Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lovin' the Season

I have been having so much fun this Christmas!! I had a blast shopping for gifts this year and after not doing such a hot job on Aaron's gift last year I wanted to get him something really great this year and I can't wait to give it to him. (And yes Aaron, I stayed within the budget) I love the Christmas tree and the lights outside and (secretly) I'm loving the cold weather we've been having lately. Which, of course, has lead to hot chocolate and well, more chocolate.

I've lovin that my little brother, Cory, is home. He is so much fun. We've already eaten out, gone shopping, gone to the movies, and are having so much fun. Big change with Cor Cor is he's working out! For those of you who know my brother, you know this is a big deal. He runs and lifts weights and everything. It is weird, but he still drinks like 5 cokes a day and lets me take complete and total care of him. I guess he's really making a marriage push...ha ha, just kidding. :) (sort of)

And we are also so much loving the Christmas cards we are getting. I love seeing your beautiful families. I look at them again and again. I can't believe I know so many good-looking people. I really wanted to send out a card this year just because I love getting them but I never know if people do that before they have kids.

Well I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays before we head off to sunny California for our Christmas. I hope it is as fabulous as all of you are!!
(And I love this picture Aaron took in Salt Lake :)

And I also need to congratulate my amazing brother-in-law, Spencer, who got into his first choice for medical school. We are so proud of him and know that they will love living in Arkansas. We can't wait to have them so close to us. Here's a pic of them celebrating.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Manliest of Men....well most of the time.

So my manliest of men husband finished building a fence in the backyard on Saturday. He worked so hard on it and it took a few weeks since he only had time to work on it on Saturdays. We are so happy to finally be able to put our puppy in the backyard, it has made life much easier on us. Aaron did this fence completely and totally by himself. The biggest help I gave was going to Home Depot and nodding when he pointed out stuff. I think I might've even fallen asleep waiting for him while he was asking lots of questions. So he still needs to make the gate and a few other things but he did such a great job!!
And of course wherever Aaron is little Jo isn't far behind. She kept trying to help. So just when you're thinking I have a super burly husband, I have to share the funniest story. So a little bit ago I fell asleep after work on the couch at like 6:30. When I woke up I could hear Aaron's voice but I couldn't figure out where it was coming from. I started listening closely and realized he was talking to our puppy. Just chatting with her and loving her. Smiling, I begin to follow the voice and realize he is in the bathroom and I can also hear some music going. I walk in and find my husband in the bath tub. It was so funny! Mind you my hubby is 6' 3" and our bathtub is not the large ones. He said he just felt like taking a bath. I have gotten so much entertainment from this event.

I don't want everyone to be totally jealous of me :) so I won't post of a picture of this, but here is one from when I walked in the room at night and found Aaron asleep on the floor with our Jo.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Spencer got married!! That means a trip to Utah, which means 26 people in one house...

Spencer and Kellie got married two days before Thanksgiving in Salt Lake. It was a fabulously simple day for us. They both looked fabulous and the girls just followed Kellie around wanting to be a part of everything. The sealing was beautiful and it so obvious how much they love each other. Aaron and I just couldn't get over seeing Spencer, little Spencer, getting married. It also caused us to reflect on how happy we are together and remember our own wedding and sealing. While we loved the glow of Spencer and Kellie, we wouldn't of traded places with them for anything, we couldn't be happier where we are now. The rest of the week was spent with family, family, family. We had sing-alongs (only with the Piersons), lots of walks and trips to the park, Aaron getting sick, lots of people getting sick, lots of games (mostly scum), food, food, food, a trip to Cafe Rio, shopping, and the lights at temple square. Here are a few pictures of the rest of the week. It was great to spend so much time with Aaron's family and so grateful to Jedd and Marcie for hosting everyone.