Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

We had a most wonderful Halloween. What's not to love about how adorable my children were?!?
Aaron left work early and picked up pizza. Then we got the kids all ready and took a million pictures. They looked so cute Aaron and I have spent hours looking at these pictures. 

Touching her tattoo, yep still going strong that glitter tattoo. Luckily it matched her dress perfectly. 

She was very excited. Everyone thought she was Else. Score for getting a costume at Goodwill and everyone, including Camilla, thinking she was the expensive princess.  

I love this owl, more than I can ever say. Love her. 

This picture is one of my favorites. 

She was so good, stayed in her stroller happy as can be all night long. 

Aaron took the kids trick or treating while I stayed home to pass out candy. 

Camilla spent most of the night running around with her BFF Azure. 

Then Jane met up with them later and the 3 princess ring was complete. 

The kids came home happy as can be and Camilla is so obsessed with her candy. She was organizing it, counting it, laying it out. I really do enjoy this holiday. It just gets more fun each year as my kids get older. One of these years my family is going to dress up as a theme. 

Last T-ball game

I made it through T-ball season. Carson was very excited for his last game and really had a lot of fun with his team but I am done with anything across town at 6 PM. Its just too much work and too much traffic for me to do with the kids by myself. 

Carson finished his season off with some great hits, he also got to play first base and really had fun. He was on a very nice team and I'm glad he was able to play this season. 

Now he wants to play basketball, geez how many sports are there? :) 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

As if dance class wasn't cute enough already

This week they got to wear their costumes. Watching my little Millie girl tap dance to Monster Mash was enough to cause my heart to almost burst. It was so cute!

She kept asking me all morning if her friends were going to wear their costumes and if they were getting ready while she was getting ready. I have never had an easier time getting this little girl ready. Dance class + dressing up like a princess = one happy girl. 

After class we took pictures of the girls with their teachers and then with just the girls. They all seemed just as excited as Camilla. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pumpkin Patch

Carson with his friends Henry, Jeremy, and Eduardo. 

Carson's class went on another field trip this week to the pumpkin patch out in Elgin. Carson said it was a lot of fun. He liked the hay maze and the corn field maze. He also liked seeing all the animals, going on a train ride, and decorating a pumpkin. 

I sure wish I could go to one of these field trips. 

The Perfect Weekend

Some weekends just go perfectly. Better than you could have planned or hoped for but somehow everything falls perfectly into place. That was this weekend for us. Our sweet Brooke turned one, my parents came down for the weekend, soccer, fall fest, time with Kim and Jackson, primary program, and cupcakes and ice cream. Our kids had the time of their lives. 

My parents came in early Saturday morning and met Aaron and the kids at Carson's soccer game. It was a lovely morning and Carson scored his first goal of the season! I was sad to miss it since I was setting up at the Fall Fest at Carson's school but I am very proud of him. 

He followed it up with another goal. He was very excited. 

My parents helped with the kids since Aaron was coaching and they had fun spectating. 

Apparently Millie got caught on the fence by her skirt and hung there for a minute before someone came to her rescue. She seemed unfazed by the whole ordeal. 

Then everyone came to meet me at Fall Fest. We had at Fall Fest. It was better than we had anticipated and our kids ran and ran and ran. We got them the unlimited wrist band passes and they went wild. 

The swings were a big hit, pretty sure we did these four or five times. 

This big gerbil ball thing was really fun. Carson really liked it and got the hang of it. Poor Millie was just a little too scared. She only made it half way through and climbed out. 

More swinging. 

Millie getting her glitter tattoo. That she still has, 3 baths later. She LOVES this. Every morning she wakes up and makes sure it is still there and she protects it when she brushes her teeth or does anything. It is pretty cute. 

I can't believe she held still that long. 

Lots of fun little games.  

So much time spent on the bounce house and the slides.  

The long awaited video game truck. 

It was really hot so I went to get the car to pick everyone up. (My parents left early with Brooke) Millie crashed in the car and Carson fell asleep in the car later. They were exhausted. Aaron and I were pretty tired as well. 

Kim brought Jackson over that afternoon and spent the afternoon with us.

 Then we all went to Chuy's for dinner. It was just perfect. The kids were all great and then we went outside and enjoyed the lovely night just talking and watching the kids play. 

Brooke and Jackson with Grandma. He is so big. These two are going to be such good friends someday. I sure love having lots of cousins for my kids. 

Brooke just put her arm around him. 


It was such a fun night all together. We had a great time. 

The next day was our ward primary program. I love the primary program and Carson sang his little heart out and said his part right into the microphone. We are so proud of how this little boy is coming out of his shell. He is such a good boy and a great example to his little sisters.

Then just like that grandma and grandpa were gone, Camilla was begging us to move to Grandma's house, and the kids were sad that they didn't get to sleep on the air mattress in our room.

(Oh funny story about the air mattress. We were blowing it up before bed on Saturday night and Camilla was asking us questions about it, what was it, what was it for. Aaron told her it was a bed for her and Carson to sleep in that night since Grandma and Grandpa were in her bed. She said, "but I don't like it, its green, I don't want to sleep on green. Do you have a pink bed?" That's our Millie. I put orange sheets on it and she decided that was okay.) 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Brooke!!

I cannot believe my sweet baby girl is one whole year old. I have loved having this sweet baby in our family so much and I cannot believe she is one! I have been sad because I feel like she is getting old so fast and I enjoyed this baby so much. I know she will continue to be more fun and I love watching them grown and change and see their personality come out, but oh I love having a baby. 

Her actual birthday was spent getting shots, taking brother to and from school, getting the piano tuned and a trip to Ikea. 

But then on Sunday night we did the whole cupcake eating, singing, and present opening celebration. Our friends all came over to help us celebrate and Brooke sure loved everyone smiling, singing, and giving her hugs. 

And she really loved eating her cupcake. 

Like inhaled in 30 seconds, loved. 

Cupcake snitching happened. 

Boys had fun together. 

Everyone watched Brooke eat. 

Then after our friends all left we opened presents. I let Brooke choose which present she wanted to open and then the big kids helped her get it out. 

It wasn't long before Camilla took over the presents. 

She told us how nice she was being by "sharing" some of the princesses with Brooke.
Such a nice sister. :)

Then she took them all away from her. I said Camilla those are Brooke's presents. She said, "I'm just pretending like they are my presents. I'll just put them up here on the couch where Brooke can't get them." 

Oh I love Brooke so much, not sure if you can tell or not. :) She has been the easiest going little gal and loves to just be close to us and play with her brother and sister. Brooke wakes up happy every morning and every afternoon, every day, without fail. We all go in and say "Brookey" as loud as we can and she just claps and smiles at us. She is the star of our little home and we all just think she's the sweetest. 

Brooke loves to eat, everything. She is such a good eater and really loves her snacks. Her favorites are bananas and applesauce. She is really starting to love her bottle now that she is weaned. 

Brooke is not walking but crawling all over the place, getting into everything and leaving destruction wherever she goes. She loves to pull all the credit cards out of my purse and then give them to me one at a time. 

Brooke has learned to play catch and loves to throw the ball, especially with Carson.
She is doing a lot of da da, ma ma, ba ba, babbling most of the day. She will also tell you what a lion and a hen say. She likes to play peek a boo and loves to be tickled. We all take turns making her laugh. Music to my ears. 

Brooke is that baby, you know the one smiling at you in the grocery store, waving at you at the park, and clapping for you in line. I love snuggling her, cuddling her and just watching her concentrate on something. 

Official stats: 
Weight: 18 lbs. 14 oz. (20th)
Height: 29" (40th)
Head: 45 cm. (50th)

Carson couldn't wait to see Brooke when he got home from school when she woke up from her nap. He wanted to see if she was one or still a baby. He ran into her room and then came out and said, "mom don't worry she's still a baby." 

Oh how we love our brown eyed girl. She has been such a wonderful blessing for our family and brought us more happiness than we thought possible. So grateful she is ours forever.