Monday, June 27, 2016

Carson's Summer Recital

Carson rocked his summer recital. It is so fun to see the progress he has made since last year. He works hard at the piano and has a lot of natural talent for it. I sure hope he keeps it up for at least a few more years. His pieces this recital were challenging and he worked hard to learn them. Love our little pianist. 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Happy Father's Day

We love our Dad more than most people. I really do feel like I hit the jack pot when I married this man. I could never have known how wonderful he would be as a husband and father. The kids are crazy about him and its not hard to see why. Aaron has so many wonderful characteristics but my favorite is how completely unselfish he is. Just an example, on Saturday Aaron had many things he would have liked to do but instead he got up with Spencer in the night, as soon as he woke up he started working on the pool (that has been causing us so many headaches). He spent hours working on the pool, draining it, cleaning out the filter, scrubbing, hours. Aaron isn't the one who gets to enjoy the pool, we are but that's just how he is. Then he went straight to a party with the big kids. He is out of town all week but comes home completely devoted to us. 

Both the girls crashed on him after church. Love these 3. 

I sent Aaron on a special Father's night out with our future Father. They were very excited to have their special Father's Day date. We had Scott and Simon join in on the fun. Afterwards they went out for smoothies. 

Cutest climbers I know.

And just a few cute pictures of our Brookey because, well I'm obsessed. :)

We had a good bye party for our friends, the McCoys, and Brooke and Legend spent it on their phones. :)

Brooke is obsessed with putting on swimsuits all day. She sleeps in her swimsuit, she changes into it as soon as she wakes up, she loves to wear her swimsuit. My kids could swim all day long. 

Monday, June 20, 2016

One Month

I can't believe our sweet boy is one whole month old. Man do we love this baby. We all love this baby. I am so grateful he is a part of our family. I just get so overwhelmed with gratitude for how much joy and happiness he brings us. He is such an easy going little guy. He likes to chill and loves to be around his brother and sisters. 

Brooke can be found talking to Spencer and reading him books. He does really well with tummy time and is getting so strong. 

All the kids fight over him. Camilla has especially been such a great helper with baby. Sometimes when I am busy and need to get something done and Spencer is being fussy Camilla will play with him for me. She builds picnics around him, sings to him and replaces his pacifier dutifully. I really don't know what I would do without her. 

Much of Spencer's day is spent hanging out while his siblings swim. This was his view from the pool at the gym last week. 

Oh how I love him. 

His official stats: 

Height: 22.5 Inches (75th)
Weight: 8 lbs. 4 oz. (15th)
Head: 37.5 cm. (50th)

Growing like a weed. He is a great eater. He is still up many time at night to eat but I do enjoy our alone time together. :) Aaron is good about helping me out when he is home on the weekend. I can't believe my boy is a whole month old, the kids all hope he can stay a little baby forever. 

Saturday, June 18, 2016

San Diego

After 3 long days on the road the kids and Aaron finally made it to sunny San Diego. They decided to walk to the beach as soon as they got there. The kids were so excited to spend time with their cousins and to be at the beach. 

They got right in, dressed and all. Our kids love to be in the water. 

Spencer and I made the trip out the next day via airplane. Spencer was an absolute dream on the flights and slept most of the time. Everyone kept coming up to me after the fight to tell me how good my baby was. I was pretty nervous about traveling so soon but its really much easier. 

The kids went to see the seals. You are able to get up close to them and watch them. 

Camilla sure loves her girl cousins. 

The kids just stood at the edge and let the water come up over the edge and splash them.  

After we arrived it was time for big Spencer to meet baby Spencer. Love. 

Aaron was excited to see his baby again. 

Grandma got all kinds of crafts or the kids to decorate.

The next day we did the Mormon Battalion Museum. It was great, all the kids loved it. 

I learned so much as well and enjoyed learning about the history of the saints in California. At the end the kids got to dig for gold. They loved it.  

There was lots of cousin bonding - Brookey with Ana Grace. 

The kids made a trip to Krispy Kreme for donuts! 

We spent a lot of time at the beach, just playing in the sand and relaxing. 

I was pretty cold but the kids got into the water and swam. 

The kids had sand on every inch of their bodies. 

The morning of Jayce's wedding the men had a breakfast out to celebrate. 

The sealing was beautiful. It really was so lovely and Jayce and Samantha were perfect. I loved being there and especially loved sharing it with Aaron. 

I love, love, love this family of mine and am grateful to have them forever. 

Such a beautiful temple. 

These four are the absolute cutest. 

With Aunt Lindsey. 

The reception was at this gorgeous house outside of the city. The food was yummy and then when the dancing started we hit the floor. Our kids danced the entire time until it was time to go home. Both of them said their favorite part of the trip was dancing at the reception. 

Then it was suddenly time for everyone to head home. 

We had to catch another picture of the Spencers. 

Everyone else went home but we had a late flight so we got another day in San Diego. We decided to spend it at Balboa Park. First up was the carousel. 

Brooke did the small carousel. She was so excited about this and every time we walked by it the rest of the day she yelled out there my butterfly. 

We did the train museum. It was really cool. 

We went through the botanical garden. It was rather lovely. 

Then finally it was time to ride the train. A fun little train ride. 

Then we hit the airport. It was stressful getting off but Aaron loaded up all the kids by himself and I joined him soon after. 

The kids did great on the plane. Spencer was fabulous again. 

After we arrived it was a different story, it all kind of fell apart when we got home at 1 AM but we made it. It really was such a fun trip. We are very grateful to Aaron's parents for all the hard work they put into making it so much fun.