Sunday, March 30, 2014


I don't get to play volleyball very much anymore. I wish that I played more often because each time that I do I am reminded of how much I love it. I have played in a women's league here in Austin and I played a few times while I was pregnant with Brooke in a coed league. Today I played in a tournament through the MBA program. It was a lot of fun. It was a hot day and I haven' t played sand volleyball I years and I mean years. The first time I went up to hit at the net it went straight into the bottom. I forgot how hard it is to jump in the sand. I was on a good team, they would've been good with or without me but we won. I was proud of my trophy. Also proud that I hung with those young kids. (Okay not kids but younger than me and have no kids of their own.) My little family came to cheer me on and I was so proud. Aaron kept the kids all day for me to play in this tournament and I'm grateful that he was so nice about it. Just chalk this tournament up to another thing I love about Austin - active, outdoor fun!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Bull Creek Trail

Tonight for FHE we decided to go for a hike through the Bull Creek Trail. We have never been there before but heard it was pretty and dog/kid friendly. That is as perfect combination for us. The weather has been gorgeous today so it was great timing. We went after dinner to give traffic some time to die down and the trail was pretty empty, just a few others. We walked for awhile but spent most of our time playing in the water. We threw rocks and sticks and watched Josie run all around. We stayed until it got too dark to stay anymore and headed home. Just a 20 minute drive to west Austin and this trail. I sure love having a family who enjoys this stuff as much as I do. (And a dog who enjoys it the most!)


Sunday, March 9, 2014


So this is how Aaron and I normally take trips. We talk about it, for a LONG time. Then we make lists of when we would go and what we want to do. Then come the spreadsheets which budget every cost and includes ways that we could cut costs or splurge depending on how we feel. (i.e. budget hotel or nicer hotel) Well not this time. We decided on a whim to go visit our dear friends the Williams and just kind of took off. We knew it was a 16 hour drive and would require 2 hotels. We knew that we had never driven that long before but for some crazy reason we thought it would be fine.
(20 minutes before we arrived at our destination)
Well we survived, we're not interested in doing it anytime again soon but we are glad that we were able to spend time with our friends. The weather was awful while we were in Florida. We had visions of a day trip to the beach and Aaron was going to watch some spring training baseball but that all got canceled due to rain/cold/wind. But that's okay because we are happy to just stay up way too late talking to our friends with a lot of laughing and letting our kids bond.

We were able to see some gators, real life gators people. I wasn't very scared, maybe I should've been but none of them came out of the water. It was weird that we were in a real life swamp. I felt so Florida while we were in there. We also drove around the campus in Gainesville.
After a day of being stuck indoors and another rainy day, we decided to go to a bounce house. We had a blast. The kids, and the dads, ran all over the place and Carson was pretty much in heaven.

The drive home was rough, everyone was ready to be home. As soon as we got home, Aaron started looking up flights to Utah. (We are driving out there this summer) But like child birth hopefully we will have forgotten by the time we go again. :)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Texas Independence Day

We had a party this year to celebrate our beloved states Day of Independence. It was super fun to get together with friends, each delicious Texas food, and play games. Everyone looked so awesome and we all had a great time. The Texas sheet cake cut out in shapes of Texas with Blue Bell was my favorite part or maybe the beef jerky Aaron picked out for the winner of the Texas trivia. Or maybe just getting together with our friends without our kids was the best part. :)