Friday, August 4, 2017

Oh Carson and Happy Birthday Aaron

A few days ago Camilla was sent to her room for throwing a fit. While she was up there Carson disappeared for awhile and then after I put the kids to bed I found this note outside her door. 


Sorry that you had to go to your room. But for only $1.25 you can get total protection from all bullies and bandits. 


PS- Really I'm not ripping you off with this money. 

Oh this boy he cracks me up. He has been obsessed with making money all summer. He built a fort down stairs and charged the girls a quarter (which they payed) each time they wanted to go in and he made shops and sold toys. The kids each set up their own shops last week. Brookey's was a place to go when you are itchy and she will help you stop being itchy and feel better. Camilla's was a place you can go when you get in trouble to feel better or when you do something good and to feel special. Well Carson's, Carson's was a shop where you could pay him money for help with anything. The price started at $5 and after no takers he eventually got down to 5 cents. That is when I jumped in to tell him I had a problem and needed help getting my 8 year old to practice his piano. Hm... shop closed. I don't know if I will ever be able to take down that shop closed sign all year. I love him so much. 

We got Spencer a new float so I can feel better when we are all in the pool. He is kind of a wild man and hard to keep up with and I feel better that he has something that gives him a little bit of flotation. He still needs a hand on him at all times but its better than wild and free. 

Spencer loves Carson, following him around the pool and giving him hugs. 

We had some friends over on Aaron's birthday, it was 105 degrees. The snow cones were a must. 

Aaron had fun birthday with a long run in the trails and then a quick jump in the pool. He had a bit of relaxing and some sprinkler work and then he swam with the kids and then we were off on our date.

We started off with tennis. Aaron dominated me and it was dang hot but we had a lot of fun.

Then we went over to Barton Springs. Neither of us had ever been before. It is pretty awesome that this is right in down town. Well the water was cold, like freezing cold. After hanging out for like ten minutes I was like I am over this cold water.  

Love that you can see part of the sky line in the background. 

We were getting ready to go when Aaron, who had jumped in, asked me if I would be sad that I didn't jump in. So we did it. We held hands and jumped in together and we survived. Then we climbed out, jumped in again and swam across and back. I am glad we did it. 

Then we took our freezing bodies over to Hopdoddy's for dinner. I am realizing there are a lot of pictures of me, it was Aaron's big day but he is way better at taking pictures than me. We had amazing food and then needed to get home to take the babysitter home. 

That night we had amazing dessert and hung out. It was a really fun day. 

Aaron's actual birthday, the next day, not so much. It started off with Brooke waking us up at 6 (not normal) and it was a down hill from there. Kids were a nightmare, Aaron put together a hanging tent for the kids that ended up being a lot of work, I couldn't get everyone to get ready for church and then we were late. Church wasn't the best. Kids were out of control and Camilla had to stay with us the whole time. After a crazy dinner we had all the kids asleep before 7:30. 

Happy 35th birthday Aaron. We are luckiest to have you. 

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