Thursday, January 29, 2015

But no pear

Last week I made baked pears for dessert. They were very yummy. I made some fresh whipped cream to go on top, even yummier. A couple of nights after I made them I was eating the leftovers and Millie (who was having one of her late nights) walked in and said, "I didn't know we still had pears, I want one." I told her that she could of course have one and went to get it ready. She reminded me to put on a lot of whipped cream... a lot. Okay no problem. The she said "but don't put any pear on it. I don't want any pear." I could not stop laughing. This sly little girl cracks me up. I filled up a bowl of just whipped cream and brought it to her. She said, "are you sure there's not any pear in there?" Yes your majesty, I'm sure. :) 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Night Out

We had Aaron's holiday work party on Friday night so I had a babysitter all lined up and decided I was going to wear my new leather pants and then when Aaron flew home on Friday evening he was worn out. So we decided to skip the party and just have a date night. Oh man we had so much fun. We ate at Foreign and Domestic. Just the greatest restaurant ever. It was super delicious and some of the best food we've ever eaten. Then we went to Cheez Zee for dessert. They have the absolute best lemon rosemary cake. I had a couple of years ago when I was pregnant with Brooke and I got it on my mind and had to have it again. Just a great night out with my man reminding why I love him so much and that he is incredibly handsome. I've just felt incredibly grateful lately for the strong marriage that we have and that through all the difficult things or stressful things or busy life things we have gone through we are stronger and more in love every year. I sure love him. 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Just some fun ones

Brooke insists that she is able to do the monkey bars like the big kids. 

Reading Frozen the book with Millie. We went all in this time even singing every song.

Brooke wishes she could play the piano. She climbs up there any chance she gets. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

When the cat's away...

My kids had so much fun while I was gone. Their Dad is the best. The day before I left I took the kids to Target and let them each pick out an art project to work on while I was gone. Millie picked out paints. Aaron told me they spent hours and hours painting while I was gone. They loved it. Carson picked stamps. They did some stamping. Brookey picked the kinetic sand. Also a huge success. 

Aaron is so great about taking the kids to do lots of fun stuff. Bike rides to the park. 

Carson had a basketball game. 3 kids and coaching a basketball game, rock star dad. 

After basketball and the library Aaron took the kids up to this awesome park in round rock followed by dinner out with his brother. 

Then Aaron's brother came down for a night with his 3 kiddos. 2 dads, 6 kids all in our house. Crazy times but lots of fun. 

The kids were exhausted when I got home. They were out by like 6:30 my first night back. They sure loved spending the weekend with Dad. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


A lot of skipping going on around here lately. "loo loo skip to my loop, loo loo skip to my loop" I don't get tired of not even one little bit. 
Camilla got a new leotard for gymnastics. Pink and Purple, pretty much she's in heaven and wants to wear it all the time. 
Yes its 80 degrees here and sunny. I LOVE TEXAS!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Pierson Girl's Trip

I was lucky enough to go away for the weekend to enjoy a girls trip with all my sisters in law and my mother in law. My MIL is so great to organize, plan and pay for these trips for us each year. We always have so much fun. This year we went to Salt Lake City. It was perfect. We stayed in a condo right in downtown where we could walk to temple square, city creek and all the fun things to do in downtown. I arrived a day late but jumped right in on the fun with pedicures. 

I just enjoyed spending time with my sisters in law and chatting. (We always have at least one baby on these trips, so fun!)

Then after a night of shopping and chatting I got up early Saturday morning to go for a run through down town and Liberty Park. Then we went to the temple for a session. My first temple session at the Salt Lake temple, I loved it. 

My niece Julia, we now have 2 nieces old enough to join in on the fun. She was my fashion guide on this trip and convinced me to get some leather pants. 

We also went to the Grand America hotel for afternoon tea. It was splendid. 

We stayed up late talking and learning from each other. Then on Sunday morning it was baby Charlie's blessing. I was so happy that we could be there for it. Then we spent the day at Spencer and Kellie's house. It was so fun to have some one on one time with their kids, who are precious. 

Amanda got in some snuggling with Lyla Jean. 

Then on Monday morning it was time to get up and make the flight home. I missed my little ones and my big one dearly. I could not have been more welcomed home by screaming and shouting from the car window. Aaron went golfing with his friends that night after I got back and I spent some quality time cleaning and unpacking and felt like life was back to normal. 

I am very grateful for my wonderful in laws who I enjoy spending so much time with. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Camilla's First Talk

Unfortunately I missed Millie's first talk while I was in Utah but Aaron had someone record it for me and I watched it about 20 times before I got back. I am so proud of my girl. She volunteered to give a talk, she helped me write every word of her talk and told us she didn't need any help giving it. She went up to the microphone and did such a great job. She is a natural in front of a crowd. I just love her sweet spirit and seeing her little testimony begin to blossom. 

Friday, January 16, 2015


I really don't know how people do it with one child. I just think mine would be so bored with just me to play with. Let me tell you, I am not very much fun! But I love watching my kids play together, I just think every child deserves a brother or a sister. We have had a few sunny, warmer days lately and have had a lot of fun at the park. I just love how the Cs favorite part of playing at the park these days is to play with Brooke. They can't wait to go down the slide with her, swing with her and play peek a boo on the playscape. She has so much fun playing with her big brother and sister. I just think siblings are the best! 

Learning how to go down head first.

Waiting for big sister to come down. 

"Mommy push me higher, now push Brookey higher"

Quite possibly one of my favorite videos ever.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

The cold can't get us down

Its been cold. Not oh you live in Texas and you're a baby cold, but real life, feels like 14 degrees, FREEZING cold. And yes since I am a Texan I am a baby about the cold. I am about done with getting my kids loaded up with clothes just to go inside, then take it all off, lug it around and do it all over again when we leave places. But really the cold would be okay if the sun would just come out again. Its just been rainy, foggy, and dreary. Well Aaron decided it wasn't going to stop he and the girls from taking Josie on a bike ride. He bundled them up with a big, warm blanket and they were off. 

They thought it was great. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Just Hanging Out

When did my baby get so big??? I looked over at her the other day just sitting on the couch, eating strawberries with Camilla, watching Carson play Just Dance. My heart broke a little seeing how big she has gotten lately. She is into EVERYTHING these days, making a mess everywhere she goes. She is full on in the busy, destructive phase. She is so funny about how she communicates, this is one of my favorite things about her. I made these yummy shakes the other day and gave her some and put some in a sippy cup for Millie as we head out the door. After Aaron put Brooke in her car seat she started grunting and pointing to her cup holder on her car seat and making her grabbing hand when she wants something. Of course I quickly got her some more shake. She loves to take baths. As soon as we say the word she is off... making her way to the tub, trying to climb in and pulling her clothes off. Every morning I pack her snacks for the day and I just have to say the word snack and she is on it, trying to get her lunchbox open and then showing me what snack she wants. She is so funny when we read books. If it doesn't have a flap, forget about it. She opens the book, looks for the flap and if its not there she moves onto the next one. Her favorite people in the world are still Carson and Camilla and as soon as she wakes up she starts looking for them. She loves to wave and say hi and bye. Those molars are still making their way in, 2 broke through and I can feel the other 2 just on the verge of busting through. I'm hoping she will be a happier little girl after they are in. Brooke sure doesn't seem to mind the cold at all. She takes after Carson with that since Millie and me are always freezing. Good luck with her at church, man are we counting down the days until nursery. She is still cuddly and I love snuggling her close to me and receiving many, many open mouthed kisses from my sweet, baby girl.

We love our Brookey, Zook, Zookey, little fuzzball, little fluff, fluffy, Brooke!  

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Teeny Tiny Pony

Just long enough for a teeny tiny ponytail. Hey we will take what we can get around here. 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Date Night

Carson filled up his sticker chart again and, of course, picked a date with Dad for his prize. Now usually we try to have the kids fill up their charts around the same time so they can go together since they like to go together and no one wants to be the one left behind but there was no way that was happening this time around. Poor Camilla has been in more of a lose a sticker phase than earn one but don't worry she is getting closer now. So Aaron picked up Carson from his half day (Friday) of school and took him out and Millie girl, who was home with me, was none the wiser. When Carson got home he said, I went somewhere but I can't tell you anything about it. Its a secret. He was just about to explode he wanted to tell me about it so bad. He finally whispered in my ear about it but told me I could not tell Millie. :)

Aaron took him to the gym to play basketball and go swimming. 

Then on the way home it was corn dogs and milk shakes. 

Life is good. 

Friday, January 9, 2015

How she rolls

This is pretty much how Camilla is dressed every day, all day lately. Elsa dress (it has to be washed daily), dress shoes (she likes to wear one of each princess on each foot), tiara (because who doesn't need a tiara), and her new pink back pack (filled with an assortment of her favorites). 

Such a diva. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Food Prep

This is what your sink will look like after doing a few hours of food prep for a week. 

Eating good sure is a lot of work. 

Saturday, January 3, 2015


After our quick trip to Arlington we went to Arkansas to spend time with Aaron's family and to see his parents who just returned from their 18 month mission in Russia. When they left Camilla didn't talk, Carson wasn't potty trained and Brooke was inside my belly. We had changed so much since they last saw us! We were lucky enough to be there for their homecoming talks in church and to listen to a slideshow about their mission. 

We had a fabulous trip. running around, sleeping little and hardly seeing our kiddos as they were busy playing with their cousins. 

Aaron took the big kids to a trampoline park. I'm pretty sure they were all completely worn out by the end. Aaron told me he could barely make it up the stairs. 

Aaron the big kids made a trip to Waffle House. Parker ate both of these. 

Lots of Brooke holding went on this trip. Lots. Pretty sure this girl doesn't know how to not be held anymore. 

Camilla and Julia giving us the the pouty face Camilla is so famous for. 

And just like that our trip was over. We drove back in rain the whole way and happily climbed into our own beds and slept until 8 the next morning. It was a busy trip! 

New Years Eve

We started off our New Years Eve with a trip to Purple Cow. A must eat while we are in Arkansas. Plus it is Cole's birthday so it was a birthday lunch as well. 

Camilla loved a purple milk shake. 

Then everyone came over to Aaron's parents' house to have lettuce wraps and play before most people left for a party at their church. We stayed behind and played with the kids. We told them they could stay up as long as they could make it. Carson read Dr. Seuss with Grandma for a long time. 

Then poor C man started to fade away. He made it until about 10 PM. Poor guy was exhausted. 

Little Millie Moo made it all the way until 2015 thanks to a late 4-6 PM nap. She rung in the New Year with us and then we all went to bed together. It was a fun night and I love starting a New Year with my favorites.