Friday, July 9, 2010

Lovin the 4th of July

We had such a fun fourth of July weekend and took full advantage anytime it wasn't raining. We had a BBQ with friends and watched the fireworks on the 3rd and then went out on the boat in the morning and swimming in the evening on the 5th. We had a busy weekend and I was so worn out by Monday night. (Not to mention unbelievably sore from the wicked fall I took wakeboarding) Now we still don't have a camera battery so we are making due with Aaron's phone. Not the highest quality of pictures but I hate missing out on fun pictures and videos. A new battery charger really is the top of my list for things to buy.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

You only turn 1 once

So why not celebrate twice! We just can't believe that our little man is a whole year old. He had his one year check up yesterday and his stats are:

Height: 30.5" (75th)
Weight: 20lb. 11oz. (20th)
Head: 18 1/4 " (55th)

I've given up worrying about this kid's weight because he seriously eats like a horse, I've just accepted that he is lean. But he is very healthy and handled his shots like a champ. We just think 1 if the funnest age in the world and I told him on his first birthday that he was never allowed to turn 2. :)

For his birthday we celebrated with my family in California and I made a cookie cake with ice cream and all the toppings. He wasn't so interested in the cookies but loves ice cream.
So then we celebrated again here with a few of our friends and I made an ice cream cake. We had a great time.

For Carson's birthday we had always planned on getting him a car seat but my sister in law told me on this trip that we could have their old car seat because they had just gotten new ones. And since she keeps one in each of their 3 cars it is in fabulous shape!! So that meant after we got back from California we got to actually purchase Carson a few presents and now he officially has toys. Although he has been pretty content with his Tupperware and empty bottles. :)

Carson is a barrel of fun these days. If you're lucky he will tell you where his head is and it gives him great joy to tell you what a snake says. He is walking all over the place and making a mess everywhere he goes. He loves to play with his Dad and go swimming with mom everyday. He whines like crazy when you don't give him his food fast enough and eats anything you put in front of him. He still loves to read stories and wants to read them over and over again but pull out a book he doesn't want to read and he throws it right on the ground. He loves drinking milk and still loves his mama's water bottle. He could take any one of you in a starring contest and has started giving his favorites big hugs and kisses when he first sees them. He claps when Daddy gets home and when we say splish splash he starts looking all over until he finds some water to splash in. He throws food down to Josie and tries to walk with her. His hair is coming in slowly but surely and the slight curl in the back is adorable. He is a great sleeper and I can't quite give up the 2 naps a day schedule. He could sit and listen to you sing "Big Iron" all day long and starts laughing as soon as we start "the wheels on the bus". He loves to play Peek a boo but can't always figure out quite where to put his hands, sometimes over his eyes, but most of the time on top of his head. He wants to play all the time, no matter what we're doing. We could listen to his adorable noises all day but could do without the whining noises that come on cue every night when I make dinner. We sure love our sweet boy, Happy Birthday Car Car man.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


My family decided to do a trip this year to California where my brother Stephen lives. We also spent a few nights camping on the beach. Well, some were camping, others (like the Piersons) were in a hotel. It was a busy trip but we had a great time. I have had the hardest time recovering from the trip, we are all still on California time. The unfortunate part of the trip is the lack of pictures. Our camera battery died while there and we could not find the battery charger. Even now we have searched our house and can't find it anywhere. It was a pretty big bummer since while there Carson turned 1 year old and Aaron and I had our 3rd anniversary. (I am really behind on my blogging) A quick summary of the our favorite parts of the trip were: roasting marshmellows on the beach with snickers, twix, milky way, etc.; enjoying the beautiful weather; eating breakfast in downtown HB; seeing our good friends the Castletons and my friend Stacy; our little family stayed by ourselves for a night in Newport Beach and we had a great time; and just being around all my family. Towards the end of the trip several people got food posioning which was no fun but I think everyone has recovered from that. Carson was a fabulous traveler and sleeper and that was so nice! But we are very glad to be home and not traveling for at least a month. :)

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