Friday, February 26, 2010

In less than 24 hours...

I will be lining up with a lot of other crazy people, jogging in place to keep warm, queuing up the Ipod, searching for the porta potties, checking out the crazy costumes and the adorable running gear, telling myself one last time that I can do this, trying to get to know the people around me, feeling a little bit naked without a leash in my hand and big white dog wagging her tail ready to get started, looking for my friends, thinking of Carson and hoping he is okay, going over the course in my head, praying the wind will die down, waiting for the countdown...3...2...1... 26.2 miles.

Monday, February 15, 2010

How the Piersons do Snow Days

So last Thursday morning we woke up and thought, "wow, look at all this now!" It was just so amazing and we just had a blast with it. We took Carson out to take pictures and Aaron got to work from home and we just had so much fun. I love running in the snow and Josie couldn't have been happier.
Then Friday morning we woke up to WAY more snow!! It was WAY more fun. I just can't believe here in Texas we got all this snow, I mean seriously, Texas, I feel like I don't even know you anymore. Snow in Texas affects us so much because we just aren't used to it or ready for it. So here's a little look into how the Piersons do a snow day, all of us since Aaron got to stay home from work. It was seriously such a fun weekend!
Josie ran around like crazy all over everyones' yards.
Carson stayed bundled up under Aaron's jacket.
Aaron and Josie built a snowman. We can't wait for Carson to be old enough to enjoy stuff like this. Josie wasn't so helpful, in fact, she ate one of the Oreo eyes. :)
Me and Carson stayed warm inside in our pajamas while they built the snowman.
Then we went out to take pictures of the boys with the snowman. Carson really liked the snow.
Then we found out that my parents lost all their electricity and it stayed out for the whole weekend! And Cory and Delaney were here visiting for the weekend and so we had a house full of visitors, which made our weekend even more fun! Carson was just spoiled with attention from his grandparents and I'm pretty sure he didn't get put down all weekend. No wonder this kid shows no interest in crawling. :) We made big meals, went out for breakfast, played games, stayed up late talking, and ate fabulous desserts.

And to finish it off we went to hear Chad Spitzer speak in church because he just got home from his mission in Chile. It was a great end to a crazy weekend.

I thought I was going to cry this morning when Aaron went to work because I just had so much fun having him home so much, we really miss him. But alas life has returned somewhat to normal, the sun is back out, its just me and Car Car here at the house...the only remnants we have left are a few puddles, a muddy back yard, a tall pile of dirty laundry, a very full refrigerator, and one very, messy house.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Great Wolf Lodge

Last weekend my brother, Stephen, and his family came to visit for a few days. We were so excited to have them come and visit and it was Casey's first time to meet Carson. Well the weather last weekend was horrible here and so we got a few rooms at the Great Wolf Lodge and spent our time in the indoor water park. Let me tell you, this place is awesome! It was so much fun. For kids it is just perfect and it has lots of slides that are so fun! Aaron couldn't come until he got off work but we just went on the rides over and over. The kids were worn out by the end and slept for a couple of days. Carson got his first little swimsuit and really liked walking in the water, laying down in the water, rolling over in the water, and kicking in the water. He was also spoiled with attention from his aunts, uncle, and cousins.

Monday, February 1, 2010

7 Months

I just feel like he is doing so much each month now that I am having the hardest time keeping up with it all. I try to document things as they come up but he is just changing everyday it seems like. We just love this little guy more each month and he just gets more fun all the time. He is certainly in the busy, exploring stage. He just wants to touch everything and can't sit still for one minute. He wants everything in his mouth and especially would love to eat paper. Some big events for this month are:

Real Food, and let me tell you, this kid was hungry. I couldn't possibly tell you what his favorites are because he downs everything. He loved all the vegetables and we are still making our way through the fruits. He loves the cereals, just all of it.
He went through a sticking his tongue out phase, all the time. He would just stick his tongue out at you. He just thought it was so funny.

He got another tooth and it came in SO much better.

He loves to be thrown up high in the air and for me and Aaron to throw him back and forth between us.

He is back to rolling all around again, I guess he decided it was fun again and he is scooting some to get toys.
He cries when we take away toys or remotes that he wants to play with. He is so into remotes and cell phones.

We had some nice weather and so we love to visit the park to swing and go down slides.
He loves to stand and hates to sit. When I try to make him sit, he locks his legs and won't go. He loves to stand on and hold onto his crib or onto the drawers in his room. Sometimes we stand and I let him slowly walk across the room.
Carson would love to sit and play with Josie but Josie is in now way interested in sitting and playing with Carson.

He has a new friend in the mirror who he thinks is hilarious.

I think (fingers crossed) that the 5 AM feeding is gone, for the most part. Solid foods have made a huge difference in his sleeping.
He still has fine tiny, blonde hairs upon his head. And he looks like he's starting to get a little chunky to me.

He loves reading books, well trying to eat them; bath time; monkeys jumping on the bed; and feeding himself. He still goes to anyone with arms just as happily as he goes to me or Aaron.