Wednesday, November 28, 2012


 We spent Thanksgiving this year in Dallas with Aaron's family. My parents were sailing the Caribbean (literally) and so we spent some of the time in their house and some of the time at Aaron's brother's house. Oh man did we love having such a big house. It felt like a mansion. Then when we drove to Adam and Cassie's house we just couldn't get over how big the homes were in their neighborhood. Our perspective has changed so much. We drove by our old house (tear) and I just missed it. I sure loved that house. 

But onto the food, and all the other fun stuff we did. We had a great time with Aaron's family and Carson just loved playing with his cousins. He asked every morning to play with Drewba and Abby. The kids just played their little hearts out with so much space to run around in, stairs to climb, and a big back yard filled with toys. Thanksgiving day was spent eating and relaxing and playing outside in the gorgeous temps. 

There was of course, lots of Yoga with Grandma. The boys just loved trying to do the moves. 

I wanted Jeanie to help me with my back and Camilla thinks when I get on the floor it must mean that I want to hold her or play with her. 

We had an adults night and went to the temple and out to dinner. We had such a nice time, the kids did great with the babysitters, and we got back just in time to put all the kiddos to bed and break out the pumpkin pie. 

Then on Saturday we went to the JFK museum  Now funny fact, I'm from Dallas, I had never been to the museum before. We didn't actually go inside as it is super expensive and the wait was crazy but we walked around and went to the place where he was shot. It kind of got me obsessed with the whole thing and since then I have watched the whole Kennedy series on Netflix. 

Poor worn out Millie slept through the whole cultural experience. 

Then we went to this burger joint down town and had fabulous cheeseburgers and an assortment of fried things. It was a fun little joint. 

After this we decided to check out the new park that opened up in downtown. They were still building this when we moved and it is really cool. If you haven't checked it out you should. Its really big and has lots of fun kid's stuff and its right in the middle of downtown. I hope they keep it up as it is a very fun place. 

The weather was just perfect and we had great hosts for the holiday. We were all worn out by the end of the trip and Carson was asking for his cousins as soon as he woke up Monday morning. Couldn't we just drive back over? 

Saturday, November 10, 2012


Okay all of Halloween in one post. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite holidays. Aaron hates Halloween, like passionately so I get to do whatever I want without any interference. We had a party the weekend before Halloween with our friends and I wanted our family to all match so I started looking on the internet for ideas. I wanted a costume that would be cute but also that I could put together myself because we don't have any money and buying costumes at 6.5% interest just isn't worth it...probably. I finally decided on pirates and started going through my kids clothes for some ideas. I also hit up Goodwill and found some great stuff and the dollar store pulled through big time. Aaron didn't do anything, wear anything, I tried rolling up his jeans and doing a few things but it just wasn't working out. So it just ended up being me and the kids mostly but that's okay. They looked adorable. Camilla was more of a fancy pirate, her outfit  inspired by her footless leggings, a gift from my sister-in-law.

The kids perfected their "Arrrr"

At the party the kids had a great time playing outside and eating delicious food. 

Millie was pretty interested in the sleeping baby. 

Carson bypassed the working for your donut and went straight to the eating part. 

We also hit up the Chick Fil-a on their Halloween night (costume-less) with my sister. 

The Monday before Halloween was the kid's party at the Y. It was fabulous, cookie decorating, balloon making, crafts and then to top it all off a bounce house. Carson was loving life. 

Then the big night arrived, finally, phew I was already worn out. I decided to do a switch up on Camilla's costume and turned her into a little newsie. Oh my adorable. We had all these clothes already and it worked out perfect. She was the cutest. She carried around her newspaper and her baby pretty much the whole night. We had a trunk or treat at our church and a carnival too. The kids had a great time. They got their faces painted, played games, went through the haunted house, ate donuts, and ran around. 

This time we made him work for his donut. 

And Millie was not about to be left out of this whole donut eating business. 

We left early so we would have time to knock the doors on our block. Carson was so ready with his "trick or treat" this year and wasn't scared. He did a great job and loved collecting all his candy. 

Finally it was time to dig in!

My kids had a great night. I love Halloween. (Although I'm just throwing it out there that we handed out way better candy than my kids got:)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Go Aaron!

So proud of my cute hubby for his second place finish in the MBA finance competition. It was a grueling week of no sleep and a lot of hard work but it paid off! Now where oh where are we going to keep this awesome trophy?

Hottest nerd I know. :)