Thursday, March 24, 2011

Children's Aquarium

A couple of weeks ago Carson and I headed out to Dallas to see the children's aquarium. It is kinda far away but it was really fun. The aquarium is at the state fair park and I had never been there before. It is really big and since it was a beautiful day, we had just as much fun walking around the park as we did the aquarium. At first Carson was kind of scared of the fish but then after a minute he just went up to each fish tank and wanted to get right up close and see if the fish would come up to his face.
The alligators and turtles would swim right up next to us. They have an outside part where you can touch the sting rays and feed them. I have no pictures of this because Carson threw a F-I-T when I told him he couldn't climb in the sting ray cage and swim with them. Every time I tried putting him down, he just tried to climb right back in. I finally had to carry him out and he was not happy about it. But then we got to walk all around the park and on the walkway that goes over the pond.
After we were all done we met Aaron for lunch since we were in downtown already. Carson was as energetic as ever, all over the restaurant and climbing back and forth between Aaron and me. Carson was very excited to see his Daddy and all this excitement wore the kid and his mom out. We both came home, changed into our pajamas, and took long naps. :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Go Cougars!!

We have had so much fun cheering on the Cougars this basketball tournament. We are all definitely "Jimmered". Carson wears his BYU shirt proudly. Here is Carson getting all warmed up for the last game while we were making burgers and fries (our traditional game-watching meal). I was cooking when I turned around and found him sitting on top of the table eating chips and dip. :)
While I must confess that I chose BYU to lose in the second round on my bracket, we will be cheering them on this week, here's hoping the 3s all go in!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Painting and Ice Cream

A couple of months ago I noticed that Carson would sometimes pour his yogurt out onto his plate and then play with it, sliding his hand through it and moving it around. It gave me an idea that he might enjoy some finger paints, so for Valentine's Day that is what I got him. It has taken me awhile to feel confident enough to let him try it out. (I worried he would try and eat it) But I finally set it all up a few weeks ago and let him have a go at it. He thought it was very cool. I need to wait for a warm day and let him play with it on the back porch because then he could really go at it.
Of course even more fun than actually playing is the clean up afterwards. I had to force him out of the murky, green water to eat his lunch.
We also got a lucky surprise one Friday night a few weeks ago and Aaron came home early enough to see Carson. It was even early enough to go outside for about 30 mins. So we met Aaron at the park. (I chose to stay in the car because I was cold)
They played for awhile then we went out to dinner. Well at dinner Carson poured water all over himself and I had to take his pants off, luckily it was just a fast food place. Then on the way home I decided we should stop and get ice cream. Aaron got a milkshake and I'm pretty sure Carson was in heaven. He got two small spoons and a straw and climbed on top of the table to eat. It was so hilarious. I told Aaron that it was probably the most fun Carson has had in a long time, being with his Dad and eating ice cream without pants on, what could be better? Luckily we were at Braum's so his attire didn't stand out entirely. :) Don't go thinking I missed out on all the ice cream goodness because I'm not in any pictures...I just didn't share mine with anyone. :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Visit from Arkansas

We were lucky enough to have Aaron's parents visit for the weekend over President's Day. Sadly Aaron couldn't take any time off work but we tried to cram in all the fun we could over the weekend. (At least he didn't have to work the weekend!) We went out to breakfast and cooked on the grill. We went on a bike ride together, enjoying the beautiful weather. Aaron's parents got a tandem bike and looked awesome riding it together. They kept Carson while we went to the BYU vs. TCU basketball game.

Carson really warmed up to his grandparents on Saturday but then after we left him with them he went back to his clingy to us stage until they left. It can be SO frustrating but he just sticks right to us and wants us to hold him if he ever gets worried we are going to leave him. I look forward to this stage passing.