Sunday, May 28, 2017

End of Year

The end of a school year is always so exciting. The kids love all the class parties and fun activities. 

Camilla finished up her last soccer game like a champ. She scored a few goals and ran her little heart out. She has been a lot of fun to watch and Aaron did a great job coaching these kids. 

The kids wanted to swim after school every day, Brooke gets a little cold but Camilla always takes such good care of her. 

We did a fun Sonic run. Man its tough to choose at this place, so many yummy drinks. 

Carson had an end of year party for his friends from school. They swam, roasted hot dogs and marshmallows and had snow cones. 

Jax and Enock have been Carson's best friends at school this year and we are so grateful for them. 

The kids had such a great time. 

We took the pool gate down and Spencer wanted in that water so bad. Aaron had to keep a very close eye on that boy while I was gone. 

Lots of watermelon had by all. 

Last day of school party. 

They sang to all the summer birthdays.

Carson's class had some awards and Carson got the Math award. :)

I decided to take the kids to the Children's Museum before it got too crowded for the summer. It was perfect because it was a Wednesday night and so its open late and it wasn't very crowded and lovely weather. We had so much fun. 

"Mommy I made you a salad."

Carson was obsessed with egg collecting.  

Spencer is so fun at the museum these days. He loves the water part. 

We had a lot of fun playing outside but I had to get Spencer out because he was a wild man trying to climb into the water.  

Alright, school's out for summer, school's out forever!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

More of May

May has been such a busy month and I have been working so hard to keep up with it. 

Love this boy and he loves taking baths. 

Having fun with my girls. 

Cory and Delaney came over for a quick visit and all the kids got in the bath tub. 

Brookey has been begging for a scooter for weeks. Every day she would go out and check the porch and say "has my scooter come yet?" and we would tell her she still hadn't earned it and we hadn't ordered it. We finally broke down and got her one. She looooves it. 

Hair cut for my boy. Plus he got a new favorite shirt.  

We are already swimming most days. 

Aaron took them to a party at the gym and now they have a cover for their new band. 

We made a trip to Leander which means we had to make a Bahama Bucks stop. 

It was Spencer's first time. 

He sure liked it. 

Camilla wanted to sport her sunglasses at school. The last week of school was a crazy day, so we did crazy clothes, hair, etc. 

Camilla finished up gymnastics with a show case. 

She was very proud of her medal. 

Monday, May 22, 2017

Father/Son camp out

This is my  boys' favorite night of the year. They both look forward to this camp out and have such a great time. This year Aaron was in charge of it and it was our first one in our new ward so we weren't sure if Carson would know very many kids but he was so excited to go to the store and pick out all the camping food. 

They got there early and head to the water. Carson and Josie both got in and had a great time. 

This boy loves to swim. 

These two. Love. 

Carson had a great time playing with friends, cooking on the camp fire and climbing trees. 

I got this picture early Saturday morning. The sleeping wasn't so great but Aaron woke up to Carson snuggled right up against him. 

Saturday morning they played games until the boys had to leave to get to Camilla's soccer game. 

Until next year...

Friday, May 19, 2017

Some May Happenings

The beginning of May was spent with me recovering from my marathon and barely being able to walk. The kids were constantly asking me why I couldn't go up and down the stairs and why I was walking so slow. Hey I ran a lot of miles kids. :) During this time I took a lot of Epsom salt baths, usually not alone. 

Music and movement story time at the library, always a fun time. 

Brooke had her first dentist appointment. No cavities and she was perfect. 

Lunch poolside. Not a bad life these kids lead. 

Camilla and Daddy studying the scriptures together. All the feels. 

Brooke's school had a special week of breakfast for Mother's Day. It was very fun to go and eat breakfast with her. She sure loved it. 

We made it through all of Camilla's Monday night activities....phew. Thankfully park weather remained until the very end. 

Family night shenanigans. They can all do a head stand, pants optional. 

Camilla's end of year award was the Sensational Singer award. This girl loves to sing. 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Happy Birthday Spencer

Our sweet boy is one!! I can't believe our baby is a whole year old. His day wasn't terribly exciting. He had a doctor's appointment and had to get 4 shots. That wasn't so fun but he did get to have fun with his family. For dinner I made beans and spaghetti squash, two of his favorite foods and then we had cupcakes and singing after dinner. 

At first he wasn't so sure about it. 

He started with the frosting, a pretty good place to start. 

We sure love our boy. And cupcakes. 

Finally he really dove in.

A post cupcake sink bath was necessary before bed. 

This sweet boy is one. He is not walking but man is he a fast crawler. He loves to crawl around every where and climb up and down most things. He loves to be near his family and especially his brother and sisters, who love him to pieces. He loves to swing and laughs all the time. He is always smiling and everyone and has many teeth to show off. He loves to tell you what a snake says and claps for himself because he is very proud. He does great sharing a room with his brother and while he hasn't been our best sleeper, he does great being woken up on the regular to attend activities. Thankfully he does great in the car. He likes to be held pretty much all the time and loves to read books, sing song and fly like an airplane. We love you Spencey Piey.