Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We Made it to Austin

We have officially arrived in Austin. We are really enjoying it here and we both can't believe how much we like it already. Our house is small, I mean small my friends. It has been interesting to adjust to being in such a small space. The kids have done awesome, all things considered, sharing a room. We have had a few adjustments with nap/quiet time but I think I have gotten it all worked out now. I really like our house, it has so much character and our street and neighborhood is great. Some things we have done are:

We, of course, had to eat at Chuy's after we got here.

Gone to Zilker Park and visited the river trail.

So much swimming.

Also we have gone to several splash parks. I have really enjoyed taking my kids to splash parks because Camilla is so much less work than at the pool.


Getting the house all set up and the kid's rooms together.

We've made several trips to Costco.

I'm really making an effort to cook more as my kids are eating like crazy lately! Sometimes we have dinner on their special table.

One week of food!

I hope that we continue to be so happy here. I feel like we have made friends quickly and everyone has been so nice to us. It is hard to move and start life over again but I am lucky that Aaron is enjoying school so much and that the kids are making new friends and I am finally figuring out how to get around. :) 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Our Austin House

So here a few pictures of our cute house in Austin. We really like it but man it is TIGHT. But it is just what I envisioned when I thought about us living in downtown, a cute, old house. We are lucky that it has been so updated and our backyard is very big but it is just so different here. Chickens down the street from us, neighbors smoking pot, and people across the street from us who have lived in the house since it was built - man could they cash in. Some things about this house are nicer than the old one, like pot fillers in my kitchen and energy efficient everything. But we are happy to trade in some square footage for Aaron to be able to ride his bike to school and feel like we are getting a real Austin experience. 

Our one and only bathroom:

My beautiful kitchen: 

A view from our living room:

I turned our carport into a small play room for our kids. This is the biggest "room" in our house. I also keep the washer and dryer in there and our storage. It gets pretty hot in there even with the A/C unit but we are enjoying having some space to play in. 

Helping us unpack:

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer Recap

So I didn't do any blogging this summer, but that doesn't mean we weren't having lots of fun! Just a few of the fun things we did this summer were:

So much swimming and swimming lessons. We got season passes to Hurricane Harbor and we spent many days there and especially many Saturdays. 

Playing with our cousins all the time and loving it. I couldn't believe how much Camilla just  wanted to keep up with everyone. 

I got an IPad and in many ways, Carson got an IPad. 

Carson worked on his writing on his new chalkboard just about every day. 

 It really wore us all out. 

A quick trip to Houston to visit my Dad. 

My kids were spoiled rotten with food and attention.

My summer obsession, fruit pizza. 

We attempted to begin potty training with the Car Man - still not potty trained. 

Just a quick glimpse into some of our favorite parts of the summer!