Friday, July 21, 2017

Pierson Family Reunion Part #1

So we headed out with a packed car and four little kids on a trip to the Pierson family reunion in Nauvoo and Arkansas. The kids were so excited for this trip. They were counting down the days and couldn't wait for the long drives in the car. 

Here we are all ready to go, not an inch of room left anywhere in that car. 

Some car crashing. This only happened once. Ha ha. Brooke and Camilla fell asleep a couple of times, Carson 0 and Spencer took a handful of 20 minute naps. It was not our best sleeping road trip. 

On day one we traveled to Little Rock and spent the night at Aaron's parents. We got in around 10:30 on Friday night. 

The next day we got up and drove to Champagne, IL to visit our dear friends, the Williams. Our kids instantly ran off together and we fell right in sync with these great friends. They were so nice and got a cake for my birthday since we were traveling all day on my actual birthday. 

Illinois is a beautiful place. Aaron and I got up early on Sunday morning and enjoyed the sunrise and some time alone before all the kids got up. 

After church and talking all afternoon the girls put on a show for us. The cutest show ever. The kids all got along so well. 

Future super stars. Camilla followed Julia around everywhere she went. 

Then on Monday morning it was time to get up and drive to Nauvoo. Here we met up with all our cousins and went straight to the historic part of Nauvoo and played games that our pioneers played and dressed up like them. 

We visited historic houses and watched a show put on by the performing missionaries. 

We learned all about steel and how they used it. 

That night we had our FHE. This is a tradition of the Piersons. We sing the family songs and this was our loudest and best year yet. 

Camilla and Emmy became good friends this visit. 

Grandma stepped up her game and accompanied us. 

It was a special night. Grandma and Grandpa shared their testimonies of why they choose Nauvoo for the reunion and that they know Joseph Smith was a prophet. Then the siblings gave them a present for their 50th wedding anniversary. It is a painting of their lovely home that they have lived in for almost 40 years. Aaron also wrote them an amazing poem about how they have made their home such a special place to be. Grandma and Grandpa are such good examples of marriage and love. We are lucky to have them in our lives. 

We were also lucky enough to celebrate our girl's 6th birthday. It was a special day. Big breakfast and tons of family wishing her a happy birthday all day. Carson went to Carthage Jail and had a good experience there with his cousins. 

That night we celebrated Camilla's birthday with donut game and the kids had a great time. 

We also had a big water balloon fight. 

And of course a big Happy Birthday serenaded to our girl who loves nothing more than being the center of attention. 

Lots of time spent playing with cousins. 

We stayed in this gigantic bunker house with like 30 bunk beds and huge bathrooms. It was really fun. 

That night we went to the pageant. It was amazing and we all had a great time. 

Camilla ended up crashing on Aaron's shoulder before the show started, kids were so worn out. 

Then the next day it was time to wake up, pack up and hit the road again. 

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