Sunday, August 31, 2014

Weekly Recap

Another week has come and gone. Nothing happens, everything happens... the routine is settling in as Carson passed one whole month in school. Here's what we've been up to this week.

Still doing lots of swimming around here. Brooke is enjoying the pool more and more as she can move around the wading pool and the steps. Camilla is really starting to swim on her own now. She can jump in the deep end, swim to me and then with a little push swim back to the wall. I can't believe how much she is swimming now. 

Camilla and Carson want to work in their workbooks every day. Camilla doesn't quite have the patience to actually do very much work but she does love to color. She works so hard and really focuses on it. She does a great job. I have to stop Carson on his workbook and tell him to go play. He would do it for hours. 

Well something major has started for Camilla, painted fingernails. Oh my, she loves them. They painted them at the gym and she cannot get over them. She wanted to show everyone and worried about the paint coming off all week. She even mentioned them in her prayers. 

Our big news is that we finally go a piano!! I've been wanting one for so long and we finally made room for it in our house. We just bought a used one on Craigslist and its very pretty. The kids have loved banging around on it and I love accompanying our little family when we sing before scriptures at night. 

Carson starts lessons next week. He is very excited. 

I have a hair person that I love now in Austin and I took Carson to get his hair cut this week. It looks really good and he was very excited about it. He has such different hair than me. I kept noticing that she was thinning it out, what would that be like? After haircuts we picked up Papa Murphy's pizza for dinner and the kids were so happy. Why do I ever cook? 

So Carson draws pictures on the back of his work most days after he finishes at school. There seems to be a pretty consistent theme. Daddy and Carson drinking lemonade together. (Not sure if you will recall but on Aaron's birthday we let the kids get pink lemonade to drink and they thought it was the greatest thing ever, well it left a lasting impression)

In this one, they are at the movie theater watching Cars, just drinking lemonade and eating popcorn. (Aaron saves every last one of these in case you were wondering :))

Sunday, August 24, 2014


It makes punishment difficult when tantrum throwing looks like this:

And then when you send your husband a text with this picture asking for guidance and he texts back, "awww you give that girl whatever she wants." 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Never Again

Will I train for a marathon through the summer, yuck! It is so dang hot and there is just nothing you can do about this humidity. I told Jeana that I had to take some pictures after our long run so that I can always remember how crazy we were to get up at 5 AM to run in 80 degree, 95% humidity and also how exhausted and red faced we were by the end. 

My hair by the end of these runs is just out of control. It takes me a solid ten minutes to get all the tangles out when I get home. Every inch of me is drenched in sweat, I mean it, every last inch. We have to ride home on towels in our car. 

Yet every week I keep doing it, for some crazy reason. :) 7 more weeks.  

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Some of my Favorites

Some of my favorite things about this week...

Going swimming with my favorites in my new swimsuit. (Brooke is there too but she has to ride in her carseat to the pool)

Watching Millie carry around her BFF Azure's birthday present all week. I was shocked that she wrapped it up and gave it to her so nicely. I thought for sure she was going to want to keep it. She kept telling everyone that it was Azzie's present. 

These three little girls, I love them. For Azure's birthday they went to Chuck E. Cheese, both my big kids were very excited. We all had a lot of fun. I'm pretty sure Camilla only used about 4 tokens. 

Little Miss B

I feel like Brooke has grown up so much lately and her little personality is starting to come out more. Has there ever been a sweeter baby? I cannot imagine one. Brooke's day consists of taking little ten minute naps here and there in the car while we run around in the morning and then getting woken up every afternoon from her nap so we can go and pick up Carson from school. 

Brooke smiles always, always. When she wakes up and we go and get her, she's smiling. When I take her to see everyone in the mornings, she smiles. When those fingers are not in her mouth (she's graduated to 3 fingers), or unless she's biting on something or someone (those top 2 teeth have come through in all their glory) she is just smiling at us. I can't help but love her. I tell Aaron often if he will give me babies like this, I can have 10 more. 

Brooke also loves bananas, she really LOVES them. She usually gets one every morning and would like to eat them all day. If I eat one I have to hide from her so she won't see it. As soon as she sees the banana the grunting begins. I love Brooke's grunts. 

Snoozing in the car. Such a sweet baby. 

Brooke poops all the time, its crazy. After going in the bathtub this week she had to have a sink bath so I could sanitize everything. Surprise, she loved her sink bath. 

She loves to play with her toys, but most of all she loves to crawl all over the house and see what everyone is doing. 

Brooke is all over the place these days and starting to get into stuff (it happens to them all eventually I guess).  She also loves to be all over the pool. She stays in her float for a little bit and then she wants to crawl all over the stairs and the kiddie pool. This is such a fun stage (except at church, then its the worst!). Oh how we all love our sweetest smilest. She lets the big kids wrestle her and roll her and pick her up (when I'm not looking) and just rolls with it. 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Millie Girl

My Millie girl, oh my Millie girl. She adds so much excitement and drama to our days. She sings songs that she makes up all day long and talks to me all the time. She is constantly asking me questions and always wants me to, "play with her." We had been planning on sending her to preschool this year but its just not going to work out so I get to have my partner home with me all the time for another year. the house would seem so quiet without her. 

She is getting more and more independent. One day she climbed into this seat and buckled herself right on in and told me she wanted to start sitting next to Brooke. 

While we were waiting to pick up Carson from school she just entertained us the whole time. 

Millie loves to help me with Brooke. She holds her and helps me feed her. She is also really good about sharing with her. 

My kids just keep growing up. Millie insists that all things match. She picks out her own clothes and even likes for her underwear to match. One night I sent C and C into their room to put on pajamas and they both came running out with Millie screaming, like loosing her mind. I asked her what was wrong and she said," Carson's pajamas don't match." It was true, Carson could care less that his top and bottom don't match. It was hilarious. 

Camilla also has a crush on her cousin Tyler. Oh he's only 11 no big deal. She wants to look at pictures of him and tell us, "I only love Tyler." We finally printed a picture for her room where she is sitting next to Tyler and she wants to sleep with it sometimes. Her teenage years could be rough. :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Carson's First Field Trip

Carson had his first official school field trip this week to the fire station. I was so sad that I couldn't go, you can't bring siblings, but he said he had a lot of fun and his teacher sent me some pictures. 

Riding the school bus for the first time:

Checking out the fire engine.

His class with the firefighters and his teeny, tiny teacher. :)
He is easy to spot, he's the cutest one. 

Pretty much everyday when I pick up Carson from school he wants to go somewhere or go get a snack or something. I try to plan fun things a couple of days a week for after school because I know he misses doing fun stuff with us. This week we went to Chick Fila after school and it was a big hit. 

Carson is obsessed with reading the scriptures lately. Ask him how many pages are in the New Testament, Old Testament, Book of Mormon, D & C, or Pearl of Great Price and he can tell you. 

One night Millie would not leave Carson alone so I pulled him out to let him go to sleep in our bed. Then when I was ready for bed I just let him stay with me. (Aaron is out of town of course) 

Carson just keeps getting sweeter. Most days he tells me he loves me a million, billion, zillion, 25 million billion, etc. etc. on and on. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Cousin Love

My parents came down for the weekend for a quick visit and they brought a fan favorite around this house, Mia, with them. My kids were SO excited and both wanted to play with her all day, which they pretty much did. We went swimming every day and played and played. Mia spent two nights with us and Camilla loved sharing a bed with her. 

Just reading books together. 

Singing Frozen songs in the back seat while we wait. 

Parents took us to Chuy's for dinner. Yum. My kids love this place. 

I mean seriously, so beautiful. 

We also got to spend time with baby Jackson, which is always fun. He is just getting so big. Its hard to believe that Brooke and Jackson are just 8 months apart. 

I sure love being 3 hours from my parents so we can have these quick trips. 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Date Night

I got to have date night with my Cs last weekend. They were so excited to go and I had so much fun being able to give all my attention to my two oldest. (Brooke is in a demanding stage as far as needing a lot of my attention) I took the kids to a yummy burger place by our old house that has an outdoor playground area. Carson remembered it right away even though we only ate there once before. I got two cheeseburger meals for all three of us to share but Camilla would have none of that sharing business. Sweet Carson said, "I'll share all my food with you Mom." After everyone devoured their food we went outside to play for awhile. Then we walked over to Amy's to get some ice cream. 

Carson loves his ice cream. 

Camilla ate one bite and then went back to play. These two just ran around playing the whole time together. I'm telling you, life with two is pretty sweet. 

Millie so misses her big brother everyday while he is at school. When they wake up in the morning the first thing they do is head to the table to read books together. Will they always be best friends? I sure hope so. 

Carson keeps saying to me, " Mom do you love going on dates just me and you and Millie?" Yes I do.