Monday, February 28, 2011

Swim Class

Carson just finished his first swim class last week. We had so much fun taking this class that I was tempted to sign up for it again this month, but we really have learned everything we needed to in the first class and plus I had to give up my entire eating out budget for a whole month to pay for it. :) I signed up for an evening class because we are in Aaron's busy season and since he is working until late every night I thought it would be a fun distraction for us a couple of evenings a week. Well one night we got a very big surprise and Aaron showed up for Carson's class! We were so excited and Carson loved showing off his new moves for his Dad. Carson is seriously fearless in the water, dunking himself, throwing himself backwards, and jumping off the sides. Our teacher joked that he must splash in his sleep since he splashed the whole class long.

So Proud

Carson gets so proud of himself when he does anything exciting lately. And the first order of business when he does something exciting is to make sure we are watching. He loves to climb up on Josie and play with her (we seriously have the best dog in the world, Carson climbs all over her all day) and give her lots of hugs but he always wants to make sure that we see how "sweet" he is being to Josie. (Sweet is one of Carson's very favorite words to say)
So Carson finally learned that he can climb up on our chairs in the kitchen. I was surprised it took him so long to try but since we have the window benches, he is usually fully occupied climbing on those when we are eating. He gets so excited to stand at the table and take his toys up there. These frogs are Carson's favorite friends.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Baby you're a Firework

So Carson is in LOVE with the song "Firework" by Katy Perry. I think it is the funniest thing in the world. I personally could do without any of her songs but he is obsessed with it. I always turn the radio on while I clean in the mornings and whenever this song comes on, no matter what he is doing he runs into the kitchen to listen to this song and dance. Yesterday we were in my closet picking up, he was playing with his shape organizer and all the sudden he threw down his star and ran out of the room. I didn't know what had happened but sure enough I found him in the kitchen with Firework on the radio. He sure is a funny boy.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Why do I buy toys??

So lately Carson is really obsessed with climbing in boxes and playing in boxes and putting things in boxes and carrying boxes. It is so funny. He takes his little stool over to the box and takes whatever he wants inside and plays in there for a long time. It just cracks me up. I started collected boxes from Costco and anywhere else I could find any and I just set them up in the living room. It has provided fabulous entertainment.

(You may notice a theme of these two blankets in every picture. He never plays in his boxes without both blankets or one of my dresses :)

He also loves climbing into the kitchen cabinets and then shutting the door and hiding inside. I came into the kitchen the other day and found every, single cabinet door open and everything pulled out but one little door closed with a sweet little boy hiding inside. I'm just amazed at how kids come up with the funniest things to play with.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

We celebrated Valentines this year over the weekend since, of course, Aaron would be working late on the actual day. On Saturday night we went out to dinner with some friends in downtown McKinney and had a great time talking and eating Italian food. Then we came home and had ice cream. It was nice to go out and actual enjoy eating our food since taking Carson out has turned into so much work. Then on Sunday morning I made heart-shaped waffles and got out our Valentine stuff and I got my boys and we all had breakfast together. Carson was very excited about waffles and strawberries in the same meal and wanted to open his new paints right away. I love these small holidays, I love getting ready for them and decorating for them, and having Carson has made them even more fun. I hope everyone had a terribly romantic, chocolate-filled day.

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Superbowl sounds like a good reason to start blogging again...

So I have decided to once again begin blogging. It was a nice little vacation but I feel like I am not keeping track of our lives since I am on a year long hiatus from scrapbooking. It started out with just taking Christmas break off from Blogs, Facebook, etc. and as it turned out, I really didn't miss it. I also found that I was spending much less time on the computer, but...I am completely out of touch with all of your lives and I miss that. So I am back but I think only once a week for reading/blogging. (at least this is the new goal) So I am trying to go back and post the major events I missed.
Yesterday we had my family over to watch the Superbowl/ eat way too much food. It was the most fun Superbowl ever! We had a blast. Everyone brought yummy dishes and Aaron made ribs for the first time and they were fabulous. I think more Coke was consumed during that game than some families consume in a year.
My Mom did a score grid and we all guessed the scores. Anyways we had a winner at the end of each quarter and it made the game so exciting. My Mom won first quarter, Delaney- second, Aaron- third, and Cory was the overall winner where he was given 30 seconds to decide between trading in his original prize for the unknown amount of cash in my Dad's hand. He wisely stuck with the original prize. It was such a fun night and an exciting game, although the commercials were a bit of a disappointment. Thanks to all my family for helping and for being so much fun, and for fitting perfectly on our couch. :)