Monday, October 25, 2010

Hugs All Around

Carson is going through a major hug phase. He wants to give hugs to us all the time. And its not just us, he gives hugs to kids when he sees them, really whenever he is happy. We are pretty sure that this is just about the cutest phase he will ever go though. Now not everyone receives these hugs as happily as Aaron and I do. Just this week I was keeping our friend's little girl, Julia, and we went on a walk. On our walks, we often stop and have hug breaks or Carson just hugs my leg. Well Carson wanted to hug Julia today and she looked at me and said, "tell Carson no hugging me." Carson also really wants to give Josie hugs and she is not so interested in his attention so I have to make her sit. That's okay because it just means more for me. :) We will be so sad when this stops, I hope it never does.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Congrats Dick Pierson!

Last week we made a trip to Arkansas to see Aaron's Dad receive a really important, fancy award (that I can't remember the name of) from the Arkansas Hospital Board. We are all very proud of him and happy that we could barely make it in time for the Awards Ceremony and dinner. All of Aaron's siblings came (except his brother in Utah who had a six day old baby...) and it was so fun to see everyone. Aaron had to work that morning so we were hauling to get there, no stops along the way. Then we threw our screaming baby at the baby sitter and took off. Pretty sure she earned her wages that night. After that we spent the weekend in Arkansas, enjoying beautiful weather and watching soccer and baseball games.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Google This:

Texas Rat Snake

This is what we found in our back yard on Sunday night. It was pretty much the scariest thing ever! After Aaron tried to cut its head off and missed it coiled up and hisses at us, I was freaking out! It was huge, it says they can be up to 6 feet but I would say this one was about 4. Aaron went next door to borrow a hoe from our neighbor and I refused to stay alone in the backyard with it to keep an eye on it and while we were gone, it got away. To where??? Who knows but I send Josie out to do an inspection before we go outside since she found it in the first place. Seriously snakes are scary.

15 Months

My little man had his 15 Month check up last week. While there he got 3 shots, yuck! His official stats are:

Height: 32" (75th)
Weight: 23LBS. (30th)
Head: 18.5" (50th)

I was happy to see his weight go up some but I don't stress out about it at all because he continues to be a fabulous eater. We are loving this age more than we knew possible. It is so fun to see him copying sounds and dancing and doing hand motions to songs. We could watch this kid play for hours. He is really good about playing with his toys but his mega obsession is still books. He wants to read all day really wears on me some days. A girl can only read these books so much! I get new ones at the library but we read so much I am worn out on them a few days later. And he follows me around the house with a book until I stop and sometimes he grabs my hand and opens it and puts a book inside, how old are kids when they can read on their own? :) Oh well, there could be worse things I suppose. Carson loves to take showers, he is such a funny kid if I try to shower without him he starts banging on the shower door and taking off his clothes...hard to resist. He is into everything and loving every minute of it. He can throw a tantrum already if he doesn't get his way or if I stop reading before he is ready but overall he is a happy kid. We still aren't sure what he is allergic too but we will keep trying to figure it out! He is down to one nap a day and sleeps about 11 hours at night. He loves for me to chase him around the house and he love to take walks, barefoot of course because we can't convince this kid to wear shoes for anything. He is a very curious boy and he could spend hours in my Mom's classroom at her school, pulling things out, stacking things, and reading books. He is turning into such a sweet and cuddly boy and he even gives "Sam" his hand puppet dog friend hugs and kisses. He hates to brush his teeth at night and doesn't enjoy reading scriptures at night...he tries to pull the book out of my hand and replace it with one he would rather read. Also as soon as he sees me pull out his medicine he tries to run away from me. He does the same when I change his diaper, he thinks it is a fabulous game.
We sure have a lot of fun with this sweet boy!