Wednesday, September 21, 2011

2 Months

My sweet girl had her two month check up this week and boy has she grown. We are loving how chunky this little girl is, she has rolls all over and I could just eat them all up. Her official stats are:

Height: 22 3/4" (55th)
Weight: 11 lbs. 14 oz. (55th)
Head: 16" (90th)

I can't believe her weight has almos doubled since she was born, I mean my arms can believe it but its just so crazy. Camilla continues to be a sweet, easy going baby. We have really gotten into a nice routine and besides fighting going to sleep at night, she has taken to her schedule very well. some fun things that happened this month were:

You started to smile at us and it is a beautiful, double chinned smile. You smiled first at your grandma and then your mama, but that's okay we were just so happy to see it. You smile the most when you first wake up.
You are sleeping 7-8 hours at night and Mom is loving it. You have taken one nap in your big crib but Mom hated having you so far away.
You are so good at holding your head up and whenever you do your big brother says, "good job Camilla."
You love to look at us and follow us around the room to see what we are up to.
You love your baths and we have to make you get out when the water gets too cold.
You also love playing in your activity mat and trying to grab things.
You hate your carseat and scream a whole lot whenever you want OUT. You are also not particularly fond of the stroller.
You also hated the jogging stroller when Mom tried taking you on a run once, we probably won't give that another try for awhile.
You still love to be held and especially love being in your wrap, really close to Mom and you continue to be a great eater.
I am still loving having two kids and since I can say that after Aaron has been out of town twice and working until midnight, I know I mean it. :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Labor Day

We had such a fun Labor Day weekend because so many people in Aaron's family came to visit. It was a very busy weekend and I wish I took more pictures! On Friday everyone came to our house to eat pizza and the kids just played in our backyard for hours.
Camilla with her sweet cousin, Abby, who is going to be a big sister again soon. She is going to be so great at holding her baby sister.
Aaron let all the cousins get out the water hoses and they had a blast, everyone went home tired and wet.

Then on Saturday morning we went swimming and the boys all played golf. Then that night we went to Adam and Cassie's house (Aaron's brother) and watched the BYU game, had a BBQ, and again loved the great weather playing outside. On Sunday we had Camilla's blessing and dinner all together.
On Monday we decided to go to the children's aquarium in downtown Dallas. Carson had so much fun, we had been once before but I couldn't believe how much more he was into it this time.
He also loved how excited all of his cousins were. We went outside to pet the sting rays and Carson was loving it, he kept going back to stick his hands in to feel them again.
Can you handle the cuteness?? This is Carson's cousin, Kate, who is just six weeks older than him, they haven't really seemed to notice each other too much yet but I know they will. :)
Carson was in love with his cousin Joseph this trip, he is just 8 months younger than Carson and they had so much fun. Now every time we go to the park or anywhere with kids Carson runs up to me and asks me if Joseph is there, it is so cute.
After the aquarium we went and walked around the fairgrounds for awhile and then all ate lunch together before everyone headed back home.
We were so sad to have everyone leave but we are going to Arkansas in October for Alyssa's wedding so it won't be too long until we see everyone again.
As if this wasn't enough fun, we headed down to Arlington to spend the afternoon with our friends and my family. We went to the Spitzer's house and did the water slide and the kids swam in the pool.
We had a great time just hanging out and eating great food. Oh and have I mentioned yet that Camilla slept through this whole thing?? I mean seriously, this baby is amazing. She was so great and loved being held by one person or another all weekend. She was the center of so much attention and had no idea. :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Camilla's Blessing

Last weekend we were able to bless our sweet Camilla in church. It was such a sweet experience and we were so grateful to have so much of our family in attendance. Aaron felt inspired to give Camilla so many wonderful blessings and we know that she is going to be such a sweet spirit and a blessing to all those around her throughout her life. Before church we had a brunch at our house and it was so fun to spend time with both of our families.

Then we all headed off to church. I didn't put Camilla in her beautiful dress until right before her blessing because I was so worried she would spit up on it. She was hungry right before the blessing and so I tried to feed her really fast and get her dressed and we made it inside just in time. After church I put her in her dress again to take some pictures.
I have truly felt something so special about my sweet Camilla and we just love having her in our family.