Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So last night I found out that Aaron has truly been converted. Now I have been telling Aaron since we started dating how much better Blue Bell ice cream is than the rest. He has always blown me off, saying they are all very similar. So I bought some cookies and cream the other day and asked Aaron to get me a bowl last night before bed. So Aaron confessed to me that he had gotten a bowl the other night after I went to bed and while he was eating it he thought, "I can't believe I ever tried to tell Haley this ice cream isn't better than all other brands, its SO much better." There you have it folks, my biggest, fattest I told you so!

Friday, January 23, 2009

No Boys Allowed

This past weekend we had a girl's trip with all of the girls in the Pierson family. There are 8 of us in all, including Aaron's Mom. We all went to Memphis. I had never been there before and thought it was such a fun town. The downtown was just how I pictured it with jazz clubs and BBQ. We really had such a fabulous trip. We laughed and talked until late every night, shopped, ate BBQ, we went to the temple. It was so great to be surrounded by my amazing sisters-in-law and get to know our newest addition even better (who we found out when we went shopping wears a size 1!! Poor thing, she'll never live it down now). We went and saw The Drowsy Chaperon at the theater in downtown and it was so funny and the theater is beautiful. Afterwards we went to the TGIFridays in downtown and, in true girl fashion, ordered one of every dessert (2 of the brownie sundae) and just laughed until midnight. The two little babies came and they were both such troopers. I had a great time but was so happy to come back to Aaron on Monday. I missed him like crazy. Here is a picture of all of us in the jackets my mother-in-law made for us for the weekend. (She is unbelieveable)
Oh and a couple of people asked about my hair. It made me laugh so hard. Yes I cut bangs back in the beginning of Novemeber and love them but Aaron and I have been such horrible picture takers I seriously have like no pictures of them (You would think with two major holidays, a wedding, and New Years one would have surfaced:). This is the morning we checked out, I'm still in my pajamas and just pinned them back. I will someday soon take a picture with my hair actually fixed.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Little Getaway

This past weekend Aaron and I had a little getaway to the Sanford Inn. Its this cute this hotel/inn about 5 minutes from our house. :) I really wanted to have our wedding reception there but they were, of course, booked. Who knew so many people get married in June...:) So Aaron decided it would be a nice surprise for us to stay there the last weekend before his busy season started. It was so incredibly nice. We stayed in this little cottage and I just loved it. Aaron took the first part of the CPA exam that day so he didn't get there until after 8 but I went early to enjoy it. I took a long bath with jets, laid back on my bath pillow, and read a book. I turned on the fireplace and took a nap in the bed. I just soaked it all up. Then after Aaron got there we ate one of our favorites, Indian food, toasted Aaron finishing the fist part of the exam, and enjoyed just relaxing. I really hated leaving that place, I asked Aaron if we could afford to move in. :) Shocking, I know, but we can't.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Rockin' in the New Year!

After we got back from California we headed out to Arkansas to spend New Years with Aaron's family. When we got there on New Year's Eve we went to the UALR basketball game, which they won in overtime. Its always fun to go to games and since Aaron's dad got the tickets through work, we were right up close. We began the festivities with nachos, popcorn, etc. Then we went to Gustafsons' to celebrate Cole's 5th birthday and eat dinner, snacks, cookies, etc. and party. The kids were all excited and it was a fun way to spend the holiday. I ALMOST made it to midnight.... maybe next year. Aaron came back at like 12:15.We also spent the time checking out Aaron's Dad's new hospital and it is so nice, I seriously want to decorate our house like that. Lots of time with our nieces and newphews playing and Jo was in heaven running from house to house playing with the kids and dogs. I even squeezed in Amanda's yoga class and could barely walk out.

We went to eat at this fun Japanese restaurant with everyone. A few of the kids freaked when the fire started but we all ended up having fun. The food was so good I begged Aaron to take me back there the next day for more sushi. (Disclaimer: If you feel that I hardly ever post pictures of me and Aaron it is because we never take any. I don't know why but at all these gatherings we just end up taking pictures of everyone else and never with us together. But we do still love each other and sit next next to each other at restaurants, below you will find proof, just not a smiling picture :)You have never met another little girl who loves dogs like our little Claire. Everytime we walked in the room she was like this. The kids just had a blast riding her, and pulling her, and cuddling with her. And in case you didn't know, our puppy loves to cuddle so it worked out great for her.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Our Christmas in California

Aaron and I just got back last night from our many travels over the break. We were lucky enough to spend Christmas in California with my brother, Stephen, and his family. We had so much fun and were busy the entire trip. Christmas Eve was filled with pajamas and hot chocolate, my mom made this amazing video with pictures of all of us growing up, and we even had a surprise visit from Santa. I even got caught kissing that Santa, he was just the hottest Santa I'd ever seen. I loved watching everyone open up gifts and the kids fly through their gifts. Aaron loved his gifts this year, which made me so happy. We shopped and saw Marley and Me, which we LOVED!! My family made a huge meal for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It was just great to relax and be with my entire family. We haven't all been together since my wedding. And we enjoyed the wii, especially Mario Kart. The weather wasn't what we were hoping for but we did have 2 days of beautiful sunshine. I have some pictures but sadly my brother lost his camera with all the pictures on it at the mall so we don't have as many. :( I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday!