Saturday, October 29, 2011


Carson and I made a trip up to Hobbs to visit my grandparents with My Mom and my niece, Mia. It was a quick trip but we had a good time visiting. Camilla did not have very much fun in the car but we made it there and we made it home. :) We mostly spent our time visiting my Grandpa and watching the kids play in the backyard. Mia is so good to Camilla, she talks to her, she plays with her, she sings to her and pretty much entertains her. It is always good to spend time with my Dad and to see my Grandma, who Carson warmed up to while we were there. :)
And, of course, I eat good southern food while I am visiting my Grandma. Here is a small sampling of lunch one day.
Chicken fried chicken, french fries, fried onions, all smothered in gravy, with sheet cake for dessert and lots of Blue Bell. I texted Aaron to make sure he was okay with me coming home a little bigger than when I left. :) We sure missed Daddy while we were gone and so happy to see him when we got back.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Carson's Play Group

(Carson likes to wear his back pack to play group and loves to carry in his lunch box, I can hardly handle the adorableness.)

This year Carson is in a play group with some of his friends from church. It has been so much fun and so nice for me to have some time with just Camilla and to get things done without a very energetic 2 year old! All the boys in his group are his age and he loves all of them. He gets so excited to go to their houses and each and every night, he prays to play at their house. He goes through each person one by one and asks to play at their house. I mean seriously, it is so adorable. I feel bad for him on Tuesday/Thursday when its just me. :) I also love having it at my house because Carson gets so excited and the kids are so fun. Plus they play outside in the back yard the whole time and we are taking full advantage of this weather. I make cookies when they come over so they will like me the best. :) Here is a picture of his Friday group. Camilla so far has been perfect when I have them over and loves to watch them play. I just love that there are so many fun kids for Carson to be friends with.

Carson has also been getting into Josie's food when I am not looking lately. I come in and he is filling up her bowl with tons of food and she is waiting very excited. This kid, I have to keep my eye on him every second.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

3 Months

Camilla my sweet baby you are already 3 months old and we can hardly believe it. You have continued to grow so much this month and you continue to be my little chunky monkey. You are such a happy easy going baby, we are very spoiled. Some fun things about you this month are:

Your beautiful smile, we could just eat it up. You smile all the time, especially when you wake up. We are also loving your little laugh, it is so much fun. You smile at everyone, but probably at Mom the most. You just follow Mom around the room and smile at her.

You are starting to scoot yourself in your cradle and rolling up on your side. You want to roll over so badly you try all the time.
You are taking baths with your brother which you both absolutely love. Every night Carson runs up to me and says, "bath with Camilla, okay, lets go." You just kick and splash and watch your brother. You get so excited as soon as I put you in the tub.
You love your swing but Mom has to keep you awake when you are in it.

You are still sleeping good and even gave mom a few nights of sleeping 10-12 hours without waking up to eat and they were heavenly.
You still don't like your car seat and we are still not sure why but you would happily live in the Moby wrap all the day long.
You love to go outside and lay on a blanket with Mom.

Some fun things that your brother did with you this month were:
Giving you kisses every morning, "good morning Camilla." As soon as he wakes up he can't wait to find you.
"Camilla's turn," running over to you to give you kisses and then Josie, taking turns.
He asks me all the time if its time for Camilla to eat, baby eating. One day I picked him up and you weren't in the car, he was so confused. He said, "hi Camilla" but then couldn't find you. He looked around the car and then grabbed my shirt and pulled it down to see if you were in there.

We sure are having fun with this age and love how much you love to have "girl talk" with Mom!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Alyssa's Wedding

Aaron's sister Alyssa got married this past weekend and so we made a very quick trip up to Arkansas. We left late Friday evening and came back Sunday afternoon so it felt so fast but we still had a great time. So the sad news is that we left our camera in Arkansas and when we got it back the camera card was gone. So it stinks to buy a new camera card, but we lost all those pictures which kinda makes me want to cry. I do have one that I took on Aaron's phone that I love. All the girls wore these beautiful dresses and Camilla's sweet cousin, Ana Grace, held her for all of the pictures. The kids did pretty good on the trip. Alyssa's wedding was very simple but very beautiful and she looked fabulous. Hopefully I can steal some pictures from everyone else. :)
In addition to the wedding we hung out with family, saw a show in downtown and Aaron played golf. We also took some family pictures at the wedding but I have little hope of how they will turn out as Carson refused to cooperate or let go of his letters to take the picture. A fun day with perfect weather!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dallas Arboretum

Last week we met my Mom and Mia at the pumpkin patch at the Dallas Arboretum. It was a rough morning but we both finally made it there and the kids were in heaven. The weather was unbelievable! I am just loving the weather right now, we are living outside. The pumpkin patch is designed after Cinderella, which Carson wasn't interested in but Mia loved. They ran all around the pumpkins, climbed the pumpkins, and Carson counted them and tried to carry them all home.

There was also a small petting zoo with a few animals. Well have I mentioned before how terrified my child is of animals? He just freaks out about them, he wouldn't touch one of them. Carson is especially terrified of dogs, he starts crying if one comes near him, in the same room/yard as him. It is especially crazy considering we have a dog and he loves her more than anyone else in the family.
So I spotted face painting and thought it looked adorable but no way would Carson sit still for it. I knew Mia would and would love it so I went and waited in line with her while Carson ran around everywhere with my Mom. Finally while Mia was getting painted Carson came over and said he wanted to be a tiger so we decided to give it a go. The man who painted his face was awesome and very patient with him. He just kept letting him point out all the colors and "help" him paint his face. He looked so adorable I could hardly stand it! I was quick to take some pictures before he could wipe it off.
After all this fun we ate lunch and walked around the flowers.
Then the kids just ran all around the park chasing each other and having a blast.
Camilla was perfect in her wrap, just sleeping the whole time. She woke up to eat and watch the kids run around and then fell back asleep as soon as we got back in the car. After about 5 minutes in the car on the way home this is what I turned around to find: