Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Fall Break

We had a pretty simple Fall Break this year. It was so nice to sleep in and not have such a busy schedule. The kids were happy to be at home but by the end were ready to go back to school. 

The most exciting part of our break was our camping trip to Inks Lake State Park. It ended up being awful weather so thankfully we were able to rent a cabin so we weren't stuck in a wet tent the whole time. The kids loved our little cabin. 

While we were at the grocery store getting our food for camping (junk food) the kids were each picking out their own bag of chips and Camilla came up and gave me a big hug and said, "you are the best Mommy." Junk food -wins them over every time. 

They busted out those chips pretty soon upon arrival to our campsite. 

Dinner was an adventure. Aaron worked that day so we didn't get to the campsite until almost 7. We couldn't build a fire because of all the rain so Aaron cooked the hot dogs on our gas burner. Then we ate them inside. We had brought cresent rolls instead of buns because that's how we like our hot dogs and they proved difficult to cook in our pan. Hey a little raw dough never hurt anyone right? :) 

After dinner I realized I forgot to pack the graham crackers so we all loaded up and drove to the nearest "store" (it was a gas station) paid a million dollars, got some graham crackers and drove back. Well we couldn't get the marshmallows to cook on our stove so we ate them raw. Kids didn't seem to mind. I admit, I still ate 2. 

The rain did not keep Spencer down., he was loving it. 

We were right on the water which was nice. 

Sleeping was an adventure. We had 4 bunks. Carson and Camilla some how each got their own on the top.

The plan was for me and Brooke to share one and then Aaron to have his own and Spencer in the pack n' play. 

Well it ended up being Aaron and Brooke "sharing" a bunk and Spencer "sleeping" with me in the other bottom bunk. We didn't get a ton of sleep but that always seems to be the case when we go camping. 

The rain continued through the night and all the next morning. We had breakfast and started packing up. The Cs decided to try sharing a sleeping bag. 

Brookey played with her toys, of course. :) 

We still had some fun packing up times, riding the broom

and as always a little ninja warrior action. 

Then we decided to head home early. 

My whole heart. 

Aaron took the kids for a some rain running. 

Spencer loved playing in the rain so much, especially after I got some socks on his feet. Not sure if this boy will ever start wearing shoes but he did not love the stickers. 

Running to the lake. 

After we got in the car Carson said, "who thinks this was the best camping trip ever?" Everyone raised their hands and yelled, "ME!" Kids are so easy to please. they just love being together, eating junk food. 

Carson joined me on an ice bath after my run one morning. Oh man I loved sleeping in until 6 every day, it felt like such a treat. 

We also watched General Conference and the kids were so excited to get their conference boxes from Grandma. 

Some Sunday afternoon crafts. The kids did pretty good watching General Conference but by Sunday afternoon they were done. As soon as it ended we went for a long walk through the trails and  then played on the playground for awhile. It was much needed for everyone. 

The rest of our break was spent doing normal stuff, swim lessons, gymnastics, preschool, playing at home, going on walks and reading books. 

After our camping trip I had to get the car cleaned. A few minutes in I find Camilla making friends with the man at the car wash, he was teaching her to play dominoes. 

Camilla started taking gymnastics classes at a new place. Daddy picked her up from her first class, which she loved. 

One of our favorite things is reading all together in my bed in the morning or after naps in the afternoon. Spencer has started joining us and he loves it too. 

And you better believe October hasn't slowed down the swimming. Okay its slowed it down but most days the kids still wanted to swim for at least a little while. Brooke and Carson last the longest. 

Other fun things we did were a jump house with friends from school, picnic lunches outside, soccer games, trips to the park, and staying up late watching movies. I was pretty worn out by the end. :) 

Saturday, September 30, 2017

September Recap

September has just flown by. Some of the fun things we did this month were:

I had a date night with just Brooke. She was so excited for this night and wore lip stick. :) She picked out going to Snow Monster for our date, excitedly choose her flavors and then after 2 bites announced that she didn't really like Snow Monster. 

It was a quick date and big brother and sister were thrilled to finish it off for her when she got home. After it was over she said," that was short Mom." It sure was. 

We have been reading so much Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Oh man, Carson reads these for HOURS every day. Aaron and I try to read some with him every night, he really likes that. 

Spencer continues to be a total destroyer. He is such a mess, a beautiful, perfect mess. He really likes to feed himself. 

I took the kids to the dollar theater to see Despicable Me 3. We had so much fun watching it in 3D. Brooke pretty much cuddled with me the whole time and I loved every second of it. 

We are still spending a lot of time in our back yard. Aaron fixed a few leaks in the yard and so we cleaned our rug and dried it all out and now she looks beautiful. 

Spencer loves our back yard afternoons. 

Dancing and jumping on the trampoline. 

Pretty much every day after she gets home from school Camilla takes Spencer to play in the backyard and pushes him on the swing. 

Such a good big sister. 

Carson was Wilbur in his class play. Cutest little piggie I ever saw. 

My Mom made a quick trip to Austin so we could see Sheppard and she picked up Jackson for the weekend. We loved seeing her for a few hours and she took the kids to Chick fil-a. They had a blast. 

Aaron took Carson on a date to rock climbing. Carson is really quite a good rock climber. 

These two love doing everything together. 

Carson made this weight out of a broom stick and a water jug. 

He started a weight lifting class in our backyard, everyone attended. Soon I found flyers all over the house and yard for "Carson's Weight Lifting class."

Camilla's date was with dad and was to Half Price Books, of course. 

We finally got some rain and the kids loved playing in it. 

Busy as always, the end of September meant the beginning of Fall Break!