunk or treaters. Love them. 

We got lots of candy and the kids loved organizing and counting it all. Carson remembered exactly how many pieces he got last year as compared to this year, by the way. 

Oh and this girl, getting ready for violin practice, she has a performance in December. 

And sweet Brookey really wanted to start reading lessons, so we did. We shall see how this goes! Wish me luck. 

Sunday, October 29, 2017


Some days I just want to freeze time. Carson, straight from school into his underwear, grabs like four snacks (all fruit) and then heads up to his room to read Diary of a Wimpy Kid for HOURS. He is the sweetest and we love him. 

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Happy Birthday Brookey!

Our sweet Brooke has turned 4. Oh how we love our brown eyed girl. These past 4 years have been the best of our lives. We did not want her to turn 4 but she was so excited about it. 

For her birthday she got to go to school and have cupcakes and wear the birthday crown, she thought that was pretty special. Then I picked her up and we went to pick up her BFF Cadey and I took them to a trampoline park. 

The girls had the whole place to themselves and had a blast. 

Then Cadey came over to play and Brooke opened her present from her - playdoh! 

Then we had dinner (Brooke's request was eggs with hash browns and then it was time for cake. I made a pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting. She was so happy. 

Then she got to open her presents, one from each of us. She loved each and every one of them. She was also spoiled because Grandma and grandpa Pierson were here the weekend before and took he shopping for her birthday and out to lunch, she got a doll for her birthday. Then grandma Judy and Grandpa Richard came a few days after her birthday and took her to lunch and the park and she got to open her presents from them. She had a great birthday and we all love her so much. Carson and Camilla put a lot of thought into presents for her and saved up their money to buy them. 

Brooke is so sweet and kind, she is a peacemaker and beloved by everyone she meets. She loves to eat snacks and special treats and loves to watch shows and go to gymnastics class. She loves school and church and proudly swings all by herself at the park. She has her own thoughts and ideas and her own favorites but also loves to do whatever Camilla is doing. When she wakes up in the morning, everyone is happy and she usually gets herself dressed and cleans her room. (A girl after my own heart) she loves to go on walks and run fast and is learning to ride her tricycle. We love you Brooke, thank you for being in our family. 

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Aaron got to run in the Ragnar trail race again this year. (I stayed home to take care of Spencer). He had so much fun. This is just his favorite weekend of the year. We had the same team as last year with a few last minute subs. The Callahans' kids ran my legs and a friend of Jamie's, Kristen, ran for Adam. Everyone loved it. 

They got a better camping spot this year making it easier to cheer for our team at the finish line. 

The shirts this year were awesome. 

I tried my best to support everyone by wearing my Hopdoddy shirt (that is our steam sponsor :) and my Ragnar hat. I so missed being able to run in it. 

Aaron spent a lot of time with the Baldwins. 

Aaron crushed his runs! He did so amazing. He rolled his ankle on his first 7 mile leg but still ran his last 2 legs, he was the fastest on the 7 mile leg on our whole team. I am so proud of him, he has worked so hard for this. 

He was on runner's high after this race.

The team did awesome and came in 3rd in the masters mixed category! Way to go hopdizzle fo shizzle. 

We were all happy when he made it home. It was the primary program in church that Sunday and the kids did fabulous and felt a sweet spirit. Love them. 

We are already counting down the days until Ragnar next year! I will be back!