Thursday, July 13, 2017

Bucket List

We are trying to squeeze in all our last minute summer fun before we go on our big trip because right after we get back, its school! 

More shows, more fun. 

We did some dog sitting and the kids really enjoyed Maisey. 

We went to a fun pool in Cedar Park that we have been wanting to go to all summer. The kids had a lot of fun on the big platform jump and the slide. Camilla passed the swim test so she got to do some of the fun stuff. Brooke and Spencer were busy with the small slides and splashing. 

And a bonus is this pool is five minutes from Bahama Bucks. Win-win

I'm pretty sure everyone finished their entire snow cones which doesn't always happen. 

Carson and Camilla did soccer camp this week. They had a lot of fun. They finished each day swimming in the outdoor pool. I'm so glad they could go together. 

And after two straight days of non-stop laundry, cleaning and packing we are all ready to head off on our road trip - ready or not! We are all very excited. 

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