Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Snow Day Exercise

We've had quite a few snow days this year, more than I can ever remember having in the past. Don't even get me started on paying for Carson's preschool when he doesn't go for half the month. This has led to having to exercise inside, which for me means exercising with my kiddos. They love it! 

Friday, February 21, 2014


My Christmas present from Aaron this year was tickets to see Wicked when it came to Austin. I was so excited but I had to wait two whole months before it came. Neither Aaron or I have seen Wicked before and Aaron had always sworn that he would never see it. (He hates the Wizard of Oz and all things related to it.) Well we BOTH loved it. It was so fabulous, the music is amazing and we thought the story was really creative and fun. I just loved how clean it was and the leads were outstanding. We had a great time and it was my first time to leave Brooke with a babysitter and she did perfect. Such a fun night! 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Quick to forgive

So you know how sometimes you run errands and you just need to run in real quick and grab something and you can park right by the front door and you don't really want to unbuckle three kids and then re buckle them two minutes later - well I have many of these. It is so much easier to just leave my kids in the car while I run errands but Camilla HATES it. She does not like to be left behind. "I go with you, I go with you." Even when Aaron is in the car and we stop at a gas station for me to use the bathroom on a road trip I take Camilla with me. Well today I had a bunch of errands to run and I needed to stop and simply walk into a small computer shop and pick up Aaron's laptop. Easy, breezy two minute pick up and I did not want to unload the girls again. I distracted Camilla with some snacks and made my move without her. Well two minutes turned into five, then ten and while I was continually checking my car I didn't actually go back to it. Well when I finally made it to the car it was full on panic. Millie was covered in tears screaming, "you leave me, don't leave me, I go with you." Her snack was all over the place and she was trying to break out of her car seat. Of course she had woken up Brooke who was also screaming. It was the absolute saddest sight. I felt horrible, I needed to win my girl back over fast and the fastest way to Millie's heart is with candy and chocolate. I picked up a bag of peanut butter M&Ms at our next stop and suddenly she loved me again. I won't be attempting to leave her behind again any time soon. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Beautiful February Day

Just a fun day at the park with my 3 favorite kiddos. Sometimes when I am at the park I can't believe that I have 3 kids to keep an eye on all at the same time, luckily they all like to swing. Just enjoying our February weather here in Texas. 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day

I say this often but holidays are so much more fun with kids. The kids helped Aaron make me breakfast in bed, it was delicious. The kids got little gifts - Camilla a back pack that she loves and can be found sleeping with and Carson a book about the states that we have read on repeat. We got fresh flowers and handed them out to the kid's teachers at the gym, the workers and other people we saw through out the day. We made heart shaped sugar cookies and decorated them with sprinkled and fresh strawberries for families in our ward at church, Carson's teachers, and our bellies. The kids went to bed early and Aaron and I had a dinner alone for about 5 minutes before one of the kids was up but we at least tried! I love a day that is focused on expressing love to those around us because I sure love the people in my life. 

Just a little excited. 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Being 3rd

Some days I have felt like I don't give my sweet Brooke enough attention. She has been such an easy going little baby and demands very little of my attention and thus receives very little of it in return. Some nights I feel really bad and tell Aaron that I hate that I don't have the time to spend one on one time with Brooke. I was feeling particularly guilty the other night and venting to Aaron about I never read to her or sing her songs and I yelled out, "she never even has tummy time because I never have time for it, she's never going to roll over." Aaron calmed me down, like he always does (this is no small feat you know) and assured me that she was just fine and very loved. Sure enough the very next day I had Brooke on the floor in my room while I was getting ready and girlfriend rolled right over. It was a good reminder to me that all the little things are not as important as long as the big things are in place. Brooke is going to be just fine.