Friday, June 30, 2017

Happy Birthday Carson!

Our sweetest of boys turned 8! Can't believe our little baby is 8 whole years old. He is such a sweet, fun boy and a great big brother .We are lucky to have him in our family. 

For his birthday he wanted triple stack waffles for breakfast. 

We got together with friends for a little combined birthday party with my girl, Jeana. It worked out perfect and Carson requested homemade oreos. We had so much fun swimming with friends. 

That night Aaron hid his presents around the house and made clues that he had to decode using his decoder ring. He Looooved it! 

He also requested make your own burritos for dinner and homemade ice cream for dessert. 

He got blockus for his birthday and it has been a real hit. 

We love you to the moon and back Carson! 

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Summer so far is going so great. After a few rough days of adjusting to a new routine we are rolling along and enjoying our lazy days. So we don't have activities going on this summer. We are spending most of our days at home, just the way I like it. I know it won't be very long before my kids will be off to camps and hanging out with friends in the summer so I am so happy to see them playing together. I love watching them making forts and they have made a store in our shed. They spend hours making products for their store, and there are signs all over the house advertising the store. The kids have out camping stuff and go camping and of course lots of family. We are eating mostly watermelon and ice cream and naturally swimming every day. 

Spencer has decided he likes his float for small increments of time. The kids take turn pulling him around the pool and he smiles and laughs. But mostly he plays outside the gate and climbs on the slides and plays with the toys. 

Camilla has learned to ride her bike without training wheels, like good. When the kids reach this milestone they get to go on a date with dad bike riding to the store and picking out a special treat. 

Helping us at their store. 

Of course lots of dress up and watching American Ninja Warrior. Camilla does not like princesses anymore - so she says, she is only into super heroes. 

Our scary monster. 

Putting on dance performances. 

Carson went to a really fun bike camp. He got to ride the trails around Austin and swim at fun spots like Barton Springs and Deep Eddy. Every day they also stopped at fun places for ice cream and smoothies. He was worn out every day that we picked him up. 

Lazy mornings with late breakfast. Everyone is sleeping in over here. 

One day when we picked up Carson we went to a splash pad down town. The kids had a total blast and Spencer was in heaven. 

The girls played in the sand and after I told Brookey that I couldn't push her on the swing because I needed to stay with Spencer, I found this scene. 

Big sister to the rescue. 

We have been going to fun pools, the kids love the pool at the gym and Brooke has just taken off. She is a little fish swimming all over the place. I think this is going to be a great summer. 

Thursday, June 15, 2017


Aaron and I went on an early ten year anniversary trip to the Cayman Island. Oh my goodness, it was amazing. We have been planning this trip for so long and it did not disappoint in any way, shape or form. We flew out of Dallas, even flying without kids is awesome. We had a layover in Miami, where we slept on the floor of the airport and then we were off to Cayman. This was our view from the airplane. 

The most beautiful water we have ever seen. 

We deplaned to the ground, it is a small airport. 

Then we had a short cab ride to our first hotel, the Marriott. It was a great hotel and we had an amazing view from our balcony. We could not believe we were in such a beautiful place. 

We headed straight to the beach after we got settled and couldn't wait to relax in the water hammocks. 

That first night I decided we might stay forever. 

I had so much fun being with just Aaron. We enjoyed our time together so much. 

Aaron out lounging. 

Each day we went to the beach for awhile. The water was so calm and the temperature was seriously perfect. 

The sunsets were nice too. 

We did a fun excursion to go swim with the sting rays. They were awesome. 

We also went snorkeling at a few spots an loved that. We did so much snorkeling. We checked out gear pretty much every day and loved finding so many cool fish, turtles and sting rays. 

The view of sting ray city, it was like looking at a screen saver every morning.  

We rode on this fun boat to get there and it was fun to see the whole island from a different view. 

We got to check out a go pro which was so fun to get underwater shots and videos. 

We also had fun checking out bicycles and going to the local farmer's market and getting some fruit and riding to the grocery store to pick up a few things. 

After two days we switched hotels and went to the Ritz. Oh man it was just as fancy as you would imagine. We got upgraded to a suite that was huge and had an amazing view and took us much closer to the beach. 

We would order food while lounging on the beach and it was so yummy. 

Sunburn game, on point. 

Aaron loved his fish tacos. 

We spent a lot of time reading books and relaxing. This is just what I wanted to do, relax! This is a very relaxing island. 

We spent pretty much all day at the beach and the pool until the sun went down. The sunsets were beautiful. 

Love this man. It was very romantic vacation.  

On Sunday we rented a car and drove to church. Aaron had to drive on the opposite side of the road so he was very focused. 

Church was awesome. We met some amazing people and were so inspired by them. 

Since we had a car we decided to explore the island some. We head out to the east side an saw the blow holes. 

They were pretty cool. 

The east side of the island is very cool, much less crowded and more laid back. We did Sunday brunch, which is a huge deal there. We went to a place called Tukka's. It was yummy and we were oh so full. 

Aaron and I do pretty good at a buffet. 

It was a beautiful view and a lovely meal. 

We drove to a public beach and it was just us. I think  when the water is higher it would be a fun place to swim but we just admired the amazing view. 

Our last day, tears... We had so much fun but it was time to get home to our babies. 

Good bye best vacation ever. 

Then we were getting on a place to head home. I really do love this man. I loved being with just him, talking with him, running with him, eating with him, swimming with him, laughing with him, laying in our comfy bed. We had such a great time together. I love him more than ever. 

My parents deserve to be translated. They are so amazing. The kids were so well taken care of. Brookey missed us the most but I'm pretty sure the other 3 aren't even sure we left. I took my Mom to get a pedicure after we got home and all the girls came with us. 

While we were gone my parents took the kids to swim, play at the park, out to eat and entertained them during many days of rain.  

I could not wait to get my hands on this baby boy. 

The kids were very excited to see us and pretty excited with their gifts. 

Go to the Cayman Island, it is amazing.