Friday, February 29, 2008

Bag Tag

I got bag tagged by my sister in law, Cassie, and I didn't want to do it because my bag/purse isn't very exciting. Well since nothing else exciting is happening I thought I would go ahead and respond. First off my purse is so cute, its a Rosemary purse (that's my sister Kim's brand) and I love it.

What's in my bag:
1. My wallet, very cute World's Market purchase. Inside that credit cards, insurance card, Cafe Rio frequent dinner card, etc.
2. Stridex gum, my favorite (next to bubble yum). I'm addicted to gum
3. Lip Smackers chap stick, vanilla altough kiwi strawberry is my fav
4. Like 4 lip glosses, I love lip gloss
5. A tampon (self explanatory)
6. A few Cafe Rio cinnamon mints, I love them

Well that's about it, I usually have a snack in there but I put it in the fridge once I got to work. I guess in my back pack I keep my work out clothes and a water bottle.

So there you have it, if you would like for everyone else to know what you keep in your bag, feel free to share with us, it has to be more exciting than my bag. :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thanks Mom!

For Valentines Day my sweet mother sent us a heart-shaped waffle maker. We love it! We made waffles on Sunday and I just wanted to show my Mom a picture of how great they turned out. Each batch makes 3 waffles this size. Thanks again Mom, we can't wait to use it again.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Becoming Jane

So I have the most darling husband in the world. On Saturday night we were on our way home from eating dinner with my sister in Salt Lake when I tell Aaron that I really want to see Becoming Jane. I had mentioned that it came out on video this week and I really wanted to see it. I love Jane Austen novels, they are the best. So we drive to the first Red Box, sold out. The second, third, all sold out. We finally decide to pay the money and go to Blockbuster, again all gone! I can't believe it, I think this was only in Utah by the way. So we drive to another Blockbuster, nothing. Along the way we have stopped to get ice cream to make milkshakes, this consoles me because we are not going to be watching Becoming Jane. I decide its okay because Monday is a holiday and since I planned on laying around all day I could rent it then and watch it while Aaron was at the library. Monday morning, same story...its no where. I came home and called Aaron and was so upset. So Aaron comes home from the library for dinner and what does he have in his pocket...that's right...Becoming Jane. He called every Blockbuster around and they all said it was gone and then one put him on hold and in the return box one had come back in. Aaron ran up there and snagged it. My Monday night was shaping up to be fabulous. We got our bowls of ice cream and got into bed and watched it. The movie was...kinda a let down. I mean we knew she didn't get married but it was sad. It was worth watching although I have heard there are better movies about Jane Austen's life. It was made so much better by the effort my husband put forth to find it for me. He's the best.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Felliz Dia de Los Enamorados

So I was tagged forever ago but wanted to save this for Valentine's Day so that I could talk all about Aaron. I love my Aaronbear and think I married the most perfect person for me. Its amazing how the person we marry helps us to (little by little) become the person we want to be. So without further ado, a quiz about my hottie with the body.

What is his name? Aaron Ross Pierson
How long have you been married? 7 1/2 months
How long did you date? 4 months dating, 2 1/2 months engaged
Who eats more sweets? um... probably me as in I do every day, but Aaron eats more in one sitting
Who said I love you first? Aaron, while we were having a picnic in the back of his car. I freaked out and said, "you do!?" and he said, "yes, very much." It was magical.
Who is taller? Aaron by half a foot
Who can sing better? Well I've had more training but Aaron can sing, he can put me to sleep even when I don't think I can
Who is smarter? Aaron, for sure
Who does the laundry? Me, but I did come home from meetings on Sunday to find the washer going. And Aaron helps me fold.
Who pays the bills? Me
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I do, but occasionally we switch if Aaron gets home late and I'm already taking up a lot of the bed.
Who cooks dinner? I do, unless its Chili, tacos, or chicken casserole those are Aaron's specialties
Who drives? Aaron
Who is more stubborn? Me, Aaron is so forgiving
Who kissed who first? Aaron kissed me on my doorstep the night before we left for Christmas break, it was amazing
Who asked who out first? Neither, we were set up on a blind date by John Merris, but he asked me out on our second date
Who proposed? Aaron on Easter at Bridal Veil Falls
Who wears the pants? I say Aaron but he would probably say that I try to sometimes.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day. Have fun, relax, and eat plenty of chocolate!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I Love You...chocolate fondue!

So Aaron and I were re-introduced to the world of chocolate fondue on Friday night and now we can't get over it. How fabulous is it have strawberries, pineapples, angle food cake, cinnamon candy, bananas, and marshmallows to dip in chocolate? We have to thank Nate and Katie once again for a fabulous night. While they were putting their kids to bed Aaron told the rest of us that we shouldn't be eating all the food while they are gone. He told us we could all have one more dip and then we had to wait. I grabbed like everything I could fit on that fork and stuffed it all defiantly in my mouth. :) Jono more defiantly stole the whole bowl of strawberries. I'm not normally a huge chocolate person but I am in love with chocolate fondue and you too babe.

We had a great weekend, busy, busy. The Leadership Broadcast was so great and we felt like so applicable to us. We especially loved the promise that even though we live in scary times if we live Gospel principles we'll be okay and our kids will be okay. I spoke in church on Sunday about Scripture study and Aaron told me about this fabulous talk by President Eyring. Maybe you've all read it but if you haven't, it is amazing.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Back Off

So maybe you know, maybe you don't, but intramural sports can be super intense. Take our waterpolo game this week for example. This is friendly innertube waterpolo mind you. We played a good team on Wednesday night with one really good girl in particular. She was like a horse man, she just pushed your tube right out of the way and scored. At times we were triple teaming her and leaving the other two girls uncovered. So, no secret, I'm SUPER competitive and I feel like because she keeps pushing my tube I can push back and try and hold her back. She is complaining the whole game to the ref and finally with 5 mins to go they call a foul...on ME! There were no good games exchanged at the end of the game, just a hope we don't play again. I actually had a dream that night that she knocked me out of my tube and I punched her. (I know, I shouldn't take it so seriously) I've been feeling aggressive lately. Oh and yes, we did win. :)

Aaron's ankle is still hurt, he has actually been trying to rest it this week some, but plans to play in his game on Saturday. Speaking of basketball, way to go Duke, beating North Carolina this week.

Also, we were sad to see Mitt resign from the race, he would've been a great president, he did it super well though. So now Huckabee is trying to get Romney supporters to vote for him (yeah right).

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Superbowl Party

We got together with Jedd and Marcie and the boys on Sunday for the Superbowl and had so much fun. I said that I was positive the Patriots would beat the Giants (I was so wrong). We went up in the early afternoon to get all ready for the party (well get the food all ready). I love Superbowl food: pizza, chips and salsa, dessert, fruit dip, hot wings, soda, what more could a girl ask for? We had so much fun watching the game, what a finish! We screamed so loud when the Giants scored at the end that we scared poor Tyler, who asked about every 5 minutes when the game was going to be over. We love those boys, we can't believe Marcie only has about 8 weeks left!!
Who couldn't love these faces??

I seriously laid around like this for about 8 hours straight. :)

In other exciting weekend news we FINALLY saw Dan In Real Life, and we LOVED it!! Seriously it is the cutest movie. I felt so emotionally attached to his little family. I laughed, I cried, I felt good coming out, overall... great movie. BUT, Aaron and I decided after the movie that we will not be having any teenage daughters, no thank you. :)

Friday, February 1, 2008

Bon Voyage...

Everyone, we need help! Aaron and I are going on a trip for Aaron's graduation/anniversary/birthdays/we didn't really get a honeymoon/Aaron got a signing bonus! We are thinking of going on a cruise but have never been on one. We've heard people talk about how much fun they are and that they loved them and so we want to try one, but we need help. Everyone who has ever been on a cruise, wanted to go on a cruise, loved a cruise, hated a cruise, researched a cruise, etc. tell us which lines are the best, is it a big deal to have an ocean view room, where did you go, what is important to look for, how early do you need to book, etc., etc. We are thinking we'll leave from LA since that is the closest to us. So please, please let us know, even if you just happened upon my blog through stalking it and don't even know me :) We want to go in May in Aaron's break between graduation and starting to study for the CPA exam.

Life continues on here, I am very ready for the weekend. We won our soccer game this week 9-0!! It was so much fun. I had like 5 chances to score and never got a goal. I was so mad, one was going to be this amazing header and it missed the goal. Aaron continues playing basketball, with a brace and won his game this week too. His team is getting better each game and Aaron played awesome. Everyone kept coming up to me and saying, "that's your husband." I know, I'm so lucky.