Sunday, December 31, 2017

Christmas Break Week 2

We had such a lovely first week of Christmas break but we still had a lot of fun things to do after Christmas too. But first up after Christmas we had a whole day of cleaning out the house to make room for new toys, cleaning the house, and doing a whole lot of laundry to get ready to go to Grandma and Grandpa's house. The kids didn't love it but they helped a lot and we were able to get everything ready to go and pick up a couple of last minute gifts. It also got freezing cold! 

I caught Spencer drinking the milk out of his bowl after finishing his cereal. Where did he learn this?? The fact that I laughed and took a few pictures probably ensures that he will continue to do it. 

Then we drove to Arlington to do Christmas #2 with my family. The kids were so excited. We had a lovely dinner all together as as family and then it was time to open the presents. The kids got some great stuff, they love it all. 

Kim is showing Camilla the head band set (its actually Brooke's present but ya know, Camilla makes her way into everything)

Cookies and milk with cousins. Cory got a coffee maker for Christmas that we can use to make hot chocolate so lots of hot chocolate was had. 

Then the next day it was time for us to hit up Great Wolf Lodge, it was the moment we had been waiting for. This is one cool hotel. They go all out this time of year. The kids were thrilled. 

We did a full day of sliding, swimming, and warm tubbing. The kids loved it and were exhausted by and hungry by the end. We left Spencer with Grandma. 

Best Dad in the world went to get dinner so the kids could eat dinner in bed while watching a movie. This was one of the number one things the kids wanted to do on this outing. When I couldn't find anything on tv Carson started getting teary eyed thinking that we wouldn't be able to do this. Thankfully netflix for the win on the laptop. 

And who is spoiled??? My kids and I are. Aaron went to In N Out and Chick Fil-a because we all wanted both. He is the best. We demolished everything he brought back. Carson ate, two cheeseburgers, two orders of fries, chicken nuggets and a milk shake. He is bottomless. 

Aaron stayed at the hotel with the kids and I went back to my parents' house to sleep with Spencer. Aaron let the kids stay up and go to story time. They loved it. Such a good dad. 

They were so worn out that poor little Brookey was asleep before Aaron  could even get over to say prayers with her. 

The next morning I came back with McDonalds for breakfast and I brought a surprise, Mia, The kids were so excited that she would be joining us for the day. 

A lot of jumping off this ledge onto the bed happened. 

The next day was a repeat of the day before, ride after ride after ride. Carson is unstoppable. He would go on rides all. day. long. 

The kids all had a lot of fun playing together. Mia was wise and wore goggles a lot protecting her eyes. Poor Brooke, her eyes started to hurt after awhile. 

The kids also did the wave pool and the lily pads. 

I took Brooke home, she quickly fell asleep in the car and then Aaron finished up with the big kids. 

That night Brooke got a bath in the big tub. 

The next day we went to lunch for Cory's birthday, just the adults. We had a great time. It was so fun to hang out with adults and talk. I wish we did it more often. Then it was time to make the drive home. The kids were hungry the whole drive and we kept telling them to wait until Buccee's. They were so excited when we got there. 

BBQ sandwiches and Icees for the win. 

Our cutest boy, no pants, dirty shirt, like 30 degrees out and an ICEE. Love him. 

Then we finally made it home. We got the car unloaded, completely unpacked and cleaned. It was a fun trip but we were happy to be back home. But man was I exhausted, I could have slept for 12 hours I think. 

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Christmas Day

The kids woke up so excited on Christmas Day. The girls were up first and then Carson wasn't too far behind. Thankfully Spencer slept in!

They sat at the top of the stairs and got to come down one at a time (youngest to oldest)

They rushed down stairs to find their gifts from Santa, they were very excited. I am pretty sure Brooke didn't even see her gifts for a full five minutes because she was so excited to see the other kids. 

But the biggest gift was a note from santa telling them that he had gotten them a night at the Great Wolf Lodge. The kids were so excited for an indoor water park and a hotel. They would have to wait 2 days but they were so excited. 

Then we got on to opening all our presents while the Cinnamon rolls cooked. The kids loved everything. It didn't take long as kept things pretty simple this year but they were very happy and grateful. They gave each other hugs after every gift. I so love them and their sweet spirits. 

Love my girls. 

Our Christmas card this year.  

The kids all got Arkansas shirts and they love them. Gotta spread the Arkansas love.  

When Spencer joined us he was an absolute delight. 

My favorite gifts were hand written notes from Carson to each member of our family. :) Plus paintings. They were absolutely perfect and kind and I love them. 

Our day was spent playing and playing and being together. Aaron and I both went for runs and we then we made a fancy dinner (or I should say Aaron made) of ham and mashed potatoes, it was all delicious and the kids loved it. Carson and Camilla got fit bits for Christmas and each got something like 30 thousand steps and 200 active minutes. It was a perfect Christmas day. 

Aaron and I stayed up well past midnight working on this puzzle that has taken over our lives. We made serious progress but all these black pieces are the death of us. 

Such a magical Christmas, one to remember and cherish. 

Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas Break Week 1

Our Christmas break kicked off with a bang. Our first Saturday we were booked from sun up to sun down. But our favorite was going to Austin Boldering Project. We went some friends in our ward, Ben and Molly, and had so much fun. The kids loved the kid area. We climbed for a couple of hours. The kids could have stayed longer. It was so much fun. 

Then we rushed home, in the pouring rain to get our babysitter and head to our annual white elephant party with our friends. This year it was also an ugly sweater party. We had a great time as usual. Love seeing our friends and we both came home with Amazon gift cards. #winning 

On Monday we really had to get going on finishing up our shopping. So we divided up the kids and hit running errands hard. Aaron had to stop by Dell to get his laptop fixed. the boys didn't seem to mind. 

The number of hours Carson read over Christmas break?? I have NO idea but LOTS!

My Christmas break obsession which are the reason for my January diet. :)

We did a trip to the Children's museum. We had so much fun. Aaron took the kids while Spencer napped and then I brought him over for the last hour or so. 

Spencer loves the water tables. 

Then we went across the street to Mueller to play for a little bit. But then we were off to delivery Christmas cards and get home for dinner and to watch a Christmas movie. (We watched one every night this week.) 

It was still nice enough for going to the park that week, which made it fun. 

We opted indoors to go swimming at the gym too and play basketball. I get so cold swimming indoors but Spencer didn't want to stop. He loved it. 

Aaron trying to eat some lunch alone. LOL. He was like "so this is what eating lunch at home is like. They are like baby birds when you try to eat your own food. 

We spent hours one day in our pajamas reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Our kids loved it and didn't want to stop. Aaron and I both had sore throats. It was such a fun day. 

Our little Santa. 

On Saturday we cleaned the church and then had friends over all day. The kids played, we ate snacks and did puzzles. It was such a fun day. 

On Sunday we went to just Sacrament meeting for church since it was Christmas Eve. It was a lovely meeting and man was going to just one hour of church nice. :) 

After church we did make your own pizzas for dinner, made brownies with peppermint M&Ms for Santa and watched Elf. It was pretty perfect. We also read the Nativity and acted it out with figures. 

Then the kids rushed off to bed. "No time for a book Mom I have to get to sleep before Santa comes" 
"This is the only night of the year I am excited to go to sleep."
Very excited kiddos. Man Christmas is a magical time of year.