Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Little Helper

So Carson is really into helping me lately, with everything. He wants to do everything himself, but not me, I must need help with everything I do. His main obsession is to help me with Josie. He wants to help me walk her, feed her, put on her leash, brush her, pet her, everything. He even sits next to her while she eats and puts the food in her mouth. I have to admit that it is pretty darn adorable. At night when it is time to feed Josie, he goes and gets her bowl and walks to the pantry where we keep the food and starts dishing it up. Everyone always says that having kids help you takes longer but is way more fun, well I disagree with that for the most part, but with Josie it is way more fun. :)

How does this thing work?
Now where did that dog run off to??
I will go and put her leash back on.
She must be hungry now, I will feed her.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

High School Football in Texas

So football here in Texas is a big deal. So some of you know that my brother Cory and his wife, Delaney, moved to Fort Worth this year because Cory got a job as a math teacher and assistant football coach for North Crowley High School. Well it has been so fun to have them here, even though they are pretty far away and we don't get to see them as much as we would like. As it turns out they are in the district of the high school that we all went to and so last Friday night we went to Arlington to watch Cory coach on the big stage. As a big sister, I thought he looked adorable in his coaching gear. His team is, well to put it nicely, having a rebuilding year so they got smoked but we still had fun. Carson had the time of his life. He danced to the band and walked around the stands, his Grandpa following him everywhere he went. He got to stay up way past his bed time and could sit and watch the cheerleaders for hours. Aaron is still adjusting to high school football here in Texas. He can't believe Cory is the Assistant Receiver's Coach. At his high school they had 2 coaches for the football team, who also did basketball and baseball. Different worlds I tell you.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Week

We had such a fun Halloween week with Carson. I didn't realize that people buy costumes like super early so when I went two weeks ahead of time I thought I would be just fine. I was sorely disappointed to find all the costumes completely picked over...everywhere. I was just trying to find something in his size. Finally I found a cute, little bumblebee and called it good. Last weekend we went to a party at our church and had a lot of fun. Carson stuck to the cake walk, again and again and again, which was just great with me because he then had no interest in his cupcake and they were amazing.
Then we decided to make sugar cookies to decorate and I let Carson eat he beater when I was done, he was so addicted. He cleaned that thing off and then the next day when I was loading the dishwasher he found it and pulled it out and started trying to eat it again. It was so funny. It was the cutest thing in the world to watch my boy eating cookie dough and dancing with me to Taylor Swift while we made cookies.
We had a fun, little Halloween party for the kids that I teach at church. I team teach with a good friend of mine the 3 and 4 year olds and they got all dressed up and we played games and such at her house.

Then on Halloween we stayed at home with friends and watched the sad. When my Mom found out Carson was a bee for Halloween she got him a bear dressed up like a bee. Carson carries it around the house, giving it hugs, of course.
Halloween like tripled in fun this year with Carson, next year, when he can say trick-or-treat, I can only imagine how much fun he will have.