Sunday, April 26, 2009

Easter Bunny

So I promise we did Easter on the actual day of Easter but a few of the presents arrived a little late so I waited to post about them and here we are at the end of April :). Easter is such a special holiday for Aaron and me because we got engaged on Easter. Aaron and I's engagement is not one of those, well we knew we were getting married I just didn't know when I would get the ring stories...Aaron decided he wanted to marry me on Thursday, bought the ring on Friday, picked it up on Saturday and proposed on Sunday. So Easter is the first day that I knew I would spend eternity with Aaron. So since he gave me the best present of all that Easter, I have tried, or the Easter Bunny has tried, to get hime something that he really, really wants on Easter. This year I got him a bike, which he has wanted for forever but I could never find the one I wanted in the store so I ended up ordering it online and it didn't come in until over a week after Easter, but it was still fun! Aaron has had so much fun riding around and taking Josie on rides. After he gets back from a ride he calls her to the door and then they race around the neighborhood for awhile. The bike is actually a little small since Aaron is so tall so we might take it back but we are having a lot of fun with it.

I was very impressed that Aaron put this together, I wouldn't even know what tools to use. The finished product. (You can see our name poster in the background)

And in Jo Jo's basket she got a bunny rabbit that squeaks. :) I just couldn't resist when I saw it at the store. She just loves carrying it around, its the hunting dog in her that never actually gets to go hunting. And just in case I'm always posting about the cute things about our sweet puppy, rest assured that some days I want to kill her. This week she chewed up my very, favorite pair of shoes (they were in my closet by the way) and one of Aaron's CDs that he needed to study for the CPA exam, she's lucky she's so cute...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lazy Days

No one enjoys their lazy mornings like we do. We have so much fun reserving an occasional Saturday morning for doing nothing. And no one loves when we have our lazy mornings more than our little (well not so little) puppy. So while I'm discouraged that we have now gotten outbid on two homes...can you believe it??... these pictures of our lazy days make me smile and remember that no one has a better life than me.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Let's Go Mavs!

Last night Aaron and I went to the Mavericks game to see them play the Utah Jazz in a must-win situation. I know I am a Mavericks fan but we usually cheer for the Jazz whenever they play too because well...we lived in Utah for a really long time and we love it there too. I went in neutral colors but found that I was definitely cheering for the Mavs. It was so much fun!! The Mavs played awesome. But...Aaron, of course, had to be the only person in our entire section cheering for the Jazz. I was so embarrassed, luckily he's amazingly good looking and so people didn't mind too much. :) A little shot of the action:And for a housing house sold to the highest bidder which was not us. I guess 3 offers came in and I said, forget it, I don't want to be in a bidding war. Then I called back and said, "no wait, I do, I changed my mind!" Then our realtor informed us that the most recent offer jumped above asking price, taking us out of the ballgame. I was sad but I know another one will come up, just maybe not with (tear) double ovens to bake cinnamon rolls in. :) And a HUGE thank you to everyone who emailed me and sent me cinnamon roll recipes. Some of them are so specific and look great. I am going to begin experimenting this weekend and when I find one that works for me (and if it can work for me, trust me it will work for you) I will post it. I think one of my main problems could potentially be patience...I'm lacking in all aspects of my life.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Attention all Bakers, please HELP!!

To all of you who are fabulous bakers and wonderful chefs, whose rolls rise and are soft and delicious, whose bread comes out smelling fabulous with just the right amount of flour, and whose cinnamon rolls have the right amount of butter - this is for you. I need help. I need a cinnamon roll recipe that will actually work. I have tried all those, no fail this always works recipes that I read on the blogs but they never, ever work for me. I need step by step instructions. None of this, around 6 cups of flour or more, but don't over flour. What?? Yesterday I tried a new cinnamon roll recipe, only to have them come out flat, unrisen, burned on the bottom, and too rich. My husband is a good sport, he loves me through it all and eats them anyways, but you must know that my mother-in-law is like the QUEEN of baking rolls and bread, she's famous for it and so I know this has been a rough transition for him. I love cinnamon rolls and we love eating them but...does anyone have a recipe that works, like everytime?? I want my cinnamon rolls to look like this:
Some people bake cinnamon rolls and they look like this, Miriam-I've had yours, yours look like this picture, I've tried the recipe 3 times and ended up throwing half of them away...sigh...

Also would anyone like to make a decision on what house Aaron and I should buy?? We have officially found 2 houses that we love. Of course, I love one more than the other and Aaron loves the other one more. But our realtor called us last night to tell us that my number one has another offer. What? Its been on the market for 3 days now, 3 measely days. So the owners have decided to give everyone else who wants to put in an offer (there are more of us who want this house? my goodness) until tonight to do so!! So I don't know what to do. Part of me says, "another will come along we don't want to be pressured to make a decision before we're ready" but the other side says, "you will compare every other house to this one what if you don't find another one you love as much." I also feel like we're losing a lot of our negotiating power but there's a reason this house is selling this fast, its just beautiful. Of course we would be moving to the one part of the country where the housing market isn't slowing down...I'm also just super anxious to find our house, move in, and begin nesting one month before Big Mac gets here. As you all can see from this post, I'm on the verge of breakdown. :)