Friday, May 5, 2017

While we were away

While we were in Vegas my parents and Aunt Kimmy came over to take care of our kids. They were so nice to help out and it made me feel so much better knowing that they were being so well taken care of. 

My Mom got the kids off to school on Friday morning and then went to each lunch with each of them. Camilla's class was eating outside so the got to have a picnic lunch with Brookey. Camilla begged for Brooke to be able to stay the rest of the day. Love these sweet sisters. 

Carson got have Chick Fil-a and then since everyone had gotten ready so good that morning Grandma took them to get Snow Monster on the way home from school. A pretty good day for our kids. That evening they swam with Kimmy and Jackson and played and took baths and had dinner. They had a lot of fun. 

On Saturday morning after donuts with Grandpa they went to Camilla's soccer game and then that afternoon was Camilla's dance recital. 

Look how beautiful this girl is! Kim did her hair and make up and she did such a good job. I mean that bun is perfection. Much better than I would have done!

She danced beautifully (Kim snuck a video) and loved getting flowers after she was done. 

But Millie's biggest fan is her little sister. Brooke just could hardly contain her excitement to see Camilla up on stage. 

Best sisters.

After the recital they had dinner and went home to play. Grandpa stayed at home with the boys. They spent lots of time riding scooters and playing with Grandpa's drone. The kids had a great time and were very worn out on Sunday. I am so grateful for family close by. The kids were counting down the days for Grandma and Grandpa to come. They are lucky kiddos to have grandparents who love them so much. 

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